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Advent Calendar Story Poems 2010

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Advent Calendar Story Poems 2010

Postby melonkernel » Tue Jan 03, 2012 11:08 pm

In 2008, 2009 and 2010 I uploaded images along with a story to facebook when i opened the Advent Calendar.
The two first ones i wrote in Swedish but in 2010 i decided to write English stories. The first one in 2008 was mostly just a story, but then in 2009 i tried to make the stories into poems as well. It was a very fun challenge not knowing what you would get in the calendar that day and to try to make it into a chronological story told as a poem. Recently I uploaded them all to my blog so people outside facebook can see them as well.

Lego Advent Calendar Poetry 2008 (swedish)
Lego Advent Calendar Poetry 2009 (swedish)
Lego Advent Calendar Poetry 2010 (english)

Here is a sample:
2 December 2010
"The hammer swings with grace and ease,
soon Mark has a finished piece
that he’ll sell to soneome rich;
thusly fix his money glitch.
After hours in the shop
Mark is finished, now he’ll stop.
He is happy with his hammer,
that worked both as tuner, jammer.

All is well now in this town,
until someone claims the crown.
Last one was a scary year
that brought turmoil, death and fear
Then the smith came to this place
helped the mobilisation race
Now the town has better gear
for protecting all that’s dear

Now that Mark is known by all
He’s admitted to the hall
He can dine with all free men
that has learned to count to ten
even those that own some land
will with gladness shake his hand

As for money and their greed
now they even buy him mead
and occationally steak
at the tavern on his break"
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Re: Advent Calendar Story Poems 2010

Postby Medieval Guy » Mon Jan 16, 2012 6:31 pm

Neat idea!
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