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Mage Guild J3-3 The Blood Gem

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Mage Guild J3-3 The Blood Gem

Postby DarkTemplar » Mon Aug 13, 2012 4:37 am

This continues from Pariah Plum's journey to the Minotaur cave to investigate an evil source of power:

J3-3 The Blood Gem


The two students had been walking through the caves for what seemed like hours. Several minotaurs had stood in their way but after disarming them they let the minotaurs flee as they had been taught by the elementalist. Venturing deeper and deeper into the minotaur cave, Pariah and Malak came to a large room and the sound of running water. A scaffolding wrapped around the cave walls and through the chamber. Pariah figured they must be under one of the ancient ruins of the Magic Isle and were all the way down into the lower foundations. He continued to lead the team down the scaffolding and the sound of a water fall grew louder and loader,as did the sound of minotaurs mooing at each other. As Pariah approached the end scaffolding, he peered into the dim light to see the source of the evil they were sent to find; a blood gem upon a dark altar. Blood gems are said to be the medium by which demons come and go between the underworld. However, it is rare for Blood gems to be found in the mortal world and it's presence indicates that a demon has lost it; as well as all access to the mortal realm.


As Pariah approach the dark Altar the minotaurs roared and charged. As if bewitched Pariah started firing destructive spells at the minotaurs and commanded Malak to do the same. The minotaurs fell wounded and dead; until only their leader, Pariah and Malak remained. Pariah screamed with all his might and blasted the ground below the minotaur. The minotaur roared but before he could step fourth his legs began to disintegrate and he sunk into the earth until nothing remained. The Blood Gem now glowed, excited by the death that surrounded it.

“What was that?! Malak stammed. “Why did we kill them...and... and what did you just do?”

“We were doing our duty,” sternly replied Pariah. “They had been corrupted by the stone and had to be destroyed. Blunt beasts such as these cannot comprehend the seduction of magic.

“What about that spell?” questioned Malak?

“It was just something I learned from the taboo section of the library, it explained how to apply an alchemists deconstruction spell to organic life.”

“That sounds perverted, you should not have used such a spell and we should not have killed. It was against our vows! As is using the taboo section for anything more then defense.”

“And to lose the blood gem to the minotaurs would have been against our vows too,” snapped Pariah. “We did we was required and that was all.”

Malak felt very uneasy about what was unfolding, he had always admired the strength he saw in Pariah and was drawn to it; but this did not feel right. As Pariah reached for the gem, Malak gave heed that he should not touch something so dark for it could corrupt him.

“We should wait for the Elementalist to retrieve such a powerful object. If it could corrupt the minotaurs it could corrupted us to. We are only apprentice mages after all.” Malak then chuckled to lighten the mood.

"And return as failures? Nonsense!" barked Pariah. "This is our purpose at the college, to destroy sources of evil magic or isolate them from the world. If you consider yourself too weak to carry such a daunting burden the leave and crawl back to the college like the worm you are."


Malak had tried to talk reason into Pariah but was now losing control of the situation. He took his leave and tread swiftly back to the college; for he now desperately wished to speak to the Elementalist about what he had just seen. Pariah then yanked up the stone out of the altar, threw it into his satchel, and headed out of the chamber feeling pleased with himself. Not just for his acquisition of the stone, but for his flawless casting of an organic disintegration spell on his first try. After he had handed over the stone he would see what else he could learn from the taboo section.
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