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heroes Guild M1-- Giving Tribute

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heroes Guild M1-- Giving Tribute

Postby krzyzak » Thu Sep 27, 2012 8:50 pm

After all the exhausting adventures, Bruno decides to end it all with making amend with his Grandfather, Randolf. The two disliked each other and fought sometimes. Now however, Bruno was tired of fighting and wanted to make peace. One would never expect a Crainson to live in such a fort in the south, but Randolf spent his fortune living like a good man, even though he was far from being anything of the kind.
Kneeling down before his grandfather's throne, he presented to him, the head of the archenmind of Creek and the gold he found in the cave. Randolf was extremely pleased and to show how much he was impressed he let Bruno keep his gold( he had plenty) and accepted his apologies.


My biggest moc yet, but I think a better camera would make it better. :D :tasty:

Suggestions and comments are welcome.
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