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Reveals at NYCC - new Heroes sets and Mutant Turtles

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Reveals at NYCC - new Heroes sets and Mutant Turtles

Postby Bruce N H » Thu Oct 11, 2012 1:48 pm

Hey guys,

LEGO is showing off some great looking upcoming sets at the New York ComicCon. FBTB has all the pics. In the Super Heroes theme we get new offerings from both DC and Marvel universes: The Bat vs Bane: Tumbler Chase and Spider-Man: Daily Bugle Showdown.

-Edit- FBTB has taken these images off of their Flickr stream. I'm assuming they were asked to do so, so I'll honor LEGO's wishes by not linking to other copies that are out there on the web. However, I'm sure you'll just have to wait a day or so to get 'legal' pictures of these sets. IMO it seems silly of LEGO to try to manage these images online just so they can make today 'Turtles Day', tomorrow 'Hobbit Day' and Saturday 'Super Heroes Day', but that seems to be their intent.

Note the Dr. Doom fig. (He's been officially released before, so I won't bother removing this). Aside from being one of the best comic villains of all time, as a castle builder he's a great source of elements. Dark green hood and cape for some sort of Ranger, his head could be the Man in the Iron Mask, and swap in green arms and the torso would look perfect on some nobleman.

And the new theme looks fun - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Is that a new shade of green on the roof of the larger vehicle? Looks like something military builders would love to have in more pieces.
Image Image
Image Image
This detail lets you see how they'll do the shells.
The turtles are fun and I'd love to have a set of all four, even though I was never really into the series. Of course they've got great weapons for a Ninja themed MOC. I really like Shredder's helm, though the plastic looks kind of cheap, and his torso will be useful. That black ninja fig has a great generically castle-friendly torso. I'd like to see a black Jedi hood over that black head. If it covers the red headband it might make an interesting look with those silve eyes - maybe for a wraith-like fig in the same sense as a Nazgul, Dementor, or Death. I'm not a fan of the Splinter head at all. His torso seems useful, except that you see a little fur at the neckline (maybe you could use it for a character with a really hairy chest). The other two figs are horrid, IMO.
Image Image

They're also showing the Hobbit sets, so we'll see more pics of those coming out of the NYCC as well.

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Re: Reveals at NYCC - new Heroes sets and Mutant Turtles

Postby andhe » Thu Oct 11, 2012 3:09 pm

I think roof of the the turtles truck (Shellraiser?) is olive green, that seems to be a new colour introduced in Monster fighters and LOTR stuff (from memory).

The turtles figures look good, if a bit goofy, and look forward to seeing people MOC with those shells. I'd imagine they could be made easily into an 'realistic' turtle, or even some form of shield.

Splinter's chest hair could always be a fur vest... but expect to see a lot more of those style heads when Legends of Chima is released (I'm guessing).

I'd been looking forward to the Dr. Doom fig since we saw the release photos of all the figs (green hood, castle type torso, iron masked head) so it's a shame he's in such a big set :( But hopefully those parts (mainly the hoods) will appear elsewhere.

The tumbler looks good (ignoring issues of scale) but The Bat looks somewhat 'juniorised'... maybe it's the blue accents? But easily rectified with a few spare black pieces.

Also good to see better pictures of the Hobbit sets. I'm sure they'll be more excitement once people see the film and can contact the scenes and characters, much like the LOTR stuff.
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