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The King's Own (Crownie Warriors)

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The King's Own (Crownie Warriors)

Postby andhe » Fri Oct 26, 2012 1:58 pm

I figured Crownies don't seem to get a lot of love and had a few ideas for a group of Crown ranger types. Crownies have a special place in my heart being the faction that brought me out of my dark age (well, that was probably more the Trolls vs Dwarves stuff, but I guess the Crown Knights provided the backdrop). Following a bit of inspiration from the films 'Kingdom of Heaven' and 'King Arthur' regarding the culturally diverse warriors (and maybe a bit of Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves...) I put together this gang of 'The King's Own' elite defenders of the Crown.

The King's Own by andhe :-), on Flickr
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Re: The King's Own (Crownie Warriors)

Postby mitah » Fri Oct 26, 2012 2:31 pm

I like them... while I was still in my dark age when they came out, I always liked them most - maybe because the insignia are one of the best LEGO ever made, and the colour scheme projects sophistication/royalty more so than the red/gold one ...

Your selection here is very nice, the rightmost one with the axe is my favourite, followed by 'saracen' and the 'herald'... they do seem like a wild bunch of crusaders right out of Kingdom of Heaven. Now you have inspired me to my own little group of warriors in Or/Azure
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