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What's your favorite non-castle torso?

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What's your favorite non-castle torso?

Postby captainamerica » Mon Oct 29, 2012 12:44 pm

There's a lot of great torsos that have been made for non castle sets that look really good in castle displays. Jedi torsos make great peasants; and the HP sets have wizards, lovely ladies, and the quidditch players are great starts for rangers or fighters.

so, what's your favorite minifig torso that didn't come from a castle set that you have transplanted into your castle world? What do you use it for? -a hero? -a leader? -do you army buld your own unique faction?
My top choice is kind of a cheat, as it was originally designed for a castle set but recolored for a different purpose. The original Blue Goalie from the soccer collection (originally dk gray in the Fright Nights) has been refitted with a black cape, dragon masters helmet, and the star wars yellow Ep1 Anakin face (no smile, freckles). He is now the Prince of the Black Falcons faction, heir to his father's throne, and often leads the BFs into battle using an oversized chrome sword.

Not a favorite, per se, but I also use a bunch of the early Alpha Team Ogel's Minions/Skeleton Drones working as a local(corrupt) police force (one even has a badge to act as 'sheriff') in some village layouts or as support/archers for KK2 Vladek's scorpion knights. They're usually outfitted with Black flared w/noseguard helmets and various (often wolfpack or FrightKnights) heads and use solid lightsaber blades as batons.
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Re: What's your favorite non-castle torso?

Postby footsteps » Mon Oct 29, 2012 4:01 pm

Not so much a favourite, but my archers are attired in this race torso, with a black cloth (pirate) cap.

Of course, Pirates is a good source. I use this torso for aristocratic ladies.
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Re: What's your favorite non-castle torso?

Postby architect » Mon Oct 29, 2012 6:01 pm

This thread is more appropriate in the General LEGO forum. I will move it there.

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Re: What's your favorite non-castle torso?

Postby dyntar » Sat Nov 03, 2012 12:23 pm

Some of my favourite torsos to use are the one from this guy in the Indiana Jones line I think it works well on an evil Wizard.
The Prince of Persia sets had some good torsos aswell I've used this one on a few archers. Depending which helmet you use with this one it can make a figure look like a medieval C3PO. I have made a few guards out of this torso. If I had more I'd try making an army. I just think of the flesh colour as an undershirt.

The torsos that I really like to use are the ladies from the Harry Potter lines and Elizabeth Swan from POTC. Here's trio of lovely ladies I converted to yellow. It really helps to populate my villages. :D
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