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LCC Zombie tales(short story)

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LCC Zombie tales(short story)

Postby mencot » Wed Oct 31, 2012 6:44 pm

A small moc, free build and short story I made for the LCC.

This story is base around the time of LCC 2ND GC: Sword of Karlamac.

~Mencot and Hannah have also travled to Lenfald to search for clues of the where abouts of the missing sword of King Karlamac. Deciding to start by visiting their old friend and brother in arms Nicohloas Mactagen, leader of a group of paladins, order of the sword. Mencot had got the message that Nico and his men where camped near the city of Dragonsmouth, so Mencot and Hannah were travling by horse to that location. They wanted to arrive in time before night fall so they took an shortcut on an old road through some of the dark woods.
But the road was in worse condition than Mencot had remembered, it seems it haden´t been used for a long time because it had big rocks and overgrown foliage on it. This and the sunset made it very dangerous to horseride on the road, so we decided to continue by foot.
The darkness started to surround the forest making it hard to see, but luckily it was fullmoon that night so there was at least some light.
The forest was pretty much quiet, expect for a owl howling and some bats flying in the near by trees. Suddenly a cold breeze and a very strange and terrifying noise came from up ahead, the horses seemed to be very frightened by it. They started to rear, kick and pull back. Mencot and Hannah tried to calm them down but in vain, the horses got free and run of back the way they had come.

Mencot and Hannah decided to continue cause there was no point searching for the horses in the dark. Walking forwards the terrifying sound just got harder, it was like a mixture of birds flapping their wings and a strange pecking sound.
Closing in the moonlight lighted up the road and they saw black shadows jumping and flying around something looking like a humanbody. Mencot runned forward and scared of the birds and acknowledge that it was a human body lying there.
What is it, Is he alive? Hannah asked. And what place is this?
Mencot bent forwards to check for life signs and answered, Dead but can´t been long because he still feels warm. Looking around on the strange spot in the woods he remembered that there was and old and abandoned cemetery here. But before he could say another word, the body started to move. Mencot backed off and Hannah said, I thought you said he was dead?
So did I, Mencot replied. The body stood up and started to walk towards Mencot and Hannah who both were horrified of what they saw, it was ambassador Quinlan the man they had protected months before when he was visiting Loreos. He looked strange, lifeless and pale with scratches and wounds all over his body and face. Part of his head was missing and his brain showing under neat the hanging hair and scalp.
Quinlan, is that you. What has happend? Mencot asked. But he didn´t get an answer, Quinlan or what was left of him just moaned and walked slowly against Mencot and Hannah.
STOP, don´t come any closer Quinlan. Mencot screamed out. But the undead didn´t stop, it just raised it´s hands and walked against Hannah.
What shall we do? Hannah asked. Mencot drag out his sword, Hannah did the same.

Last warning, Mencot screamed at the Zombie.

To be continued...[list=][/list]
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