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LCC-GC4 And so it begins...

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Re: LCC-GC4 And so it begins...

Postby mitah » Tue Apr 30, 2013 3:03 pm

AK_Brickster wrote:Yes, they were not uploaded to Elderon's Flickr stream in order, so they'll be private for a few days until most people have learned about the GC. Hopefully the thumbnails will suffice until then :)

I would really like to look at the pictures in full resolution. After 2 weeks I hope everyone knows about the GC by now, and the secrecy is no longer necessary.
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Re: LCC-GC4 And so it begins...

Postby Thomas Arrowford » Thu May 02, 2013 5:15 am

Going to be without bricks and busy for the next few weeks :( , so getting my GC4 in now.

Original MOC:
Created by: mpoh98 / Andar of Lenfald
Faction: Lenfald

It starts here
On the Doorstep

and continues over 4 more images.

Note to judges - when you say only one build allowed - I'm not sure if these count as different builds or not.
If they do, could you please just consider Part 5 the Crux of the Battle as my entry to the GC - thanks
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Re: LCC-GC4 And so it begins...

Postby soccerkid6 » Sat May 04, 2013 9:03 pm

Here is my entry:

Original MOC:
Created by: woodz2001
Faction: Loreos

Attack on a Elvin Tower in Loreos:
More pics here:
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Re: LCC-GC4 And so it begins...

Postby Sir Tharkin » Sun May 05, 2013 7:51 pm

My Entry to the GC4:

Original MOC: Desert Outpost
Created By: Peter deYeule
Faction: Garheim

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Re: LCC-GC4 And so it begins...

Postby SirAidan » Tue May 07, 2013 2:52 am

GC4: A Sudden Defense

Original Builder: Hayden

Original Build:

GC4: A Sudden Defense by SirAidanofLoreos, on Flickr

The journal of Sir Aidan of Ithil.

As this war begins to escalate, I mounted and gathered my men to ride east to meet with our armies and hear of what I must do to defend our borders.

It seems that Lenfald has already begun to encroach our borders. As we rode, we heard the sounds of battle from a watchtower nearby.

It seemed that a raiding party of Lenfels had crossed the border, and attacked a small watchtower that watched over onto the Lenfald side.

We took them by surprise, and they were slaughtered. A few of my men acquired superficial wounds, but for the most part we were unharmed. Fortunately for him, the guard in the watchtower had stayed safe above.

It was an unfortunate waste of human life, for I feel no enmity for the Lenfel... but if they attack us with such ferocity, I feel honor bound to defend my homeland. They are almost my kin, and I wish them no evil... I hope that this war does not tear Roawia apart.

This was a highly enjoyable way to begin my LCC building, and I really had a lot of fun using the original build as my basis for this little thing.
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Re: LCC-GC4 And so it begins...

Postby Mattiusxavier » Wed May 08, 2013 12:03 pm

GC4 Entry - Title - Revolution
Faction - Loreos

- Original builder - Disco86 (Lenfald)
- Link to original build - ... hotostream

GC4 - Revolution by Mattiusxavier, on Flickr
GC4 - Mothers & Fathers... by Mattiusxavier, on Flickr
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Re: LCC-GC4 And so it begins...

Postby royalbrickcustoms » Thu May 09, 2013 8:18 pm

Quick question:

Can we show who "won" the battle, in other words show our enemies fleeing in "defeat"?

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Re: LCC-GC4 And so it begins...

Postby Andared of Lenfald » Thu May 09, 2013 9:57 pm

royalbrickcustoms wrote:Quick question:

Can we show who "won" the battle, in other words show our enemies fleeing in "defeat"?


(Disclaimer: I have no power, and can't tell people what they can and can't do. But I can have opinions)

Personally, while I feel like showing someone winning a battle is reasonable, but actually showing who won should be left alone, since we are building off of other peoples creations. While this roleplay is just fictional, I don't think anyone here would argue that they don't feel somewhat attached to the "kingdom" they've built.

For instance, if I posted an MOC declaring that my Lenfel forces had taken over Toberg, I sincerely doubt Bentoft would be okay with that. Similarly, I wouldn't want him taking over and "routing" my forces on the field of battle. To me, it boils down to the golden rule: Do to others as you would have them do to you. If you wouldn't be cool with something happening to you, don't do it to someone else.
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Re: LCC-GC4 And so it begins...

Postby Bentoft » Fri May 10, 2013 12:44 pm

I would be okay with that :-)

He he, at least if we had agreed on it.

I don't think anyone should destroy or conquer anything without accept from the original builder.

However, I don't know if the KC have any idea with leaving the battles open.
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Re: LCC-GC4 And so it begins...

Postby AK_Brickster » Fri May 10, 2013 2:09 pm

I think as long as you get permission from the original builder to take their structure over, then it would be OK. You also could show your troops being defeated, I suppose :spin:
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Re: LCC-GC4 And so it begins...

Postby Luke Smith » Sat May 11, 2013 6:15 pm

My entry


War spread rapidly through Roawia, Lucius, having received word early of the order of Areani's assassination of the king, and smelling war on the wind, Lucius and his men set forth to there target, the strategic Garheim watchtower on the tip of Lenfald and base of Garheim. Controlling this post would allow the Loreesi to dominate land trade from Garheim and Lenfald. Lucius understanding the extreme importance of this mission, sets off quickly. The Loreesi much through the deserts of Loreos in good spirit, but when they arrive at the Lenfel borders, the morale quickly drops, elven raids are a constant threat, Darting from tree to tree, and peppering the spearmen and horsemen with arrows, and stealing supplies and horses while the Loreesi camp. By the time they reach the middle of Lenfel, they've lost a 4th of there men. With supplies and morale running low, Lucius knowns he needs more men and supplies. Now in Garheim, Lucius travels to the small village of fearichen, close to the watchtower. lucius slips on a peasant disguise while his men wait around the village for the word to step in. As lucius walks the streets looking for supplies for his army, Lucius hears cheering and quickly rounds a corner, A large makeshift stage was set up on the middle of a street, a tall beast of a men wearing the heraldry of a war galley, and 10 or so fully armed men were behind him, they were garheim, carrying huge axes, wearing long beards, and mail or no shirt at all. He preached his words with a strong and determined voice.

"Fellow Garheim! listen to me! your fathers, your brothers, your sons, they rally under a false banner! the banner of a fraud! A spineless Jelly Fish! He let Roawia fall into this state of war, in which your family will die for, not his! He does not fight for his people and instead gets fat off of wine and cheese!
He does not lead your families to battle! Instead he lets his ignorant generals lead his men to battle! They are not true garheim! They have no beards, they equip themselves with the fancy weapons of the South instead of the traditional war axe, They wear not the war paint of our ancestors but the plate armor from the South! These are not true Garheim that you call your leaders! Rally! Rally to me! and I will ensure that all garheims live in peace, and in times of war, fight and die by your side!"

The crowd startd to clear out but Lucius stood in the street thinking, he approached the claimant,

"You speak of bold goals" Lucius said

"I speak only what is true"

"This is a risky thing your doing, if the Garheim find you, you're dead."

"I can fight" He answered.

"What's your name?" Lucius inquired.

"Ragnar the far seeker."

"Well Ragnar, I have a proposition for you."

He unsheathed his blade, the shining metal glittered in the sun, He turned it towards Ragnar so he could examine it.

"Loreesi Steel." he answered

"Right, I am Lucius of Vandaar general of Loreos."

He raised an eyebrow.

"What is your proposal?"

"I need your help."

"With?" Ragnar answered

"We were sent here to seize a watchtower from Garheim control."

"And what's in it for me?" Ragnar inquired

"Words are great, but action is better. If you can prove to the Garheim people that you are strong enough to defeat the Garheim in battle, more men would be willing to join a winning cause."

"How about aid from Loreos?"

"We will fight together now, but this doesn't mean if we face each other on the battle field in the future Loreos will have mercy on you."

Ragnar nodded

" I must make the same promise, if you are a danger to my followers don't expect mercy."

"What about Loreos supporting my cause?"

"That would not be in our best political interest,everyone already thinks were the aggressor, so taking the throne of Garheim might ruin all chances of peace in this kingdom."

Ragnar stuck out his hand

"We have a deal."

Lucius shook his hand.

"Bring some supplies. We leave at midnight."

That night the Loreesi and Garheim rebels march out until the watchtower was in sight.

It stood 50 feet tall, a huge stained glass window, and had multiple archers patrolling the battlements.

"You remember the plan?" Lucius asked.

"Yes" Ragnar answered.

Ragnar knew the geography of this area well, he knew there was a small mountain pass that he and his men could carry the ladder up, and assault the tower from behind. Him and his men quickly started towards it.

Lucius knew it was going to be a while before Ragnar emerged from behind the tower, but he had faith in him.

"Testudo!" Lucius called.

The Loreesi spearmen locked there shield in Testudo formation to block arrows.

"Henrik!" Lucius called to the commander of the cavalry force.

"Wait here, the horsemen won't do any good in this terrain."

Henrik nodded.

The spearmen advanced in test do as the Garheim infantry climbed down from the cliff and prepared to assault. When 30 feet away, Lucius called out

"Break Testudo! Charge!"

The spearmen and Garheim crashed together the fighting was intense. blood covered the little snow that was still on the ground from a snow that fell a few days ago, and in the fall brisk temperatures most had melted. Then a turn in the battle, one by one the Loreesi were cut down, the Garheim had an advantage. Suddenly over the horizon came Henrik's heavy cavalry, having dismounted the charged into the garheim warriors. The loreesi warrior is a versatile one, fighting just as easily on foot as on a horse. the Garheim warriors were slowly pushed agains the cliff, and with no where to run, were slaughtered.

Then from above the cliff there was a shrill war cry the Garheim rebels carrying the ladders, Quickly cut down the Lenfel defenders, who were left on the cliff to defend the tower, they propped the ladders against the tower wall and scaled it, killing everyone in the tower. They Apperaed on the top screaming and cheering, the battle was won.

Original moc- ... l-garheim/

See my creation in more detail here- ... 728342297/
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Re: LCC-GC4 And so it begins...

Postby Brother Steven » Sun May 12, 2013 12:56 am

Here's my entry to the GC4!


Here's the Original Moc by Mark of Falworth

Instead of writing a story, I made a video. I think it tells the tale pretty well. ;)

Courage, Honor, and Loyalty to Garheim!
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Re: LCC-GC4 And so it begins...

Postby Mark of Falworth » Sun May 12, 2013 2:32 am

Keep the awesome builds coming guys! :D

Here's my entry.
LCC Loreos GC4 Restoring Justice.

EDIT* Based on the Original MOC by Albatross Viking. (ShareburG)
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Re: LCC-GC4 And so it begins...

Postby Disco86 » Sun May 12, 2013 2:41 pm

GC4-Entry - Operation Overlord

Link to CC-Thread with a short story
Link to flickr


Original MOC: Escape from Fort Vharenfell
Created by: Deviet
Faction: Outlaw (the builder) Garheim (the building)
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