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STORY: Tapestry of Teherean's Return

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STORY: Tapestry of Teherean's Return

Postby Teherean » Sun Mar 09, 2014 11:13 pm

We are in New Stonewald, on the Magic Isles, in a room of Teherean's fortress...

The servant brought the hapless man before his lord, Teherean, who was the leader of the colonists of the Magic Isles.
“Tell him, your lord, what you told me.” Said the servant.

“My lord, I have returned from my errand, and have fulfilled the task you gave me many weeks ago. You asked of me to return to our cities in Lenfald, and learn as much as I could about the people, and the Queen, and her strength and many other things.”

“Indeed I asked you…” Said Teherean. “I have been anxious to hear your report. Therefore, do not wait! I bid you speak of home before me and my men!”

“Very well, my lord.” Spoke the man. “I have been to the cities of Durrough and Dzenika, and also to the villages Keye and Upper-Kdozy, as you asked. The people there are hostile to your return, and to the Queen.”

“Hostile? How could this be so? Am I not their lord by right? Have they forgotten their oaths then?” Spoke Teherean, agitated at the betrayal portrayed by his people.

“Nay, my lord. It is so; the queen’s grip on our lands is not strong, but slowly her eyes are turning. You see, she has trouble with rebellion. The Loreesi and the Garhim, and also many Lenfel, have fled the three lands, and joined in an alliance in the mountains. From here they strive to defeat the Queen. She has been pinned in a war in Southwestern Garheim, and has left the road North-East through our lands, past Durrough and Keye untouched. Many use this road to flee to Garheim now.”

“However, the people in the land are without rule. No lord of Lenfald remains in the halls, and the Queen and hers are occupied elsewhere, there are not enough of her wicked captains to control and hold our lands. The people, leaderless, have banded together in mead-halls and inns, and speak now of days before Lenfald, the old Kingdom’s Days, and of King Eodwyn and the kingdom of Durrough and Keye…”

“An understandable situation.” Spoke Teherean.

“Long have we suppressed talk of Kingdom’s Days, but the word is like a flame, it spreads when not well restrained. Indeed the people long for a strong leader once more, and Eodwyn is famous from the old tales and children’s songs that our people share.” Said Wladek, one of Teherean’s senior knights.

“Aye, such is true. Anyway, a decision must be made. I was hoping to return to Lenfald to defend the very road you spoke of, my good man.” Said Teherean. “Wladek, would you be so kind as to unroll the map on the wall there, for me?”

Wladek unrolled the map that hung from the wall of the room. It was a large map, drawn on leather, showing the south-east of Lenfald below the Dragonscale Mountains, between the cities of Durrough and Stoneborough.

“The road leads north-east along this line between Durrough, Keye and Dzenika.” Teherean spoke. “Beyond Deznika it goes on perhaps twenty miles, to then fork left and right along a line near the Garhim Border. From this road two more roads spring, one northern and one southern, both going across the border. Along the first forked road, a gread road from Stoneborough and the mountains to the south and the coast, lies the ancient defensive wall, Eodwyn’s Dyke.”

“Eodwyn’s Dyke?” Asked Wladek. “It is not there anymore. Many times have I traveled the road, and you can barely see it.”

“Indeed, it is weakened, being nearly seven centuries old now.” Spoke Teherean. “No more than three feet high in the highest places, it is barely visible in the landscape, the flatlands that lead to the coast. The Dyke itself is of little value now. However, we could do as the people wish without completely reclaiming our homeland, by using this very Dyke!”

“How so, Teherean? Would we not be better off sailing north into Garheim directly?” asked Wladek.

“Nay, for our ships are small and we have not nearly enough of them to carry provisions for the long journey. There is room for me, my men and soldiers, some servants, and provisions for one trip to Lenfald, that is it. The Queen controls the sea. Building more ships takes too much time, she would take the road to Garheim by then. Sailing with a large fleet would also attract unwanted attention. We must sail alone, with one ship, to Lenfald.”

“We shall land just east of the Dyke, at Geladrim’s Spike. We shall then recruit those who are still loyal or wish to fight the queen, and who pass the road North-East into Garheim. We ourselves shall occupy the North-East side of Eodwyn’s Dyke, and honor the old king by rebuilding defenses upon it. We shall build walls, palisades, earthernwork defenses, whichever we can, to strengthen our position and protect the passages that lead across the border, and into Garheim.”

“Why wait at the Dyke?” Asked Wladek, curious to see the purpose behind Teherean’s scheme.

“Because we are not strong enough to join the rebellion and make a difference. When I march north to join them, I want to be able to command a host worthy of Lenfald, king Eodwyn, and at least strong enough to retake my ancestral homeland until and including Durrough. When we stand watch at the wall, we may secure more volunteers who are traveling North, and also make the roads safe for more men to march on. Then, when the time is right and we are strong enough behind our Dyke, we too will abandon it as it once was abandoned, many centuries ago, and march north into Garheim to join the rebels and free our homeland!”

“Aye, a plan indeed!” Spoke the soldiers in the hall. “For King Eodwyn, Teherean, and all free people of Roawia, we will stand at the Dyke and watch the road!”

BELOW: Teherean's Tapestry, an illustration of the tale based on the famous Bayeux Tapestry

Teherean's Tapestry
The tapestry's first part is divided into two frames: Left and Right, separated by a blossoming leaf-tree in the middle.

LEFT: QUO AUDITO DE PRODITONE (He hears of betrayal) - Teherean's spy listens at the windows in DUROGUM (Durrough), whilst men inside a castle speak of Kingdom's Days. In the frames below, You see Dzenika on the left hill, and Durrough on the right hill, and in the middle a banner and a crown. Below the banner lies a dragon with a spear in it's belly, defeated. Far right in the lower bar is King Eodwyn, speaking to his people to rise up in rebellion against the Queen and the Lenfel, and refound his old kingdom. A man speaks to another, pointing at the King. The other man holds a spear. The men in the left frame have short, cut hair, as is fashion in these days in those parts of Lenfald. We recognize Teherean's spy by his long hair, which is fashion on the Magic Isles.

RIGHT: HIC EST TEHEREAN, DUX HONORABILIS (here is Teherean, respected leader) - Teherean sits on his throne inide his castle in STANEWALDUM NOVUM (New Stonewald), listening to his spy's report, looking worried. A knight stands beside him, in full armor and ready for war, possibly Wladek. In the lower bar, we see a warrior with an Axe standing near a palisade, representing the defense of Eodwyn's Dyke and it's defenders. Left of it, a deer is seen being shot by an archer, a representation of the repression of Lenfald under the Queen. Right, we see three mountains and pine-trees, with a sun above it. Underneath are two shields, a falcon shield and a crown shield, representing Garheim. Far right, a warrior with a helmet-crown, possibly a Garhim, stands with sword and shield, armored in mail, ready for war. The cross atop the roof is not a cross, rather it represents a star, the symbol of mages and therefore the symbol of the Magic Isles. The Island itself is represented by the gentle slopes under the castle.
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Re: STORY: Tapestry of Teherean's Return

Postby Andared of Lenfald » Mon Mar 10, 2014 12:45 am

Glad to see all of this posted in one place. It makes it much more convenient to read.

Great to have you back Teherean!
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Re: STORY: Tapestry of Teherean's Return

Postby mpoh98 » Mon Mar 10, 2014 1:50 am

Great work! Nice story, and cool Tapestry!
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Re: STORY: Tapestry of Teherean's Return

Postby Sir Erathor » Mon Mar 10, 2014 6:10 am

Awesome job with the story, and great tapestry!
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Re: STORY: Tapestry of Teherean's Return

Postby OverLoad » Tue Mar 11, 2014 11:33 pm

This is really great. The attention to detail and worldbuilding in the tapestry is magnificent, and the style fits very well.

Looking forward to see more of your stories and builds. :)
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Re: STORY: Tapestry of Teherean's Return

Postby GyustSil » Fri Mar 14, 2014 12:47 am

Nice work! And very good story! :)
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