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Postby Sir Drake » Wed Feb 23, 2005 9:42 pm

Grid: O-7
Location: Borias's Fortress

As Sarkon and his men entered they stalled their horses and went to the Hunters Hall where all the rest was to show their prisoners.
Sarkon threw Aaylah on the ground to show her to everybody. The other soldiers soon followed his example and threw theirs to the ground to.

"Milord, your warriors have returned"
"Yes, that's fine, I see you've brought some spoils of war?"
"Yes, just like you ordered"
"Great, take them to the dungeon"

Sargon pulled Aaylah back on her feet with her hear.
"Move it, you heard the boss"
The soldiers kicked and smacked their prisoners to get them to the dungeons.

The dungeons were lighted with torches and were full of stuff to torture people and lock them up. The soldiers pushed their prisoners in cages and went back to the Hall to drink, but Sargon stayed. He untied Aaylah and chained her to a wooden "X" that stood in the middle of the dugeon. He took a whip and started to whip her with it, Aaylah began to cry and shout of pain, she could only hope that Swift, her brother and the others survived to help her.

After her torture Sargon dragged to a cage and threw her in there. She almost didn't were anything anymore 'cause of the whip that destroyed most of her clothes.
"Here you have some bread, you're lucky, there are even maggots in it"

Radjar and Swift rode trough all day, following the tracks that the riders had left. When it was dark they aproached the fortress. It wasn't to big, but it looked pretty ol and it had many towers, in fact the main building looked like one big tower with a wall surrounding it. They didn't knew that most of the fortress was underground.
"You think this is the place?" Radjar asked Swift.
"I think so, this is where the tracks have lead us, let's find a way in"

Meanwhile on the place where Borias's soldiers attacked the soldiers of the Order, Fraun slowly awoke.
"Aaah, man, my arm hurts"
Fraun looked at his arm and saw his was hit by a sword and it had a serious cut.
"Oh, megablocks, well, better search the others"
Fraun searched after the others but the only ones he seemed to find were Captain Leonidas and Strider. He helped them up against a tree and gave them something to drink.
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Postby lemon_squeezer2 » Thu Feb 24, 2005 3:11 pm

It was nearly a week into peace deliberations and the patience of the delegates was wearing thin. Neither party would budge an inch. Sirloin and the emissary from the forestmen still insistent on punishing the Falcons, Karl still tried to shift the Blame on the Black Knights, the Royal Knights demanded unconditional surrender, and the rest held different views as well, adding to the confusion. Only Constantinus seemed to posses any gravity, but even his powerful voice was drowned out.

As for Karl, he had had enough. He had been unable to put his point across, and it seemed that no amount of deliberation would solve the unsettled issue. In the midst of the buzz of arguing voices he slammed his fist against the table. The noise stopped at once and the ambassador stood up and prepared to launch an oratory.
“Megablocks you fools! For nearly a week we have attempted to resolve this issue. No acceptance of compromise, no bending of wills! You stiff-necked stubborn people, all you insist on doing is to drag the Falcons in the dirt. Your pride has been trampled, your hearts boil over with jealousy. I offer a chance at peace and even generous offers for amends. Yet you continue to demand that my nation give up its hard won gains, paid for by the blood of thousands. You think you can push the Black Falcon nation around? I ask you. Who can boast the largest army in history, well disciplined and well armed. Who can measure up to the efficiency of our industry? What nation here can boast more resources of all kinds?” Karl was now working himself up. Pointing at the emperor, he continued. “An you. You think of yourself as some world policeman, expecting all other sovereign nations to bend to your will. I tell you all, it is our nation that holds the balance. It is the one who has power that controls circumstances. This world is not directed by some idealistic democracy, it is might that makes right! This world is not fair. Not all are created equal. It is a survival of the fittest my friends and the nation that I represent will not stand for your demands.”

The room was dead with silence. Everyone was too surprised to speak as Karl walked from the room and shut the doors quite loudly behind him.
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Postby Sir Drake » Thu Feb 24, 2005 8:04 pm

Grid: O-7
Location: Borias' Fortress

"Great, we've found, any plan to get in?" Radjar asked Swift.
"Sure, let's just walk in there and slaughter everyone man in there"
"Are you serious, you must be out of your mind to do that"
"I was joking, right?" Swift smirked "let's overpower some guards, take their clothes and sneak in there"
"THAT'S a better idea"

They bound their horses to a tree out of eyesight and sneak to some guards. It were only two of them so they wouldn't form a problem. With one quick stab of their daggers, Swift and Radjar killed the guards and took their clothes. They went inside the fortress and hoped they would come out alive.

It was noisy in there, and it had a smell of porkmeat and beer.
"Seems like someone is having a party" Radjar said.
"We're going in there, so don't draw attention, ok?"
"Yeah, yeah, sure"
Soldiers were drinking beer and amusing thereselves when Swift and Radjar walked in.
"Have yourself an ale to" one soldier said and then fell drunken of his chair.

"We should better go search for the dungeons"
"I know, I know"
"Hey, I saw you before, I recognize your filthy Order face, you maggot!!!" a leuitenant yelled while drawing his sword "you were at the fight where we ambushed you!"
"Seems like you have fans" Radjar said to Swift.
"Looks like, better ready your swords, I don't think they would be satisfied with an autograph" Swift answered while he allready planted his swords in an enemy's chest.
"Where would the dungeons be, don't these idiots know roadsigns?" Radjar yelled to Swift.
Meanwhile other soldiers saw that a battle brewed and took their swords and walked to Radjar and Swift.

"I'll take the one with brown hair and you take the one with black hair"
"No, you take the one with brown hair, I want the one with black hair!"
A fight started and their mates choose sides between the two competetives. A small "civil" war started in the Hunters Hall.

"Does there always need to be a fight where you come?" Radjar groaned.
"Let's find the dungeons now, if you were a bad boy, where would you install your dungeons?"
"As low as possible"
"Great, then let's go down"

They searched and after a while they found a trap door that leaded to the dungeons, Swift cleared away the guards and took a torch to search the place while Radjar guarded the hatch, watching for more.
It didn't took long for Swift found the one he loved so much.
"No, what have they done to you, and where is the key to this cursed cage?"
"I believe I have that one" Sargon said stepping out of the shadows.
"Aaaah, the mighty Archidamus, let's see if you're really as good as they say" Sargon said with his blade in his hand.
"When will you people learn, not to mess with me"
Swift took a spear out of a weapon barrel that was in the dungeon and before Sargon even knew, the spear had allready drilled trough his heart.
"So, it is true, you are faster than your shadow" he said and then died.

Swift turned back to the cage Aaylah was in.
"Right, the key, forgot the key, oh well, it'll have to work without one"
He swung his sword and with a mighty blow he destroyed the lock.
Aaylah crawled out of her cage and fell in Swift arms. She was very weakened and lost many blood.
"You're back with me now, everything's allright"
"Well, maybe not everything" Radjar said at the door "how are you planning to get out?"

Swift took of the clothes of Sargon and gave them to Aaylah.
"Here, it will protect you better, where are your weapons?"
"I don't know, but that doesn't matter, I'm in no shape to fight"
"You're right, let's leave the place"
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Postby Barbapple » Thu Feb 24, 2005 11:23 pm

Now it was just a matter of sneaking out...

And it wasn't a hard matter at that.He put his cloths into a cart, and took a healthy steed from the stable. Noone questiond a prison gaurd leaving the prison. Not like he was a prisoner.
"Hey!" Said one of the gaurds as he was making his hasty retreat.
Markus paniced. He sweat bullets, and was as white as a ghost when he turned to the man who had beconed him.
"You, sir, have a nice day." Said the gaurd, with a smile.
"And you." Said Markus, triing to immatate the accent of the people in this aria.
And with the wave of his hand, he was on his way. He wasn't even out of earshot when he knew they had found out about his escape. He screams, fast talking, and shouting of gaurds was a sign enough.
"YAH" Markus yelled, whipping the horse.
The horse trotted quickly, and when the prison was finally out of sight, Markus let out a sigh of relief.
'What now?' He thought, 'surely, I must get off this wrechid island.'
He smiled as he read a roadsign.
"Parcours --->"
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Postby Lord_Of_The_LEGO » Thu Feb 24, 2005 11:54 pm

Lord_Of_The_LEGO wrote:"Then we'll head south, deepening into Dark Forest..." replied Willem, beginning to sprint through the snow.

"What's south?"

"Some allies, I hope."


The three of them had traveled nine days nonstop, only snatching a few hours of rest each night. Both Willem and Graygon muttered constantly together, cursing Lady Ciroal and plotting revenge. Katherine said almost nothing, seeming almost not interesting in what was going one. However, she did not leave the two Wolfpack members, even though she often had amble opportunities.

On the morning of the tenth day, there were nearing the tip of the Dark Forest land when Graygon suddenly tripped over something in the snow.

"Megabloks!" swore Graygon as he spit out snow.

Willem helped his friend back up, then gawked at what was now exposed in the snow. It was a flat stone, set on edge, with the words Dale, Rest In Peace.


Both Willem and Graygon bowed their heads and murmured something. Katherine looked at them and then at the gravestone.

"A friend of yours?" she asked. It was the first time she sounded concerned.

"Yes..." Willem began, "Sort of...we didn't know him very long...but he dies a cruel death..."

"Don't they all." Katherine muttered.

Graygon looked at her, then at the gravestone, then at Willem.

"I have an idea."

Willem smiled.

"So do I...we might escape Fell Isle after all..."

They continued south, now loping through the snow, with Katherine following curiously. At last they came to clearing peppered with rocks and boulders. Only a thin tree line separated them from the shoreline. Willem and Graygon moved forward, and began tapping rocks, shifting smaller ones and digging at crevices. As Willem climbed on top of a particularly large hunk of stone Katherine said, "I'd get off that if I were you...there's a hollow under that boulder, you might collapse into a hole..."

"Excellent!" smiled Graygon, and joined Willem on the stone. They both began jumping up and down.

"What the megabloks are you doing?" asked Katherine, befuddled and annoyed.

"There's a -- secret passage -- under this -- rock it leads -- to the Crusader -- mainland!" explained Willem between jumps.

"Oh, if you want to get to it then..." with a wave of her staff Katherine flicked Willem and Graygon off the boulder and into the snow like flies. The next second the boulder was ripped out of the ground and flung into the trees, where it landed with a crackle and thud.

"That worked..." gasped Graygon, clutching his side in the snow.


Willem pulled Graygon up and the joined Katherine at the hole. Without further ado, Katherine lit her staff and jumped into the hole. Graygon glanced at Willem.

"She's a strange one...powerful too."

"That's why I'm glad she's on our side." replied Willem before following the druid into the hole.
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Postby Commander Redbeard » Fri Feb 25, 2005 1:28 am

Location: The depths of the Neverwood

The bloodwolves came in droves, attracted by the commotion, a whole pack of them. Anardan was driven up the old oak where Bjarn and the others were taking refuge, Gib helped him up while Bjarn neatly dispatched a charging wolf with one of his arrows in the beast's chest. The wolves circled the big tree just out of range, out for blood.

There was no escape.
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Postby Formendacil » Fri Feb 25, 2005 7:36 pm

Grid: J-10
Location: The Emperor's Private Conference Room, Golden Castle, Orion.

lemon_squeezer2 wrote:The room was dead with silence. Everyone was too surprised to speak as Karl walked from the room and shut the doors quite loudly behind him.

Constantius met with Karl privately that night.

Karl arrived shortly after sundown, passed through the gates and the silent Cavaliers standing guard at the doors, and into the richly furnished audience chamber. Emperor Constantius VII sat behind his desk, bent over a piece of parchment. Two stern and silent Cavaliers stood behind him. Karl's footsteps echoed off the stone floor. The only other sound was the crackling of the fireplace.

Karl bowed when he reached the deak. Constantius looked up, and gestured for him to sit.

"You are aware, are you not," he said slowly, once Karl was seated, "that prior to BloodVaine's slaughter of my family, I was among the most senior diplomats in the Imperial Corps. I have served as ambassador in Castleton, Falconis City, Drullen Bell. I had acted as Imperial Envoy in dozens of dangerous situations. I had travelled to many capitals as the Emperor's representative, to approve the coronation of kings and leaders. I am an experienced diplomat, and I have to say that I am very disappointed in your outburst this morning."

Karl opened his mouth to speak, but Constantius gestured to him to be silent. The Emperor was not done speaking.

"You are an eloquent man, but a conference such as this is not a mob of peasants or soldiers, to be swayed by moving speeches. We are behind closed doors, and it is reason that will decide the course that we take, not emotion.

"Furthermore, I might point out as an experienced diplomat to a younger one, and not as Emperor, that some of the charges you made were most impolitic, as well as incorrect. In particular, I refer to your reference to me as 'some world policeman, expecting all other sovereign nations to bend to your will.' Quite apart from insulting your host, it so happens that is exactly the role which the Emperor of Orion has been accustomed to play. Obviously, it is impolitic and impossible to actually enforce international order on most occasions, and only rarely can a nation be said to truly overstep its sovereign boundaries. However, in events of international dispute, the Emperor is the final arbiter. This is not a presumption on the part of myself or my predecessors, but a historic law grounded in tradition, and treaties. Treaties ratified by every nation, saving only the Fright Knights, and in the case of your own people, signed by Falconis IV, and still in valid law. Do not forget that it was Imperial approval that allowed for the creation of the Falcon, and other, kingdoms in the dim years of the early C.C. era."

Karl nodded. The Emperor, legally speaking, was right. But the interpretation of those treaties led to some debate as to the actual extent of the Emperor's role.

"As a side note," continued Constantius. "I find it highly amusing that you accuse me of representing an 'idealistic democracy'. Idealistic I may be, but as the reigning heir of an ancient house, sitting on the oldest and most powerful throne in all Dametreos, and wielding absolute power within my own dominions, I do not think that it is proper that you should call me democratic. Democracy is the rule of the mob, and is a description much more close to the situation in Falconis City than in Orion.

"I will be making my final decision at the conference tomorrow. In all likelihood, you will not be pleased with its contents. Neither will your superiors in the Falcon's Spire. However, I suggest that you accept them as such. While it is true that the Empire is still weak from BloodVaine's assault, the Black Falcons are currently engaged in a deadlocked war with our closest allies, the Royal Knights. The Black Knights are looking for blood, and the influence of the Emperor can still rally the other nations to a single cause, especially as most of those nations bear a grievance towards your people for their part in the recent war.

"However, I would like to mention, confidentially, that the Empire does not wish to fight the Falcons, and their alliance would be highly valued, and the terms I will set forth will not be so bad as to be humiliating or crippling."

Once again, Karl moved as if to speak, but the Emperor waved him silent.

"One other thing," he said. "Although my network of spies is nowhere as extensive as those run by the Wolfpack, I do have at my access certain magical devices, as well as a spy network not unadmirable, and these have brought to my attention certain changes in the atmosphere at Falconis City. I would look out for your own career, lest you fall with the current regime. Even now, the Marquis d'Durlass is poised to fall, and perhaps the young Falconis XXIX with him. In the time to follow, you might find it wise to build friendships with those in other lands.

"You are dismissed."

Constantius turned back to the parchment before him, and Karl rose, bowed, and walked out of the room under the watchful eye of the Cavaliers, still not having said a word. The Emperor's message was clear: be cautious and not over-greedy. But more importantly, the die had been cast, and the Emperor would be making a pronouncment the following day. Good or bad, SOMETHING was about to be done. Then Karl could move on and deal with it.

But the news of Falconis City was troubling, if true.
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Postby TheOrk » Fri Feb 25, 2005 10:48 pm

Grid I-9 A Secret Cave

The snow kept coming, the cave entrance was covered by a thick mound in the first hour. Pythos didn’t care. Only Sir Weigraf used it, even then Pythos could just teleport him in or out. Pythos knew the storm was magical. But that just effected the denziens of the pitiful land called Dametreos. He drew his power from a far greater source.
It was the perfect cover for his maniacal schemeing. All the pieces on the board were bound by the blizzard. It must have snowed for several weeks. It would not slow Sir Weigraf down. His powers were beyond anything stalked Orion.
Pythos turned back to his work. Various things lined the cave walls. Numerous shelves containing books, journals and many different types of objects designed to torture. In the midst of the cave stood the a giant stone table. It was filled with open books and containers filled with many different liquids. Next to this was a small cauldron filled with water.
Muttering an incantation, Pythos stirred the water with his staff. It ripple for a second, then several images appeared. All were of the many happenings going on at that very moment throughout the Dametreos. Pythos frowned, there were a great many minifigs out there who could thwart his plans. But they were all caught up in there own lowley problems. None would ever cross his path.
Except perhaps for one. Looking in the pool, Pythos saw Sir Weigraf. He needed to spill blood to get stronger, but not too much at once, so he had been fleeing into the crumbling sewers after the deeds were done.
At last it seemed he had been discovered. A mighty knight by the name of Valric was very near. Pythos smiled. Now his champion could prove himself…
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Postby lemon_squeezer2 » Sat Feb 26, 2005 1:08 am

Hindrich. In the wake of all that had happened in the past few weeks, he had been all but forgotten. Royal decrees (drafted by Durlass) had been passed in his name, and signatures (forged by Durlass) had only seemed to verify them.

Falconis XIX could really care less though. He was content to stay in his living quarters, known only by name to his subjects. Things had changed though. Durlass was losing it – that was obvious. Hindrich was well-learned for all his faults, and he knew he was in no position to fill any sort of political vacuum. He had no friends in either the nobility or military, and he was keenly aware that if Durlass fell, someone would take control of the government and more likely then not, Hindrich, the sole surviving heir to the Kholburg name would be most likely dispensed with.

He had to get away somehow or another. But where? He was nearly fifteen, just old enough to get on by himself in a pinch. Then again, he was very good with clocks. So good in fact, that he had even designed one that (theoretically) could keep accurate time at sea. That would be the way to go. Get hired as an apprentice and fade into the woodwork.

He started to pack. He would leave tomorrow morning.
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Postby Formendacil » Sat Feb 26, 2005 1:57 am

Grid: H-21
Location: Anka Dolour.

Formendacil wrote:"I'll ask someone," said Elbadar, before Quorandis frightened Jayko any further.

"This way," he called a couple seconds later, pointing up a street.

They took off like all the megabloks in Hades were after them.

Twelve blocks later, and three blocks from the buyer's believed destination, they caught sight of Elwen and her captor.

"Drop the lady!" Quorandis roared at the thug, who had Elwen over his shoulder, unconscious, in a fireman's carry. He turned, and saw his three pursuers.

"Hey fellas!" he called up the street to some other ruffians, obviously pals of his. "Gimme an 'and in defendin' my pr'perty."

Leaving Elwen at the side of the street like a sack of potatoes, he drew a rusty cutlass, and charged down the street. Four others took off after him.

At the other end of the block, Quorandis and Elbadar bared their blades, and charged right back. Jayko, unarmed, held back momentarily.

Somewhat ahead of the others, the first thug only realised his danger too late, as Quorandis cut him down. Jayko, coming up behind, grabbed his cutlass, and the three of them tore into the four ruffians.

The ruffians didn't stand a chance. Soon, all three lay wounded or dead in the street.

Quorandis bent over Elwen.

"Elwen," he called, shaking her gently. "Wake up!" Elwen groaned, but opened her eyes, fearful. She looked up perplexed at the fact before her.

"Bernard?" she said. "Is this a dream? I can't remember..."

"It's no dream," said Quorandis, "we've come to rescue you."


Before Quorandis could try to explain, Elbadar cut in.

"I'm sorry to interrupt this delightful reunion," he said, "but you might want to take a moment to look around."

Quorandis looked up. At the end of the street, a gang of thugs, friends of the ones they had defeated, was gathering, looking quite menacing. Already they numbered more than twenty.

Then a voice came from the other end of the street.

"Drop your weapons, Mr. Quorandis," it said. "You're wanted up at the Castle for resisting arrest by Lord Yuri's officers."

Quorandis turned. A pirate-herald, and ten well-armed mercenaries were marching up the street.

"Drop your weapons," said Quorandis. Elbadar looked at him.

"Do it! We stand a better chance as their prisoners than trying to fight all forty or more of them."
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Postby Formendacil » Sat Feb 26, 2005 7:47 pm

Grid: J-10
Location: The Imperial Conference Chamber, the Golden Castle, Orion

The six delegates, their secretaries, bodyguards, and pages, sat around the great circular table in the Conference Chamber, waiting for the Emperor to arrive. They all felt that something important was in the air, although only Karl actually knew that Constantius intended to make his pronouncement that day.

A silver-mailed Cavalier, with the Imperial blue-and-purple livery entered the room.

"All rise for his Imperial Majesty Constantius VII, Emperor of Legoland, King of Orion, Lord of the House Legonis, and Peerless in Dametreos!"

The delegates shuffled to their feet. The doors of the chamber opened, and Constantius VII, with an honour guard of Cavaliers, entered. He took his seat, the delegates bowed, and he gestured to them to be seated.

"Delegates of the Royal Knights, the Black Falcons, the Crusaders, the Forestmen, and the Bull Knights, and King Sirion," he began, "for more than a month, I have heard your arguments regarding a settlement of peace on this fair continent of ours, arguments which only concur on one thing: you wish to see the Black Falcons humiliated. This saving, of course, the argument of the Black Falcon representative.

"I have listened to your arguments, and made note of your better points, and I have come to my decision. A decision which, in all likely fact, will please none, but perhaps pacify all.

"The first major cause of trouble at this time, the war that festers between the Royal Knights and the Black Falcons shall be ended immediately. All lands seized by another nation within the past twelve months are to be returned to the original nation of ownership immediately."

Karl scowled. This was a major bone of contention for his superiors. Sir Theodore also seemed to have a problem with it.

"Excuse me, Your Majesty," he said, "but what about the damage incurred in those said lands? The Falcons have wreaked havoc in our lands."

"The lands shall be returned in exactly the state in which they are," said Constantius. "The occupying armies are to withdraw immediately and unharassed. Neither will any payments be made to the victim nation. It is just enough that they receive back the lands which they would otherwise not be able to recover.

"What of the Black Knights?" asked Sirion. "Our land has been recovered, but at horrible loss. Are we to remain as we are?"

"The Black Knight are a different case," nodded Constantius. "Their crops have been burned or stolen, and the damage to their infrastructure and populace much greater. For that reason, therefore, it is laid upon the Black Falcons to provide, free of charge, food to the Black Knight people until the first crops are ready to be harvested this summer. Charges are laid upon the Crusaders to provide transport for these foods, so as to avoid conflict between the Falcons and Black Knights in port.

"In addition, the Black Falcons are to pay the sum of 100,000 gold marks to the Black Knight treasure in remuneration for the destruction of their border defenses, to be spent as the Black Knight kingdom sees fit."

"That's an outrageous sum!" cried Karl.

"That's paltry!" cried Sirion.

"Nonetheless, that is what will be paid," said Constantius. "Now sit down."

"The matter of the Bull Knights is now to be resolved," said Constantius. "At the time that the conquest of the Bull Kingdom occurred, it was an illegal and treacherous move on the part of Falconis XXVIII, but it occurred swiftly, and by the time international censure could be applied, the Bulls had been killed, assimilated, or dispersed. However, with the discovery of a thriving Bull people, still in possession of their culture, and still seeking the return of their lands, this is an issue that must be redressed.

"Unfortunately, the lands once owned by the Bull Knights are no longer settled by those of Bull ancestry, and a generation of Black Falcons has nearly come to manhood on those lands. The Black Falcon emissary is quite correct in stating that it is an integral part of their dominions.

"To resolve this issue, a sacrifice is being made on the part of the Classic Empire. The two islands lying to the west of Greater Talistran Island, mostly between the IJ and JK meridians, which are little populated, yet are possessed of fertile soil and good water, together with the nearest-lying of the Black Falcon islands, which is also little populated, but is rocky and tree-covered, shall be ceded to the Bull Knight people, and shall be their sovereign lands from this time hence.

"The Black Falcons shall remove the bounties that they have on the heads of any bearing the Bull emblem. They shall provide safe passage through their lands for any Bulls wishing to emigrate. Any of those registered as Falcons, but whose ancestry is at least 1/8 Bull, who wish to emigrate, shall be permitted to. Any Black Falcons or Legolanders living within the new Bull territories who wish to remove to their own nations, are to be granted free passage. Any who wish to take up Bull citizenship are to be permitted to do so. Once again, the Crusaders are called upon to provide the passage being required in this situation."

"Sire," said the Bull envoy. "Although we have long wished to return to our old lands, we appreciate that this is not possible, and on behalf of King Barbod, I would like to thank the Empire for its generous sacrifice."

"Are there any other terms you wish to inform us of, Your Majesty?" asked Mellaina Phylla. "That seems to cover all the major issues."

"Just this," said the Emperor, "if any nation feels wronged or unjustly treated, I suggest they keep their feelings to themselves. Fully half of Dametreos still stands behind the Empire. The other half sits represented in this room. Peace has been won only precariously. Indeed, it is already threatened again, by the recent conflicts in the Forestdweller nations. I would like to thank the Forestmen for their promise of neutrality in that matter, and offer warnings to the Wolfpack and Dark Forest, to be carried to them, Miss Phylla, that if they persist in war, neither side will see Imperial aid. The Grimtongues have achieved their throne by immoral means, but legal within the confines of the Wolfpack, but their regime has yet to receive Imperial approval, and likely never will. Radjar Kath, although legal king of the Dark Forest, has also yet to receive Imperial approval. Let him be warned that if he persists in his current course, he likely never will."

"But Imperial approval is not necessary for a king to be legitimate," pointed out Sir Theodore. "It is the laws of that nation which confirm a king."

"But a king without Imperial approval may be deposed or imprisoned, and it would not trouble this Court," said Constantius. "If a king would have foreign support, he would do well to seek Imperial approval.

"Gentlemen, lady," he said as he rose, "this council is adjurned. I will leave the signed of the treaty until the morrow. Meanwhile, if any of you have issues which I have not addressed, you may apply for an appointment."

With his Cavalier escort, Constantius VII exited the Imperial Conference Chamber.
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Postby Robin Hood » Sat Feb 26, 2005 8:35 pm

Robin Hood wrote:"Come," said Lego, "a few more miles and we should be relatively safe. How far to Falconis City?"

"A fair good step." said the oldest of the prince's companions. "With this snow and all it will take at least a week, maybe longer."

"Then we had better get started.

Location: Falconis City

Actually it took nine and half days to reach the capital of the Black Falcons. The weather had desided to be worse than usual and a strong north wind had started up. Apart from keeping the company terribly cold, it was much harder to trek through the snow with the wind strait in their faces.

Upon reaching the gates of the city they were so cold that they might well have died if they had had to spend another night outdoors.

The guards, who were rather chilly themselves, let the six men in without much fuss. Just the routine "who are and whats your buisness in Falconis city?" Both questions were of course answered falsely.

As soon as they were in they headed to the nearest inn. The owner got them rooms but warned them that firewood would cost extra. A lot extra. But they got it anyway, using part of the gold that they had brought from the Royal Knight treasury.

After a long nap infront of a roaring fire, Lego and two men left the inn to explore the city and find out what they could.

They went first to a bar that was rather busy. As soon as they entered they split up. Lego went to bar and the two others took serperate tables on either side of the building.

Lego XIII ordered a small beer and looked around for someone to talk to. Seeing a half drunk peasant sitting in a corner he moved over and sat opposite him.

"Cold day isn't it?" asked the prince.

"Aye, (Hic) that it ish. Coldest I can ever (hic) remember." returned the drunk man.

"Here friend have yourself a drink, it will warm you up." Lego passed his beer to the man who took it and had a sip. That was good, the man wasn't too drunk.

"Thanksh." said the man.

"I just arrived here, is the king well?" inquired Lego.

"Him! Ha-(hic)-ha. He is just a wimp that sits on the throne all day and does nothing. Itsh lord Durlass thatsh in charge."


"Oh, yeah. (hic) at least thatsh how it was (hic)."

Interesting, mused Lego. "How is it now?"

The man laid his arm on the table. "Well I'll tell. The general (hic) Martin, that guy that won all thosesh battles."

"Yes I know him." growled the prince, remembering the seige of Castleton.

"We-(hic)-ll he has gotten the whole city in a (hic) uproar. They want Durlassh out and Martin in. Not many know it but Martin (hic) was the one who got the crowd riled up when they tried to take the castle. (Hic) Of course they couldn't take it, had thosesh specshial guards there, kill a whole lot of them (hic). Durlass still rules, but bysh a little thread."

"Really, thats very interesting." mused the prince, more to himself than to the man.

The peasant wouldn't have heard anyway because he had just fell onto the table and was quietly snoring.

Just then one of the other men sat beside the drunk. "what is it?" asked Lego.

"I was talking with someone and apparently a couple of weeks ago, there was a large group of people partying here. The whole inn was closed to others. And one of the staff here heard one of the drunk men singing a BULL song. Also, on two occasions the man thought he heard someone say 'Bloody Falcons.'"

The prince sat there without speaking for some time. "Very, very interesting. Do you think they might have anything to do with the power shift?" The prince related all that he had heard.

"Hmmmm, maybe, but from what I have heard Martin is no better than Durlass. I can't see Bulls, IF any exist, wanting to get him on the throne."

"True," said Lego, "I wonder......hmmm. We'll have to see if we can find these underground Bulls. Maybe they can help us."
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Postby TheOrk » Sat Feb 26, 2005 8:48 pm

Grid J-10

Valric whirled around sword drawn.
A great black shape appeared amidst the darkness. The icy grip of fear claimed Valric’s heart. In the darkness two unatural glowing orbs stared back with a mixture of lust and hate. Emerging from the darkness the knight in the anicent armour leapt.

The first soldier, bringing up the rear barley had time to scream as the heavy broadsword cloved his head and helmet in two in a welter of blood and ABS. His torch fell in the muck and the corpse fell around a corner, thankfully shielding the others from the grizzely mess.

Valric sword in hand charged the beast, his sword glowing with an unatural light. The beast was stronger and faster then Sir Valric. But it seemed to him, that his sword moved with a mind of its own, and blocked all attacks that would have surley killed him.

The other two soldiers stood back. The one with the cross bow could’nt get a clear shot and the man with the spear didn’t dare go between the two combatants. Sir Weigraf swung his sword in wide arcs sending sparks off the sides of the narrow tunnel.

An idea poped up in his head. Lunging the kinght slashed Valric on the shoulder with his gauntlet, its sharp talon like fingers tore off both the armour and clothe from Valric but did little damage.

Valric tripped and fell flat on his back in the muck.
The two soldiers behind him saw their opening. A crossbow bolt whizzed through the air. Weigraf sliced it in half before it hit him. The crossbowmans’s eyes widened in shock. The spearman charged screaming at the top of his lungs.

Weigraf casually grabbed hold of the spear and threw it at the wall, with the soldier still holding on. He hit the wall with a wet crack and collasped unconcious.

“Megabloks” Groaned the crossbowman as he fumbled with the crossbow. Weigraf tasting his fear loomed over him, forgetting about Valric. Jumping to his feet Valric slashed Weigraf across the shoulder blades. Instead of blood came a strangeblack acid like liquid. Schreeching Weigraf fled, he drew his power off of fear. He had’nt spilled enough blood yet. He was too still weak.

“Next time………” He muttered bitterly in a cold metallic voice.
The crossbowmen gave a sigh of relief. “What in the Wooden Duck’s name was that thing!?” He wheezed.
Valric turned him, “some shifty brickin’ tyco from the megabloks. I don’t think we killed it but we’ll have to call it a day.”

Valric bent down to look at th soldier who had the spear. “Once they learn about this at the Yellow Castle they’ll probley send an entire army of Cavaliers.”
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Postby lemon_squeezer2 » Sat Feb 26, 2005 9:22 pm

Durlass was in a foul mood. The wall opposite him still was dripping from when he had thrown his wine glass on it a few moments ago.
“Megablocks that God-forsaken man. Megablocks him to Megablocks.”
The Marquis paced the room, pausing every now and them to issue a new curse on his enemy. His teeth were clenched and his hands white, he clenched them so hard. Once more he stopped. He was thinking more clearly now. Martin had to be removed.

Frederick had been officially part of the FSS for nearly two months now. He was part of a secret organization that made the Falcon nation one of the most effective in intelligence gathering. Hundreds of its officers were stationed around Dameteros, ranging from the nobility down to middleclass men posing as merchants, farmers, and anything in-between. For two months now he had been stationed near the Forestman border for intelligence gathering after compiling research on Martin – reports that had been filed away under a thick folder bearing the General’s name and nearly forgotten in the labyrinth of other such papers that filled the massive sub-basement under the spire.

Now both Frederick and the report were in front of Durlass. The noble opened the sheaf of papers scanned the index and put them down again.
“You have done an impressive and comprehensive report Frederick.”
“Thank you sir.” It was customary for a military officer to address any superior as “sir” – even if the individual was not in the service.
“You will need to put it to good use. Your orders are to assassinate this man in any way you deem fit.”
Frederick’s face showed no emotion. One month in a boot camp had changed him. One of the exercises was to raise a dog, presumably with the intent of helping the officer in his exercises. Then, at the end of training, it was required to kill the animal. Any man who hesitated was discharged immediately.
“Yes sir.”
“Good. I want you to file a report by the end of this week. You will answer to me alone – not Salodin as you have before.”
“Yes sir.”
With that, both men saluted in the customary Falcon way, hand outstretched at a slight upwards angle. The trap had been set and Martin would be the victim.
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Postby lemon_squeezer2 » Sun Feb 27, 2005 1:16 am

The FSS was another component of the huge bureaucracy that overshadowed the Falcon government. It was properly a department of the military, a subcomponent of the army. However, it operated mostly by itself. The main goal of the Falcon Secret Service was intelligence gathering. Reports by dispatch rider, ship and even pigeons conveyed messages from every country, even in the cold weather that gripped Dametreos even now.

Hand in hand with this network of informers, spies, and even official government workers was a more interesting segment. This “Secret Police” was officially known as the DOSI – Department of strategic intelligence. It was this department that was responsible for the mysterious disappearances of many under Falconis XXVIII’s reign. It was this group that dealt with political prisoners – enemies of the state.

It was not often that someone was assassinated though. This was only for those of higher rank – whose disappearances would be regarded as suspicious by the people. An outright stab in the back would not do either. These assassinations had to look “natural”. Poison was the preferred method, but many before had seemingly accidentally drowned, committed suicide, or (as in the case of the late Baron Alexander of Shutsburg) seemingly choked to death.

Frederick mentally reviewed his options. Martin was old, somewhat overweight, and had even suffered smallpox in the past. Poisoning would fit the bill. Reviewing a cabinet of vials before him, the officer reached for one marked “dioxin”.

"perfect" Frederick smiled. Now for a suitable location…
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