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CCRP Recap: March 2004

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CCRP Recap: March 2004

Postby Lord_Of_The_LEGO » Fri Apr 15, 2005 6:14 pm


Well, here is it at last folks, the recap of one of the biggest RP threads ever. :shock: Man, a lot happened in that month...

I would like to thank Nick for doing the first four pages. :)

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Postby Lord_Of_The_LEGO » Fri Apr 15, 2005 6:15 pm

1) At the Dark Dragon’s Den, Jarvick and Drock reunite and return home, where they meet up with Caimlin. Caimlin had just received a note from Lord Void, and asks Jarvick to teleport him to Lord Void, which Jarvick does.

2) Lord Void, now having control of his power again, whips off a letter to Caimlin and then makes his way to the Grolling Fortress. Once there, he confronts Prince Hadadar and demands the prince’s palace. Hadadar refuses and proposes a duel. Lord Void accepts and after a short fight, kills both Margash the wizard and Toeg the slave master. Just then Caimlin appears and Lord Void has Hadadar thrown into jail. Later, Lord Void sends Caimlin off on a mission to buy some ships from the Fright Knights, while Lord Void himself meets with Elsa Byrd, the eccentric architect. She agrees to design a new Fire Breathing Fortress and starts at once.

3) Caimlin, along with a band of Dragon Masters, begins their journey to Fright Knight lands.

4) In Wolfpack territory, Fraun, Strider, Radjar, Leoidas, and a wounded Aaylah rejoin Maximus. A short time later, Maximus’ hideout comes under attack by Red Flame Wolfpack and mercenary Black Falcons. However, Strider and the others manage to get away. Swift, Radjar, Fraun, and Aaylah then move out to a small yet important Wolfpack city – Vilnius, that is at that moment under attack by the Red Flames faction. There they meet up with Strider again. Meanwhile Frayla is given permission to give limited aid to the Wolfpack. Alexkov and his men take over a bell tower and a river, then Alexkov sends someone to assassinate Swift. Aaylah discovers she’s pregnant, and the she and Swift are attacked by Alexkov’s men. Swift is wounded , but recovers. He orders an attack which forces Alexkov to flee. Radjar returns with Aaylah to discover the Hemlock Stronghold rebuilt. Meanwhile, Alexkov is possessed by a demon, calling itself Tel’Zarahk. Tel’Zarahk kills some persons and then goes to the Lady Ciroal, who appoints him ambassador. The demon travels to Ostrakahn and slaughters everyone. Ciroal plots the downfall of the Forestdwellers. Swift duels with Tel’Zarahk and kills him. Swift meets with Varras and together they kill some more men. While with Aaylah, Swift kills more men. Then with Varras, Swift kills many women and children. While killing more persons, Swift retakes the mainland. Ciroal retreats. Later, Swift and Varras duel, and then Swift and Strider retreat, both of them wounded. At a river, they are both shot by Varras’ men, and Strider dies. Aaylah finds Swift’s body and she and Radjar smuggle him into Dark Forest lands, where Swift heals.

5) In Drullen Bell Keep, the interim Forestmen leader Gonderin orders the closing of the Forestmen borders to prevent the Wolfpack civil war from turning into a second Fell War.

6) In the Hemlock Stronghold, Radjar Kath is asked to give up the Dark Forest throne by the ruling council for the good of the Dark Forest country. Radjar agrees and leaves to adventure with Swift. Later, the interim council decides to seal the Dark Forest borders as a protection.

7) In Orion, the Classic Emperor condemns the Wolfpack civil war, calling it a ‘local dispute’, and forbids any other factions to get involved. Later, the Classic Emperor appoints Arabella Louise Fornsir as the new Dark Forest queen.

8) In the Neverwood, the Fellowship Of The Pendants enters one of the shafts that leads into a maze of underground tunnels – the same hole that Jayko and Elwen had fallen into nearly a month earlier. After much exploring, they finally find the Temple Of Lost Stars. At that same moment in Orion, Hans Lentawl discovers a parchment proclaiming death and destruction will fall upon the Fellowship. As the Fellowship passes through the threshold of the temple, they are all forced to relive their worst memories. After surviving that trial, the Fellowship is forced to run through a magical wall of flames. Then they are confronted by Gib’s half-brother, Malder Peregil, who is possessed by BloodVaine’s spirit. While Sir Dractor duels with BloodVaine, Reno and Aros fight off a gargoyle, which Bjarn manages to wound with Otto’s amulet. Sir Dractor greatly wounds Malder Peregil/BloodVaine, and then BloodVaine’s spirit possesses Anardan. While Anardan mentally struggles with the demon necromancer, Sir Dractor thinks quickly and gets Gib to touch Anardan. Since Gib had once been possessed by a demon himself, he now had the power to banish demons. BloodVaine is ejected from Anardan’s body and vanishes. Meanwhile, Reno, Aros, Luxus and Shainya run into a forge, set a fire, and throw the Twin Pendants of King Kris into the flames. As the Pendants melt, the Temple Of Lost Stars begins to crumble. The Fellowship escapes upward into a cave, and then barely manages to flee as the Temple Of Lost Stars implodes, causing a large section of the Neverwood to sink. To their surprise, they are greeting by Hans Lentawl, who had left Orion with some other men the moment he had read the glowing parchment. The Fellowship rests, and then prepare to leave. Suddenly Sir Dractor is contacted by the Old Man, and he leaves in haste, only saying goodbye to Bjarn and Hans. Also, right before the Fellowship leaves, Gib and Malder Peregil say their goodbyes and return to their own home, reconciled at last. The remainder of the Fellowship returns to Orion, where they meet and talk with Daner Pluto. Then a birthday party is held for Luxus, and then, after one final farewell, the Fellowship leaves Orion and returns to Drullen Bell Keep, where they learn of current events such as the Wolfpack civil war. Shainya and Reno get married in a small ceremony, and then the Fellowship part ways completely; Bjarn to lead the Forestmen, Shainya and Reno to their own cottage to live, Aros and Luxus off to adventure, Anardan off to patrol with his friend Elacil, and Voolmark to rest and wait for Fraun’s return. The Lost Stars Chronicle comes to a close.

9) In Dragonar, Sir Dractor continues to ride south, as last ending up on the Black Knight coast.

10) At Talistrand palace, the Sorcerer-King hears news of his companion’s return from Orion and meets with Oris Del Grakken, Elbadar and Elbusin Y'lirk.

11) In Anka Dolour, Quorandis, Elwen, Jayko, and Elbadar escape from the city by stealing a small boat. In the harbor, they spot Commander Broadside’s ship – the Bombardier. The group is taken aboard and get away while setting fire to Kendo’s junk. Broadside drops them off at Talistrand and then leaves as quick as he can, not wanting to meet the Sorcerer-King again. Quorandis meets with his parents, and then with the Sorcerer-King. Then the Sorcerer-King and Quorandis leave with some Dragon Masters and head towards the Old Ruins. Later, the Old Man, Elwen and Jayko leave for the Old Ruins, later staying in an inn for the night. Y’lirk torches the inn, and the Old Man is forced to use a lot of his energy to put out the fire and heal other victims.

12) In Falconis City, Martin Humboldt, feeling ill, manages to stumble to an inn to recover. Meanwhile, Durlass is plagued by rioting in the streets, peasants demanding food. After weeks of suffering, Martin manages to survive his dioxin poisoning and orders the uprising to being. While the Rebels watch, the capital is overrun by Martin loyal and Durlass is forced to flee. Vanderdious brings Lord Drakko into hiding, and the Rebels send word to the Lone Falcon and Bersun. While the Royals and the Falcons each refuse to give up ground, someone discovers Randolph’s connection to the Rebel Resistance. Meanwhile, a ship full of slaves spreads plague across the Black Falcon land. Karl meets with Martin and is condemned. Randolph and the Rebels in Falconis City flee to Vassalton, where they hide in the numerous caves. While there, Lord Drakko reveals to Randolph that there is another heir to the Black Falcon throne -- Graygon.

13) In Orion, a defeated Weigraf is confronted by his master – Pythos, while Valric has his armor repaired and retires to bed. The next morning, another larger expedition, again led by Valric, is sent out to the sewers. Valric and his team soon find themselves in a library, and suddenly they are attacked by Weigraf. Valric duels with Weigraf and manages to wound him, but before anything else can be done Weigraf vanishes. Weigraf meets with Pythos and presents to him Valric’s sword, which he had stolen. Pythos is pleased with this, saying the sword will prove to be vital in their success. Valric recuperates and then duels with Sir Theodore for sport. Pythos and Sir Weigraf teleport to Pythos’ nephew Count Belzzar and tells him their plan. Meanwhile, Valric and Sir Theodore head to a Royal Knight town, on the way slaughtering a pack of timber wolves.

14) In Castle Dracul, Pythos, Sir Weigraf and Count Belzzar enter a crypt and find a book.

15) In Castleton, Sir Theodore meets with King Kjeld and informs the king that the Black Falcons are attacking.

16) In Falconis City, Rulph Belricks, the official Bull Ambassador, meets up with the Rebel Resistance. Randolph decides to take a gamble and show up at the officers quarters in order to obtain more information. Barbod gets upset when he hears of the peace settlement and storms out of the resistance headquarters to a nearby pub. There, he meets up with Prince Lego of the Royal Knights and two other of his companions. Freena, Vanderdious, Dordrot, and the Lone Falcon confront the three, but before a proper introduction could be made, all eight are confronted by a group of city guardsmen. Facing being arrested, the Rebels suddenly attack and flee Falconis City, along with Prince Lego and his men. Only Vanderdious stays. They head to Castleton, where Lego meets with his father Kjeld, and then they all attend an feast. Later, the Lone Falcon receives a note from Mills describing Martin’s rise to power and Durlass’ downfall. The Rebels than thank the Royals for their hospitality and then travel to Falconis City.

17) Also in Orion, Keavur Stromspear the demon-hunter seeks out the possessed sword, finding that it has been haunting the city’s ruined cathedral after killing over a dozen innocent lives. He confronts Brugs the Dragon Master ghost but is unable to defeat him. However, Dale somehow manages to ‘absorb’ Brugs. Meanwhile, Jos falls from a great height when he thinks he sees a gargoyle blink. They return to their inn and to their surprise meet up with Logon, Alex Funt and Walf.

18) On the Fell Isle, in the town of Parcours, Markus sells his stolen horse with Elacil hot on his heels. Markus obtains a boat severally wounding a Forestman in the process. Elacil orders a watch to be put for him on the mainland while giving pursuit himself. Markus arrives on the mainland.

19) In the Black Knight city of Mar Tache, Jerral gathers more information on the BloodVaine conflict and the changing status of the Bulls. He and his companions then journey to Orion, where they discover the Rebel Resistance. After meeting with Bersun, they agree to accompany the Rebels to Falconis City.

20) Rosa, now in Crusader territory, stays at the town Westwater. While there, she is thankful to see winter fade away into spring at last.

21) Richard IV, the king of the Crusaders, dies and his younger brother, Robert, rises to the throne and begins to make preparations.

22) Katheryn, Graygon, and Willem continue their way through the underground tunnel and emerge in Denderham after blowing a hole in the floor of an inn. They escape from Denderham and into the Crusader wild. After a while, they head northward.

23) Theron is presented to the Shadow Knight council and is taken into their trust. He is given shadow dust to aid his new mission.

24) Cynan, while dueling, accidentally kills his opponent. Filled with grief and shame, he flees. Later, he enters an inn and brawls with a Knight’s Kingdomer before retiring to his room. Later, he follows a smoke trail to a farm, where he kills a farmer and takes his food. He goes to the court of King Matthias and is made a knight.

25) King Sirion returns to his homeland.

26) In South Berwick harbor, Captain Horatio Johnson learns that the new Crusader king will rebuild the Crusader fleet. Later, his ship is refitted.

27) Viktor Oz and his companion Tim E. travel to Port Crowne. Viktor goes to a pub while Tim E. applies for a job. Tim E. returns and announces he got the, and Viktor congratulates his friend. Then Viktor leaves, seeking adventure.

28) After spending a month out on the sea, Cyclonis, Kayfir, Qual-Ren see a dragon, then land ashore Knight’s Kingdom land.

29) In Denderham, Targon brags of his indestructibility while Burtrand Storm-Rider the pirate listens. Later, Burtrand corners Targon and hires him to kidnap a Crusader royal.

30) The Lone Ranger continues to train with the old man.
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Postby Sir Dillon » Fri Apr 15, 2005 6:34 pm

Very nice recap 8) But shouldn't this be a sticky?
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Postby TheOrk » Fri Apr 15, 2005 7:38 pm

Great job on the recap!
Everything is correct. 8)
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Postby Formendacil » Fri Apr 15, 2005 10:26 pm

Looks great Nathan,

Thanks SO much for doing this.

However, I think that you have an error. You state that after the Lost Stars adventure, when Sir Dractor is summoned to Talistrand, that he only says goodbye to Bjarn and Hans. As far as I can recall, he didn't speak to Bjarn at all, while he DID speak to Luxus.
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Postby lemon_squeezer2 » Fri Apr 15, 2005 11:07 pm

Looks awesome Nate.

I really cannot tell you how grateful I am for this. Thank you, thank you, thank you :D
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