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Postby Sir Kohran » Thu Jun 16, 2005 8:56 pm

"So, this is it. Dametreos."

Solesstorn allowed himself a rare smile of satisfaction. After years of searching through the Great Archives of Reandaron, he had finally located the Castle Isles.

Yes, he thought, Master will be pleased.

Grid: P-19
Location: Western Knights' Kingdom coast

Solesstorn made a steady start that day, wanting to explore this new land and its peoples. His master had given him a few details, on some of the factions, and the main leaders, but Solesstorn loved learning, and he knew that he had a lot to learn about this land. He got the sense, however, that this wasn't the mainland of Dametreos, but merely an island off the coast. He decided to travel south, for no particular reason. For the task he had been given, however, it didn't matter what directions he took to start off with.

The Wizard looked up, to see that the beach was receding to fields. In the distance he could see a sprawling coastal town, enclosed by a wall and an open gate. A blue lion flag hovered above the battlements.

"Ah, good, civilization at last," he muttered.

He strode up towards the gate. A pair of guards in lavish armour, and wide brimmed helmets were checking up on a group of traders in front. When the men had passed on, Solesstorn casaully strolled up. Immediately, a guard stepped in his way.

His master's voice spoke in his head.

Don't do what you did last time a guard stepped up to you, he warned.

It wasn't my fault he attacked me with a dragon, Solesstorn muttered back.

All the same, you know what to say now, he replied.

"What's your name, and what's your business here?" the guard asked.

He thought for a second on what to say. "I am...a friend to Magarus." Solesstorn answered, allowing a hint of pride to seep through his teeth.

The guard looked shocked for a moment, glanced at his companion, and then shouted up to the men upon the wall:

"Down here! Now! It's for the bounty!"

In a few seconds, a dozen or more soldiers poured out from the barracks, swords drawn, and surrounded Solesstorn, whilst others alerted the citizens to move away. One, clad in a red tunic, advanced forward.

"In the name of King Leo of the Western Knights' Kingdom, you are under arrest for harbouring enemies of the land!"

"Megabloks," Solesstorn muttered, and gripped his staff tightly.

This wasn't a good start to his journey at all.
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Postby Lord_Of_The_LEGO » Thu Jun 16, 2005 11:30 pm

Lord_Of_The_LEGO wrote:So, in high spirits with full bellies, the Dragonsbane Brigade left Port Shin-Po onboard the refitted Precious, turning their sights to Port Firetresses.

Grid: E-11
Location: Off the Dragon Master coast, nearing port Firetresses

“There be it…Port Firetresses…if ye could call it a port…”

It was over a week later. Ajaxx Dragonsbane, Japheth, and Captain Dolter were on deck. It had been Dolter who had spoken, peering through his spyglass.

“How long ‘til we dock?” asked Ajaxx, broad hands clasped behind his back.

Captain Dolter sniffed the wind and handed the spyglass to Japheth.

“It be three hours, methinks, maybe less if the wind favors us.”

Japheth snorted, not at Dolter’s comment, but at the object he was looking at through the spyglass. Ajaxx took the glass from Japheth and peered at the distant port himself. He wrinkled his nose.

“Captain Dolter. I be changing my mind. We be heading further north, to Port Josef.”

“Port Josef? That be a Royal port.” said Captain Dolter

“Aye, and this be a Royal ship.” continued Ajaxx, “Methinks the Precious would be more suited with her own kind…”

“Aye…sir…” said Dolter slowly, obviously not quite convinced, “But then we be sailing for at least seven more hours.”

“So be it.”

“Aye sir.”

Captain Dolter saluted, and turned away. Japheth moved closer to Ajaxx.

“What really be the reason, Ajaxx? A ship with it’s own kind?”

Japheth rolled his eyes.

“The real reason be,” said Ajaxx, “that I want to control the board as long as possible. I be still having my first move to make. If I show myself too soon, I lose that first move. Landing at a Dragonar port would show myself too soon.”

Japheth nodded, but sighed.

“I am eager for the game to begin.”

Ajaxx smiled.

“I be eager too, Japheth my friend. And once we make port, I’ll move my first piece.”

“What be that, milord?”

Ajaxx looked a Japheth craftily.


Seven hours later, the Precious docked at Port Josef. Ajaxx walked upon deck and tossed Captain Dolter a purse of gold.

“That should be plenty for the harbor fees.” he said, “Secure the Precious. Don’t bother with re-provisioning her. I be don’t intending to use her for a while now.”

“Aye, sir.” Captain Dolter saluted and left to haggle with the harbormaster.

Ajaxx turned to another Brigade officer and ordered, “Be seeing to it the men are rotated off the ship in groups of ten. Don’t scare the populace with fears of invasion. Keep two dozen onboard at all times to guard the ship. Be rotating them out every twelve hours. While on shore, the men are free to do as the wish, in a sober way. Be making sure there are no disturbances.”

“Aye sir!” the officer nodded.

“The men may house on the ship or in the inns. The Brigade will be residing in Port Josef for a time. I be going ashore. I’ll be sending back a messenger as to which inn I reside at.”

“Aye, sir!”

Ajaxx turned away from the officer and called, “Japheth, come! We be going ashore!”

Once off the Precious, Ajaxx Dragonsbane strode the streets of the shabby but homey port of Josef, searching for an inn of fairly high quality. After a search of fifteen minutes, he and Japheth came across the Royal Ruby Inn. They entered and Ajaxx ordered two rooms. After the innkeeper had handed over two fat brass keys Ajaxx tossed one to Japheth and said, “Go and put ye stuff away. Then meet me in my quarters.”

As Japheth ascended the creaking stairs Ajaxx wrote out a short note and sent the Royal Ruby’s stable boy to the docks with his message. Then he himself ascended the stairs and entered his room. A minute later Japheth knocked and entered. Ajaxx had arranged two chairs around a tiny desk and invited Japheth to take one with a wave and nod of his head.

“Sit, Japheth.”

Japheth sat and took the wine Ajaxx offered. Then he glanced at the table. Set upon it was a chess board, the pieces all set out ready to play.

“So,” said Japheth, smiling and setting down his glass, “I be your pawn, then? The first piece to be moved…”

Japheth reached forward and moved one of the near-center white pawns two spaces toward the black side, as was the customary starting move.


Ajaxx set aside his own glass and returned the white pawn to it’s origin. Then he took up one of the white knights and maneuvered it over the pawns and into the third row.

“Ye be my knight.”

Japheth leaned forward, picked up the other white knight, and fingered it, leaning back in his chair.

“What do ye want me to do?”

Ajaxx moved some pieces about the board, at last maneuvering the white knight behind the jagged line of black pawns and near the black king.

“I want ye to be my eyes, Farsight.” said Ajaxx, using the honorary Borianis Dracis title used for lookout.

Japheth returned the other white knight to the board and looked at Ajaxx.

“It be many years since I spied.” he said, scratching at his eye patch, “It be hard to spy with a single eye.”

“Ye can do it.” said Ajaxx, continuing to move pieces, “I know ye can.”

“So what be I spying on?”

Ajaxx tapped a black rook.

“The Fire Breathing Fortress.”

He tapped a black bishop.

“Brigadier General Caimlin.”

Lastly, Ajaxx tapped the black king.

“Lord Void.”

Japheth sighed, but not in a completely discouraged way.

“That be a challenge.”

“I know ye be up to it.” said Ajaxx, still moving both black and white pieces in a one-sided game, “Ye training with the Wolfpack those years ago aided the Brigade well when the Ninjas lusted after our land.”

“I be having two eyes then,” said Japheth.

“You don’t want to spy?” asked Ajaxx keenly.

Japheth sat up straight.

“Ajaxx, you be knowing that whatever you ask of me I be doing.”

Ajaxx nodded.

“That be good. Because once we know the lay of the land--” Ajaxx moved the white king forward “-- we strike.”

Ajaxx moved a white knight and bishop, effectively blocking the black king in from all sides.


Ajaxx knocked over the black king with a flick of his hand.

“And checkmate.”
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Postby Lord_Of_The_LEGO » Fri Jun 17, 2005 1:58 am

Formendacil wrote:They went on. Thomas was still rather awed, but soon enough they came to a rather small, but well-furnished chamber on the second floor. Opening the door, Sir Dractor gave him a view of a sunlit room with glass windows and carpeted floor. A middle-aged Forestmen, somewhat older-looking than he was, was slowly talking under his breath as he put his words to parchment.

With the quick ears of a tracker, he heard the door creak open, and looked up. A big smile broke out.

"Sir Dractor! Good to see you! Welcome home!"

Grid: M-8
Location: Drullen Bell Keep

Bjarn put aside his quill and leapt up from his chair. He strode toward Sir Dractor, nodding his head.

“An impressive suit, to be sure.” smiled Bjarn, his eyes wandering over Sir Dractor’s shining armor.

“All thanks to one great man.” said Sir Dractor, coming forward and hugging Bjarn in a manly sort of way.

After Sir Dractor had released him, Bjarn stepped back and looked at Thomas, his smile still on his face.

“And who’s this, Dractor?” he asked.

Thomas, remembering the odd salute the Forestmen had given Sir Dractor as they entered, tried to imitated it. He fumbled the Sign Of The Elk quite badly, but Bjarn recognized it and he returned it, smiling.

“This is Thomas Valt.” said Sir Dractor, clapping Thomas on the shoulder, “He’s the grandson of the man who so graciously crafted my armor, Harold Brakespear.”

“Welcome, Thomas,” smiled Bjarn, reaching forward and taking the youth’s hand, “to Drullen Bell Keep. Your grandfather must be a trusting man to let you go along with Sir Dractor. This big knight attracts trouble like a magnet!”

“My grandfather’s dead.” said Thomas flatly.

Bjarn’s eyes immediately turned sad.

“I’m very sorry to hear that lad, very sorry.”

Thomas shrugged, saying nothing. Sir Dractor coughed.

“So, Bjarn, how goes your memoirs?”

Bjarn said quickly, “They are going well, at least I hope and think so. But I think I’ve permanently stained my hand black.”

Bjarn held up his right hand and laughed. It was indeed coated with dried ink. Sir Dractor chuckled. Thomas said nothing. Bjarn paused, staring at Thomas, then said, “Say, lad, would you like to go to a ball?”

Thomas looked up. Sir Dractor also looked a Bjarn.

“A what?” they both asked.

Bjarn chuckled.

“A ball. A great whopping one, too…”

Bjarn retreated to his desk, drew out two slips of paper, and handed them to Sir Dractor and Thomas. Sir Dractor recognized the seal immediately.

“Emperor Constantius sent this?” he exclaimed.

“The Emperor?” gasped Thomas, and read through the letter twice, “Wow.”

“How’d you get this?” demanded Sir Dractor.

Bjarn shrugged.

“A week ago I got a bundle of twenty of these with a note asking I distribute them as I wish.”

“Wow.” Thomas repeated.

“So who else is going?” asked Sir Dractor.

“Myself,” said Bjarn, “Captains Jerlock, Anardan and Elacil. Reno and Shainya. Voolmark, I think. And others.”

Bjarn looked at the both of them.

“Well?” he asked.

Sir Dractor looked at Thomas, then he looked back a Bjarn, smiling.

“The ball’s July 11th,” he noted, “That should give us plenty of times for some games of chess before we go, correct?”

Bjarn smiled.

“Aye, many games indeed.”
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Postby Lord_Of_The_LEGO » Fri Jun 17, 2005 3:05 am

Cate started dragging Adrian out of the garden.

"But where are we going?" he asked.

"To the Great Library, up at the Castle," said Cate. "There's someone you've GOT to meet."

Grid: J-10
Location: The Great Library, Archives chamber

Hans Lentawl, the Junior Archiver at the Great Library Of Orion, was celebrating his birthday, though no one looking upon him would know it. Hans was sitting at his usual desk, reading a book. Not very festive, you think? Well, being both a bibliomaniac and an introvert, it suited Hans fine. Nothing like celebrating one’s seventeenth birthday like reading a good book, Hans thought.

“Oh, Hans!”

Hans nearly fell out of his chair.

“Cate, you made me jump!”

Hans set aside his book, being sure to properly bookmark it first, and stood, smiling and turning a bit red. Lady Cate Slacs-Sicl, her flaming red hair flailing out behind her, rushed forward and catapulted over the horse-shoe shaped desk Hans was behind in a most un-ladylike manner. She embraced her friend, squeezed tight, then released him just as quick.

“Happy birthday!” she cried, handed Hans a wrapped package.

“Thanks.” grinned Hans. Then he caught sight of Adrian.

“Err, hey.”

“Hello.” said Adrian a bit awkwardly.

“Hans,” said Cate, beaming, “This is Adrian Seojton! Adrian, this is Hans! You know, the guys I’ve told you guys about!”

“Err, yeah.” nodded Hans, thrusting out his hand, “Sup, man?”

“Greetings” Adrian gripped Hans’ hand in a friendly manner, “You’ve got a funny accent for a Classic, eh?”

“And you’ve got a funny accent for a Crusader.” replied Hans, returning the firm grip, “I see you’ve got a writer’s hand.”

“Indeed.” said Adrian, withdrawing his had and looking at it, “but how can you tell?”

“The calluses between your thumb and index,” said Hans, “And the ink under your nails. I can’t ever get rid of mine either.”

Hans held up his right hand, which indeed showed signs of ink stains. Adrian nodded, impressed. “Cool. How’d you learn that?”

Hans waved his hands about. “Lots of reading. When I don’t write or translate, I read.”

“Sounds a lot like me.” said Adrian, “You son of a scribe, too?”

“Worse. Son of the Chief Archiver of Orion.”


Cate giggled.

“I knew you two would hit it off! I just knew it!”

“So, how do you know Cate, anyway?” asked Hans, pulling unconsciously at his goatee.

“When Cate was visiting relatives up near where I live we got to know one another.” explained Adrian, “You?”

“We met during an exam.” said Cate, “a few years back.”


“So…” said Cate, eyeing Hans playfully, “Get any mail recently?”

“Other than an invitation from the Emperor to go one of his balls, no.” said Hans with a straight face.

“Oooh, so you got one too! Great!” Cate rocked back and forth on her heels with excitement, “We can all go together!”

“Say what?” cut in Adrian, “Go where?”

“To the ball!” cried Cate.

“Minor problem.” Hans rose one finger into the air, “That invitation wasn’t to for me. It was for my dad. And where’d you get two invitations to the Emperor’s Peace Ball?”

“I didn’t,” said Cate craftily, “My parents did. But they don’t need them!” she added quickly, “They’ve been away since the beginning of June and won’t be back until mid July! They’re visiting my aunty in Peregrine.”

Hans and Adrian looked at one another.

“I smell a plot.” said Adrian slowly.

Cate laughed, then looked at Hans.

“You dad going anywhere anytime soon?” she asked slyly.

“Yeeeeeesssssssss…” Hans drew out slowly, “He…will be gone during the Ball…he just tossed the invitation aside…”

“Goody!” Cate clapped her hands together, “Everything’s set them! Oh, you two wait here, I’ll be right back!”

With that, Cate dashed off like a red comet. Hans and Adrian looked at one another.

“What is she getting us into?” asked Adrian.

“With Cate,” said Hans, “Something wild.”
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Postby Lord_Of_The_LEGO » Fri Jun 17, 2005 3:42 am

Lord_Of_The_LEGO wrote:“It be many years since I spied.” Japheth said, scratching at his eye patch, “It be hard to spy with a single eye.”

“Ye can do it.” said Ajaxx, continuing to move pieces, “I know ye can.”

“So what be I spying on?”

“Lord Void.”

Grid: E-11
Location: Port Josef

Japheth left the Royal Ruby a few minutes later, his brow furrowed and his mind churning. This was certainly a bugger, to be sure. Spy on Lord Void? He couldn’t do that. Never. He’d get himself killed. And Japheth, as loyal as he was to Ajaxx, wouldn’t willingly dive into an obviously suicidal mission. There was another way.

Japheth made a sharp right and instead of making his way to the docks and the Precious, he turned east. After one stop at a ship and he continued onward of the town and entered the surrounding hills. They were barely spiced with spindly saplings, and provided little, if any, hiding places.

This won’t do, he thought, and continued onward, through the foot tall trees and over a hill or two. At last he found something: a gorge, carved out by water over the years. It was nestled in crotch of where the feet of two hills met, and was three feet deep. Japheth jumped down in it, clunky in his bulky armor, and then began pacing along it. He was mostly hidden from view. What of him that wasn’t hidden by the gorge itself was obscured by plants and ferns. Stumbling along the uneven rock and pebbles of the mostly-dry bed, Japheth opened his mind and did something he hadn’t done in months: attempt to create a teleharm. What he was doing could get him kicked out of the Dragonsbane Brigade, or even killed. Ajaxx had completely banned all forms of magic and use of magical items when he had risen to power, and his rules were not to be broken lightly. Most of the Dragon Masters had grumbled at first, but soon they adjusted, and all eventually came to Ajaxx’s own frame of mind: magic was evil and was to avoided and wiped out. Soon, most if not all of the men had forgotten how to teleharm. But not Japheth. He remembered. And he was glad. He was loyal to Ajaxx, no doubt about that, but he was not blindly loyal. And Japheth had his own values and priorities. And Japheth, for one, liked magic. He knew it had it’s faults, and many magic-users abused it, but Japheth thought of magic of mostly a good thing. And so he disobeyed his commander and chief and created a teleharm. And it connected.

Opal? This is Japheth.

Jaffy! My sweetpea! I was wondering when you’d call! I’d thought you’ve forgotten your Opal!

No, my dear, I haven’t. But ye be knowing how Ajaxx be…

I know, honeysuckle, I know. That Ajaxx, banning magic! You aren’t getting in trouble for this, are you, dahling?

No, no, I be not. But…I need a favor…

Anything, cupcake.

Could ye teleport me to ye place? It be better we talk in person…plus…it be so long since we saw each other.

Too long, treasure, too long! It’ll just be a moment, deary…

With that, the teleharm connect severed, and a moment later there was a flash, and Japheth was gone.
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Postby The Green Knight » Fri Jun 17, 2005 4:44 am

King Robert slouched in his throne at the castle in Port Crowne. He was deep in thought and his mind was troubled. First and foremost on his mind was his daughter Anastasia. Dear little Anna. His little princess. But she wasn’t so little anymore. Just the other day he’d remarked how he wished he could stop her from growing up and keep her his little princess forever.

That was before the kidnapping. And now, the king just wanted her back. The queen had been inconsolable ever since the kidnapping and Roberts son had gone off looking for his sister and swearing revenge on the man who’d taken her. He wasn’t alone in this. Many were enraged by the kidnapping and for a while the seedy seaside towns were harried by the king’s men, looking for answers. But that all ended when the ransom note arrived.

It stated that the girl would be returned eventually but only if the King complied with these demands: First, that the coronation of King Robert be suspended immediately along with the rebuilding of the Crusader navy. And second, that all royal soldiers be removed from various, pirate occupied ports.

It was made very clear that failure to comply with these demands would mean the death of the princess.

So the king was defeated. His family was in ruins and so was his kingdom. And those who would compete for his title were just waiting for the right moment to strike.

But in that moment of despair a voice spoke to him. Yill had reported the news he’d heard in his encounter with O’Brion and a network of invisible messengers had passed it on until it reached the ears of a Man of Valor in Port Crowne. This is what the king heard:

“Have a good heart Robert. Your daughter is alive. And even now steps are being taken to bring her back to you.”

But these steps were not helping it seemed, for O’Brion had passed over his quarry when Burtrand stopped in Palaceville and had reached Port Blagart before the pirate. Indeed, if that was where he was going. And now O’Brion was in trouble with the falcons…
But before they could answer, they were interrupted by another growling voice. “Heard you guys were polkin’ yer noses aroun’ here abouts. Lookin’ fer someone… We’ll I see ye’ve not found yer quarry, but ye have attracted his attention. An’ now he wants ta see ye.” For the first time, O’Brion noticed the dozen Falcons surrounding him and his men. This was not good.
“Governor Smawling.” The burly falcon announced stepping aside.

O’Brion was inside a gloomy, grey castle with his two companions, staring ahead at the figure approaching. It was a man. A small, wiry man with a pair of sharp eyes and a wry smile.

“Greetings gentlemen.” The man croaked, grinning fiendishly. “I understand you’ve been searching for someone here in my city. A pirate, I hear. May I ask why?”

“Well, we…” O’Brion began. “We have reason to believe that a pirate named Burtrand Storm-rider has fled to this city with a member of the royal Crusader family. He’s kidnapped the princess it seems and we are here to find her.”

The governor cocked his head, drumming a bony finger on his long, pointed chin. “Hmm, tis an interesting story you weave, sir. I trust you are telling the truth and if there is anything I or my men can do to help do not hesitate to ask. However, I doubt you will find any pirates here. We are a simple trade colony here and have no reason to attract buccaneers. Still, look about as you would. I will assign a few of my guards to help you and escort you through your search.”

“Thank you sir.” Said O’Brion as the guards escorted them out. But when they were safely out of earshot the governor turned to the captain of his guard. “Keep an eye on them my friend. And keep them away from the caves.”
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Postby Formendacil » Fri Jun 17, 2005 5:27 am

Grid: J-10
Location: The Great Library, Archives chamber

Lord_Of_The_LEGO wrote:“Goody!” Cate clapped her hands together, “Everything’s set them! Oh, you two wait here, I’ll be right back!”

With that, Cate dashed off like a red comet. Hans and Adrian looked at one another.

“What is she getting us into?” asked Adrian.

“With Cate,” said Hans, “Something wild.”

Hans and Adrian sat in uncomfortable silence for a couple moments. Their repartee broken, and the enthusiastic presence of Cate removed, they were temporarily silenced. Besides, meeting someone in person that you have heard about by never seen, tends to be a slightly uncomfortable happening.

Adrian looked down the Lentawl invitation, that was sitting on Hans' desk, and frowned.

"This isn't so good," he said.

"What?" asked Hans, leaning over.

"It's addressed specifically to 'Master Archivist Lentawl'," said Adrian. "Would that make for problems." Hans thought for a bit...

And then Cate burst back into the room, 'her' invitations in hand.

"Here we are!" she said, dumping them on the desk, and cruising off in search of a book. Hans called out, and asked her about the invitations.

"Oh... that!" she said. Then she frowned.

"Actually, father got an accompanying letter from old Julius, saying that if he and mother weren't going to attend, then he wanted to know, so he could send the invitations to someone else. I intercepted the invitations before they even made it to Father, but still...

"It's getting in that's going to be the problem."

"Cate," said Adrian, "what on earth do you mean?"

"Well, it'll be like any of the balls that go on- if a bit bigger and more exclusive- which is why everybody wants to get in. With only ninety-six invitations issued in Classic LEGOland, only the cream of the crop is getting in. There are TONS of people who would kill to get in, that's how socially-obsessed they are."

"So what you're saying is that these invitations are no good," said Hans, frowning. "'Cause they've all got specific names on them."

"That's only going to be a problem getting in," said Cate. "Once you're in, no one's going to ask to see your invitations. Don't you boys know that?"

"Um... no," said Adrain. "Never been to a ball."

"Me neither," said Hans. Cate sighed in exasperation at the two stay-at-home intellectuals she had on her hands.

"Well, they don't. Once you're in, you're in." Cate's mind jumped back to getting in.

"I suppose we could always get in with the staff. There'll be tons of servants in there. But I really want to wear that dress...

"I know," she said. "You guys can blot out the names and replace them with ours."

"Um, Cate," said Hans, "that's, like, not going to work. Old Julius is supervising the entries himself. I think he might catch on..."

Cate chewed on her lip pensively as she thought.

"Then we have to slip in..." she thought. "I bet old Julius doesn't know my parents that well," she said. "Not well enough to recognise them if they came in with a crowd. Of course, we'd have to time it right..."

Hans looked at Adrian. Adrian looked at Hans.

"Hans, you could pass for your Dad, right?" said Kate. Hans looked a bit startled.

"Um, maybe. But, he's, like, bald!"

"Wear a cap. Something big and fancy. I know where you can get just the thing. Actually..." Cate trailed off as she appraised the two boys.

"Do either of you have anything to wear to a ball?" she asked. With some trepidation, they both responded in the negative.

"Like I said," said Hans, "I've never been to a really fancy ball."

"Oh this is going to be fun!!!" said Cate, laughing.

"Um, Cate," said Adrian. "If Hans is going as his dad, and you're going as your mom, does that mean..."

"Yes dear," said Cate in her best "wife" voice, and with an evil smile on her face, "you will be my escort."

Hans laughed, delighted to have got off easy.
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Postby Lord_Of_The_LEGO » Fri Jun 17, 2005 3:51 pm

Formendacil wrote:"Oh this is going to be fun!!!" said Cate, laughing.

"Um, Cate," said Adrian. "If Hans is going as his dad, and you're going as your mom, does that mean..."

"Yes dear," said Cate in her best "wife" voice, and with an evil smile on her face, "you will be my escort."

Hans laughed, delighted to have got off easy.

Grid: J-10
Location: The Great Library, Archives chamber

Adrian groaned theatrically and rolled his eyes.

“Now, you two just stay right here!” cried Cate, and she was off again, breezing along the shelves, seemingly randomly picking books of shelves.

“Don’t totally screw those up!” called Hans automatically.

Cate merely giggled.

Hans looked at Adrian. Adrian looked at Hans.

“Why are we doing this?” asked Hans.

Adrian shrugged.

“Two introvert scholars and a wild lady, all teenagers, impersonating their elders and infiltrating one of the biggest balls of the century, if not the millennium…sounds like a novel.”

Hans nodded, grinned, his eyes starting to spark.

“Too wild to happen…and yet it is happening.”

Adrian smiled too, his eyes also lighting up.

“Hans…Adrian!” called Cate imperiously, “C’mon! We need to get ready!”

“The ball isn’t for a month!” grimaced Hans, envisioning endless hours of trying on gaudy and lavish suits.

“Never mind, c’mon!”

Hans and Adrian groaned.

“Her lady calls.” said Adrian wryly.

“She-who-must-be-obeyed.” smirked Hans.

Then they turned about, and followed Lady Cate out of the Archives chamber.
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Postby Lord_Of_The_LEGO » Fri Jun 17, 2005 5:44 pm

Lord_Of_The_LEGO wrote:Sir Dractor looked at Thomas, then he looked back a Bjarn, smiling.

“The ball’s July 11th,” he noted, “That should give us plenty of times for some games of chess before we go, correct?”

Bjarn smiled.

“Aye, many games indeed.”

Grid: M-8
Location: Drullen Bell Keep

A day later, Sir Dractor and Bjarn were in Bjarn’s chamber, both leaning intently over a game of chess. After three minutes of analyzing, strategizing and inwardly weighing the pros and cons, Bjarn took up his remaining knight and captured one of Dractor’s pawns. Sir Dractor grimaced, and scratched his twirly beard. Then after many moments, he attacked with his bishop, capturing one of Bjarn’s pawns and checking the king.

“Check.” he murmured.

Bjarn grunted and moved a pawn to block the bishop. The bishop then captured that pawn, and then was captured by Bjarn’s queen. Then there was a long pause as Sir Dractor agonized over his next move. Hesitatingly, the big knight moved his queen forward.


Bjarn, grinning, maneuvered his knight back and captured Dractor’s queen. Like lightning, Dractor moved a pawn right next to Bjarn’s king.


Bjarn captured that pawn with his own king. Dractor, now grinning, moved a rook forward.


Bjarn stared at the board, then laughed.

“Checkmate, indeed, you wily knight!”

Bjarn stuck out his hand and Sir Dractor shook it.

“I thought I had got you when I got your queen!” he continued, chuckling.

“That was just a ruse, a necessary sacrifice.” said Dractor, beginning to rearrange the pieces.

“I’ll have to remember that. I hope I’m better at dancing and light conversation at this big, fancy ball than I am at chess.” said Bjarn, also returning pieces to their beginning positions.

“You know,” said Sir Dractor, “I was surprised that you even opted to go. You not exactly anti-social, but you’re not an extrovert either. Like me.”

Bjarn looked at the king he was hold, his king.

“It’s lonely at the top.” he said.

Sir Dractor waited. After a moment, Bjarn continued, “That statement makes little sense, I suppose. I’ve been a loner all my life; a wanderer, an introvert. How can someone like that be lonely?”

“Very easily.” said Sir Dractor, himself holding one of his knights, “Trust me, I know. A wanderer I am. But I lost a piece of my wandering-ness when I came to Drullen Bell for the first time, when I met you, and Reno, and Shainya, and Luxus…I think a wanderer gets lonely when he has a place to tie him down. For both of us, it’s Drullen Bell. We both had friends here. But Luxus is away adventuring with Aros, wherever they may be, and Reno and Shainya are making their own life for one another. And of course, I left to get my armor. That leaves you with your papers and ink. Loneliness is only to be expected.”

Bjarn sighed, and nodded.

“You’re right. I hope this ball will do me good. I’m beginning to get pale with all my days indoors.”

“A Forestman who stays indoors?” chided Dractor, “I’m shocked!”

They both laughed, and they finished resetting the board.

“I don’t know about me,” said Sir Dractor, “but I think this ball will do Thomas some good. His grandfather was his life. Now with Harold Brakespear gone, Thomas has nowhere to turn.”

“He has you.” said Bjarn, “That isn’t nowhere.”

“Perhaps.” said Dractor sadly, “but the last lad I tried to take under my wing I abandoned him.”

“Luxus knew you had a duty to fulfill.” said Bjarn, “He understood. And now, your quest is complete. You are bound by no oaths to anyone save yourself. Don’t be afraid to adopt someone else.”

Sir Dractor nodded, then grinned.

“How come is it every time we get together we start trading wise words with each other?”

Bjarn laughed. “That’s what old geezers do.”

He looked at the board.

“One more game, or shall we get some air?”
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Postby Dragoman » Fri Jun 17, 2005 7:33 pm

Grid: S-1
Location: Hellecell (Somewhere deep beneath the surface)

Dragoman wrote:No Shadow Knight paused as they got closer and Theron pushed open the dark colored doors with out hesitation. But what they saw then was something that they had never expected to see in Hellecell.

“A garden?” spoke Jedrek in surprise

It looked to be indeed a garden and a vibrant one too. For many kinds of flowers were there among lustful trees giving shade from the sun which was now shining brilliantly in a summer’s gentle wind. The sounds of chirping birds could be heard while butterflies fluttered about.

The Shadow Knights looked at this in disbelief and wonder. But Theron did not stop when opening the doors but marched in to this garden with his soldiers close behind. Then, only taking a few steps in, Theron halted suddenly and looked around.

“Shaidar!!” he roared aggressively “Why do you hide in your deceptions? Do you think us to be fools!? We are the Shadow Knights and we have come here seeking something that you have been in possession of for far too long!”

After a brief moment, came a deep menacing laugh thet echoed all around the watchful Shadow Knights.

The Illusion of the garden then faded and in its place was something of a most horrifying sight. For they were now standing just before what must have been to the least two hundred scorched skeletons, each shackled and hanging from their own great stone pillars.

Everywhere were these pillars perfectly aligned and spaced into four rows. And on the far side from where the Shadow Knights were standing was a massive throne with a most gothic look. On this throne sat a creature in the shape of a man, but other then his shape he looked nothing like a man. For his skin pulsated with cracks of molten rock and his eyes burned with intense flames. He bore a black helm with fire shooting out which formed in to two horns on it left and right temple. And in his smoldering dark hands was the object of their quest: the scepter made of the same materials as the rubies that glowed like fire.

The exterior of the Shadow Knights appeared calm yet vigilant to their surroundings but the trepidation from within had reached to such an extreme it seemed rather impossible to keep their persona so still. But they did and they did it well for they were well trained by Theron; otherwise they would have been overwhelmed by their dismay.

And when all the illusions had faded, the would be demon spoke: “You have done well to come all the way down here and into MY domain” looking very amused with his new visitors. “But you have made this trip for nothing but your own demise; for I know what it is you seek and I won’t allow it!” His cold slithery voice put a chill in even the bravest of souls. But the Shadow Knight remained steadfast to their resolve.

“We have not come seeking your permission of anything Shaidar!” erupted Theron even more aggressively and making his way closer to the Shaidar and his throne “We will take it no matter if you allow it or not!”

“Is that so…” Shaider said, beginning to turn his amusement in to annoyance. “And just how do you think that you could ever take what is MINE without MY permission? I see no grand army nor do I sense the power of any spell caster. And even if I didn’t send my pets like the krakens, the Bloodwolves and even my loyal subjects as decent warnings to yourselves, you still would have had no chance against ME.” then standing up from his throne. “No, you will die and your corpses will become like these!!”

The shackled skeletons were then suddenly set ablaze. They then lifted their heads and looked at the Shadow Knight in a soulless manner. The shackles magically released and the animated flaming dead then dropped to the ground. They poled whatever weapons they had and awkwardly moved towards the Shadow Knight.
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Postby Formendacil » Fri Jun 17, 2005 8:04 pm

Location: Talistrand

On whole, Elbadar was pleased. His new recruits were quickly being trained up to snuff, there had been no altercations between the new men and the old, and he had successfully avoided any entanglements in the mess of affairs known as the preparations for Bernard's wedding.

There was, however, one rather important problem that irritated him rather badly, his men had no work. What the purpose of rebuilding the regiment if they weren't to do anything. And one couldn't rely on Quorandis' generosity indefinitely.

The men had started to grumble about that as well. Even the laziest of them had to wonder when they'd be off again, and where.

"And we're wondering it to," said Corporal Halfstare, speaking for himself and the other corporals. "Captain Del Grakken has been saying that you don't want to accept some offers he's mentioned. And the men are starting to get restless. Too much inaction is bad for a soldier."

"I am aware of that," said Elbadar, "and I've been scouting around, but..."

He sighed.

"But business of that sort seems to be slow these days. Since the death of BloodVaine, conflict has pretty much slowed almost to the point of nothing. Even your normal fight-over-the-cattle disputes of minor barons seems to have quieted down."

Captain Del Grakken chose that moment to saunter over.

"Looking for contracts?" he said. "I've tried to help there, but no, Lord Marshal Elbadar is having none of it..."

"If that's all you have to say, you're welcome to leave," said Elbadar.

"Tsk, tsk," said Del Grakken. "However, no that is not all I have to say. A man just contacted me, thinking you were still gone. He says he wants to see you. He has a contract to offer."

"Lets go find a quiet room," said Elbadar, "and hear him." As they did so, he sent Corporal Halfstare away. Shortly after, he, Del Grakken, and the visitor met in a small meeting room off the Dragon Master-borrowed barracks.

The man was a Fright Knight, somewhat short, slender, with a thin mustache. From his uniform, he appeared to be a captain in one of the batlords' forces.

"Lord Marshal Elbadar?" he said, "pleased to meet you. I am Captain Drazzuil. I represent the Lord Wizard Sorgodh, of Envika Sorgodh, who wishes to hire the services of you and your regiment."

"What is the commission?" asked Elbadar.

"Lord Sorgodh wishes to acquire certain trading and magical concessions in the southern Ninjara province of Houshii. However, the local daimyo has refused Lord Sorgodh's overtures, and has driven his agents from the land. Lord Sorgodh wishes to hire your force to attack Houshii and teach its denizens a lesson."

"Why doesn't Sorgodh go through the diplomatic channels?" asked Elbadar.

"Well, the diffiiculty lies in the autonomy of the local daimyo," replied Drazzuil. "As Houshii lies on Boranis Dracis, it is semi-independent, and has totally refused to even speak with a delegate of Lord Sorgodh. Furthermore, Lord Sorgodh is tired of waiting, and wishes to deal them a severe punishment. That is your task, to punish the Ninjarians, and to break their resistance to Lord Sorgodh's overtures. Civilian casualties and village burnings are a part of the job. Keeping things intact is not required."

Elbadar frowned. He wasn't liking what he was hearing.

"Why does't Sorgodh just use his own troops?" asked Del Grakken. "If he's the lord of a castle, then he must have men enough." Drazzuil gave him a sarcastic smile.

"My lord would- if he were able," he said. "However, She-of-the-Barrow has strictly prohibited all Fright Knight military forces from leaving our borders, and Lord Sorgodh is not so foolish as to contradict She-of-the-Barrow's orders. Obviously, this operation would have to be kept as distanced from any obvious Fright Knight connections as possible."

"Let me get this straight," said Elbadar. "Lord Sorgodh wants us to basically go in and raze this little Ninjarian province of Houshii, without showing any connections to him, so that he can gain some 'magical trade concessions'?"

"Exactly," said Drazzuil, smiling. "Lord Wizard Sorgodh is most anxious to have a steady supply of a certain magical herb which is primarily found on Boranis Dracis. It is most necessary for a wizard of his age to keep functioning. And I assure you that you will be well paid. Ten thousand gold marks, if you do this mission, will be paid in advance. Lord Sorgodh knows of, and trusts, your integrity."

Oris Del Grakken drew breath in sharply.

"Let's take it," he said. Elbadar frowned.

"I'm sorry, but I don't think that we will be accepting. Thank you for approaching us. What we have said here will remain confidential." And he showed Drazzuil to the door.
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Postby Formendacil » Fri Jun 17, 2005 9:49 pm

Grid: J-10
Location: Orion

Lord_Of_The_LEGO wrote:“Never mind, c’mon!”

Hans and Adrian groaned.

“Her lady calls.” said Adrian wryly.

“She-who-must-be-obeyed.” smirked Hans.

Then they turned about, and followed Lady Cate out of the Archives chamber.

It was two days since Adrian had arrived in Orion. In spite of Cate's forceful campaign to find them some ball-suitable garments (and she was having a great time at it), Adrian had been introduced to a few of the sights of Orion: parts of the Yellow Castle, the great bazaar, and some of the more prominent mansions. If they ever finished this particular visit to the tailors, they'd be off to see the south gatehouse, the oldest and most ornate of the city's entrances.

Unfortunately, there seemed to be no end to the time they would be spending at the tailor's. While Hans and Adrian discussed their favourite parts of the famous Lord of the Legos. by J.R.R. Nathaniel, Cate was trying on some dress styles.

She interrupted them right in the middle of an excited discourse as to the faults of the Pietro Jacobi translation.

"What do you think?" she asked, twirling in front of them in a crimson, ankle-length dress with bare arms and gold trim. Made of silk or something, it shimmered slightly and was very becoming.

"I don't know," said Hans, "I kinda liked that green one better."

"With the horrid silver trim?" shuddered Cate, "doesn't suit me at all! Adrian?"

"I liked the blue one, personally," said Adrian.

"That horrid thing!" Cate shock her head. "Definitely not. You two have no sense of fashion. What do you think, Master Tailor?"

The tailor smiled at the pretty young customer. "To be honest, milady, I think you're right in your assessment of their senses. But I think that the cut of this crimson beauty doesn't march your build quite well. The shoulders should be widened and reinforced a little."

"Now there's a man with good taste!" said Cate to Hans and Adrian approvingly. "It's a good thing I'm here to pick out your suits for you. Who knows what awful things you'd turn up in otherwise."

"I don't see why we can't just pick our own," said Hans. "We're smart enough to know what looks good on us."

"I have my doubts about that," said Cate, her mind already leaping to another topic. "I'll go try one that gold one again. It's got shoulders like you were talking about. I want to see how it feels."

Turning back to the boys, she said:

"Besides, if I'm paying for it, I think I should choose. And it would be horrid if your suit clashed with my gown, Adrian. A couple ought to match." Adrian gulped at 'couple'.

"Um, Cate," he said. "This 'couple' business is only going to last until we get into the ball, right?"

"Well, we'll be sitting together at dinner, of course," said Cate. "And it would be only proper for you to give me the first dance."

"Umm... one problem there," said Adrian. "I, ah, can't dance."

"What?" said Cate, half-shocked. "What kind of barbarians are you Crusaders? Good thing we got started on this so early. More time to get all this stuff fixed. Can you dance?" she turned on Hans.

"Yes," he said, "well, sorta. A little."

"Oh this isn't going to do at all," said Cate disapprovingly. "If I'm going to find you two a couple of nice girls, you're going to have to dance."

"Find us some nice girls?" said Adrian, in a near croak.

"Well, I'm not exactly looking for any," said Cate, "but I would hate to have either of you falling for some girl and not having any social skills."

"You know," Hans said to Adrian, "there are going to be a lot more guys at this ball than girls, especially young ones. It ought to be fairly easy to get Cate traded off before she finds us any unwanted attachments."

"Some ugly old veteran, perhaps?" said Adrian with a laugh, "maybe an old Dragon Master." They both laughed. Cate frowned.

"Don't be ridiculous. If I DO end up 'falling for someone', I can assure you that I'll have better taste than that." Cate looked out the windows at the sun and decided that they'd done enough for one day.

"I'll try on the dress another day," she told the tailor. "We need to hit the South Gate today, and I'd rather do it before sundown. It's such a mob there when the labourers come in from the vinyards and fields."

And with a rush of heady excitement, they were off again.
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Postby Sir Kohran » Fri Jun 17, 2005 9:58 pm

"In the name of King Leo of the Western Knights' Kingdom, you are under arrest for harbouring enemies of the land!"

"Megabloks," Solesstorn muttered, and gripped his staff tightly.

This wasn't a good start to his journey at all.

Grid: P-19
Location: Western Knights' Kingdom coast

Solesstorn looked back and forth at the ring of men advancing around him. They were each well-equipped, and clad in rather exaggerated armour. Their shields bore the traditional lion of the Western Knights' Kingdom.

"Listen to me, I don't want to cause any trouble here. I'd merely like to pass through." he said.

The red-tuniced captain was quick to reply. "You have admitted to being an ally of the Old Man, Magarus. There is a bounty placed upon his head, and all those who harbour him."

Since when was I an "ally" of Magarus? Anyhow, these fellows don't seem too learned in overseas affairs, so I guess I'll have to resort to some old tricks...

"In the name of King Leo, I order you to submit!"

Solesstorn didn't answer. Instead, he raised his iron staff, pointing it at the red-tuniced captain.

"I advise you to let me by, my friend, or you'll find yourself in a most unpleasant condition."
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Postby Lord_Of_The_LEGO » Fri Jun 17, 2005 11:21 pm

Lord_Of_The_LEGO wrote:With that, the teleharm connect severed, and a moment later there was a flash, and Japheth was gone.

Grid: K-13
Location: The Haunted Mansion of the Zolten-Koffkatzski Family

Japheth flashed back into existence a split second later, but he was not in the gorge a few miles away from the Royal Knight Port Josef, but in a room of the Zolten-Koffkatzski Mansion, located in the Fright Forest of Fright Knight land. Japheth blinked and looked about.


A woman glided into the room. She certainly was an eyeful, in a very good way, that is. She was young, twenty-something, with luscious dark red hair and carefully applied eye shadow and lipstick. She was dress entirely in black silk, from her pointy witch’s hat to her high heels just visible under her flowing dress. She was perched elegantly on a sleek broom, and the broom was floating a foot off the floor. The woman leaped off the flying broomstick and embraced Japheth, smothering him with sticky kisses.

“Oh, sweetie-pea, you don’t know how glad I am to see you! Five months it’s been! Oh, deary…”

Japheth grimaced and grinned at the same time, carefully prying himself from the enthusiastic woman.

“Opal, I’ve got a gift for you…”

Japheth took out the package he had stopped to buy at Port Josef and handed it over. Opal gasped with girlish delight at the ripped the package open.

“Chocolate, dahling, my favorite! You’re too much!”

She embraced him again, smearing her bright red lipstick all over his rough cheeks. Then she released him and took a huge bite of the dark chocolate.

“Mmmm! Delicious! Wonderful!”

“I be glad you like it, dear.” said Japheth, attempting to wipe his cheeks clean.

“I love it, honeycomb!” exclaimed Opal, cramming more chocolate in her mouth, “Yummy!”

“So…” said Japheth, “How be going things, Opal?”

Opal took several minutes to finish chewing her chocolate and swallowed.

“Well enough, cupcake. Business is booming for my Love Potion.”

She laughed and eyed Japheth slyly.

“The drinker falls instantly in love with the first person he or she sees. Quite potent. Though I have heard of incidents of nasty a love triangle when some Countess had a sip during a ball and fell in love with half a dozen men at once!”

Opal laughed again, somewhere between a cackle and a giggle.

“But what do you want, Jaffy? I have plenty of potions…”

Opal moved to a wall, where lines and lines of bottles of all shapes and sizes stood in jumbled rows.

“Let’s see, I’ve got Hex-Lax, Magic-Mucial, Ogre Eye Drops…”

“I…er…need to be invisible.” said Japheth.


Hopping back onto her broom, Opal rose upward and plucked a pale blue bottle from one of the top shelves. She returned to earth and handed the bottle to Japheth.

“Invisi-Ade. Drink up!”

Japheth hesitated, then turned the bottle over.

“Warning,” he read aloud from a label, “May cause temporary headaches, itching of the eyes, heartburn, bowel cramps, and blindness. Not to be taken with alcohol. Not to be used by women who are pregnant, nursing, or are about to become pregnant. Inform your doctor if you develop difficult or painful breathing, high blood pressure, or are unable to reappear. Instant death can usually be avoided if taken properly.”

Japheth looked up.

“I be not taking this.” he stated.

Opal sighed dramatically.

“If you want, cookie.”

“What I be really wanting,” said Japheth, “is to spy on…Lord Void.”

“Goody!” cried Opal, “We can do that! Come, sugar…”

Opal led the way from the potions room and into a smaller, darker room. The only real light came from a glowing orb on a round table.

“My crystal ball.” whispered Opal dramatically, “Sit.”

Japheth sat, and Opal sat opposite him. With glinting eyes, the witch placed her hands on the ball and cried, “Reveal your secrets!”

Nothing happened. Japheth grunted. Opal glared, then she giggled.

“Whoopsy, I forgot to charge it this morning!”

Opal bent over and fiddled with something under the table. Rising up, she said, “Well, we’ll have to do something else…it’ll take all day to charge…”

She clicked her long nails.

“I know! Come, Jaffy!”

Opal fled the dark room and entered another. In it were all sorts of creatures, from toads to bats to snakes to bats. Whipping out her star-tipped wand, she muttered something quickly while waving her wand about madly. There was a flash of light, and the door of the bats’ cage flew open. Screeching, the twenty or so bat flew out of the confining cage and out a window, all while Opal cried, “Fly, my pretties, fly, fly!”

“What be those for?” demanded Japheth.

“Your spies!” winked Opal, “Your extended eyes!”

“Bats are blind.” muttered Japheth.

Perhaps Opal be not the best choice after all… he thought.

Opal giggled.

“You silly Jaffy, I put a spell on them! Don’t worry, you’ll get your information, cupcake…”

I be sure hoping so, thought Japheth.
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Postby Formendacil » Sun Jun 19, 2005 11:32 pm

Grid: M-8
Location: Drullen Bell Keep

Lord_Of_The_LEGO wrote:“How come is it every time we get together we start trading wise words with each other?”

Bjarn laughed. “That’s what old geezers do.”

He looked at the board.

“One more game, or shall we get some air?”

"Air," said Sir Dractor. "I'd rather quit while I'm in the lead, and I need to take a look around, and find some material for my shield."

"You didn't get one while you got your armour?" said Bjarn, mildly surprised.

"I didn't have time to make one," said Sir Dractor, "and it's hardly the sort of thing one gets a smith to make you. I always use a combination of leather, metal, and wood, usually made and painted by myself. A shield, unlike armour, is rather expendable in my opinion."

"Well, then let's scout around the storerooms for the material then," said Bjarn, getting up. "You know, I don't think I've been down there in months."

"I also need to find myself a sword," said Sir Dractor.

"What???" said Bjarn. "What sort of armoursmith was this Brakespear?"

"An old one," said Sir Dractor, "and one who felt I would be better served finding a sword from one of the masters of old. The only thing is, he didn't tell me where to find one."

"Well don't ask me," said Bjarn. "As a rule, we Forestmen have historically been served by wooden weapons, or just the more simple of iron and steel weapons. Certainly, any 'heroic' blades that have made their way here have been carried in from somewhere else."

"In that case I'll have to look afield to find one, and one that suits me," said Sir Dractor. "Since we're going there anyway, would Orion be a good place to look?"

"If you can't find the information in the Archives there, then you won't find it anywhere," said Bjarn. "Which reminds me: I want to get the finished installment of my memoirs copied by the time we leave so that I can take it to the Archives. Remind me to talk to the scribes; if they start now they can be done a decent, if unillustrated, manuscript by then."
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