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Official Accessory Pack Thread.

Open message to The LEGO Company. We make no guarantee that anyone from LEGO will actually read them, let alone respond!

Official Accessory Pack Thread.

Postby architect » Tue Nov 08, 2005 1:29 pm

Imagine if LEGO was interested to which pieces we would like to see in the next Castle accessory pack. They are :) I am gathering information for the LEGO Community Team which will be passed along to designers inside the company. Of course our choices may not be picked and an accessory pack may not be made any time soon, but we should let them know what we want.

I have a few basic guidelines.
1. Packs in the past have ranges from around 30 to 36 elements. Do not use more than 36 elements in your pack.
2. You may choose castle pieces that are not being produced now such as the forestmen cap, pitchfork, target, old round shield, old abs sword but keep in mind that some of these cases (the pitchfork) supposedly LEGO does not have a working mold to that element.
3. Do not mix themes. If you want a Viking accessory pack or a Ninja accessory pack, make it all Viking or all Ninja and list that below.
4. Try not to pick "one time use" accessories such as majisto's hat, willa's wand, or the Royal Knight's crown. These are great pieces but you do not need an army of majistos/merlins :wink:
5. You are encouraged to use old accessories in colors that they have not been made in. A few examples would be a brown sword for training, an orange plume, a green barding, a brown goblet, and a tan beard.
6. Animals are allowed. So if you want a tan or brown horse, saddles, or bardings you may add these.
7. Food is also allowed in small quanitites. Turkey!
8. Which weapons and soldier helmets do you have too many of and which are you always missing? Can you always find a crossbow but never a regular bow? Do you have tons of black flared helmets but hardly any grey helmets?
9. Do not forget civilians. Forestmen caps, cowls, Star Wars cowls, maiden hats, and hair are very useful, especially if they were in new colors.
10. Do not use 36 different elements. Most past packs used 15-20 elements with duplicates of weapons and helmets. This is probably how LEGO would do it today.

Let the debate begin!

Edit: Check this brickset link to the the castle accessory packs of the past in order to brainstorm: ... ccessories
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Postby Azaghal » Tue Nov 08, 2005 4:53 pm

I kind of disagree with point 10, but here's some ideas, mostly culled from an old thread on this issue:

*Dark Bley Euro Armor 2x
*Dark Bley Visored Helm 2x (for 4 pieces total)
*Bley Grille Helm 1x
*Bley Round Sheild 2x
Blue Feather Wheel 1x
*Black Robin Hood hat 1x
Brown Robin Hood hat 1x
*Brown or Black beard 1x
*Dark Bley Classic Swords 3x
*Black Kettle Helm 2x
Black "Jedi" hood 1x
Brown "Jedi" hood 1x
Black cape 1x
Brown cape 1x

* Would be a new color for this piece so far as I know.
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Postby Formendacil » Tue Nov 08, 2005 7:47 pm

(1x) Dark Bley Visored helm (2 pieces)
(1x) Black Visored helm (2 pieces)
(1x) Dark Bley Euro Armour
(1x) Black Euro Armour - no decals
(1x) Black Wheel of Plumes (3 pieces)
(1x) Green Wheel of Dragon Plumes (3 pieces)
(2x) Ovoid Shields, new design A.
(2x) Ovoid Shields, new design B.
(2x) Black Classic sword (in the newer, bendy sword plastic if need be)
(2x) Light Bley Classic sword (in the newer, bendy sword plastic if need be)
(1x) New Brown bow&arrow
(2x) New Brown quiver
(1x) New Brown crossbow
(2x) Triangular shield, new Design A.
(2x) Triangular shield, new Design B.
(4x) Dark Bley flared helms.
(2x) New Brown Spears.

There's my list, I believe it comes to.... *checks* 34 pieces. It covers mainly army-building equipment. And a note regarding "New Design A" and "New Design B" as listed behind the ovoid and triangular shields: I was going to put down "Slytherin" and "Gryffindor", but I figured that their might be copyright issues.

And I'd just as soon not have an old theme.... TLC can make us a new theme in the classic style right here. Just provide us with two sets of matching shields and we'll do the rest. No need for storylines, no need to sell it to the kids, just keep us happy.

Or throw in old emblems... I don't care which ones.
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Postby Maedhros » Tue Nov 08, 2005 8:10 pm

2x Black visored helm
2x Black Dragon Master helm
2x Black euro armour
1x Black wheel of dragon plumes
1x Red wheel of dragon plumes
2x Black classic sword
2x Black halberds
2x Triangular Shield (Preferably Black Knight but anything suffices)
2x Ovoid Shield (Preferably Black Knight but anything suffices)
2x Black Flared helm
4x Black cape
2x Black Jedi hood
1x Tan Qui Gon Jin hair
1x Black Qui Gon Jin hair
1x Black and red barding (neutral, without any heraldry)
1x Red saddle
1x Red Dragon Master horse helm
1x Black Dragon Master horse helm

Darkness it is... :twisted:

That should be 36,
I would find it very nice but I doubt most people would like that amount of black elements.
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Postby Lord Spaztic » Tue Nov 08, 2005 8:35 pm

Before I make my list I think you should make a list of all of the stuff
we can use
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Postby Bruce N H » Tue Nov 08, 2005 8:58 pm

Hmm, hard one. Here are a few of the things I would want:

2 of these in dark gray and 2 in light gray: Image
4 helms to match - the helmet parts 2 in dark gray and 2 in light, the visors could be in grays or black, a variety of plume colors: Image
Old swords - 2 in dark gray, 2 in light gray, 2 in black: Image
Star Wars hoods - 2 in brown, 2 in dark gray Image
1 turkey, 2 red apples, 2 green apples ImageImage
I would love to get daggers in other colors - say 2 in either light or dark gray: Image
Perhaps four triangular shields with classic prints (e.g. 1 wolfpack, 1 black falcon, 1 lion, 1 forestman): Image
2 bows in black and 2 in brown: Image
2 beards in brown and 2 in black: Image
1 pitchfork in brown Image

That's probably about 36, depending on how they count the helm/visor combinations and the parts of the turkey.

What I would not want:
--armors in silly jelly-bean colors and prints
--KKII helms
--silly big swords (either the new KKII design or the chrome great sword)
--lances - man, I've got tons and tons of lances

I was trying to be realistic but also make something that would be a great army builder.

I know this is not exactly on topic, but I would also love to see a big food variety pack, with the various goblets, plates, turkey, sausages, breads, rolls, apple, etc. That should be a good seller across themes.

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Postby TheOrk » Tue Nov 08, 2005 9:02 pm

I don't really have anything to add to any of these lists except for QUIVERS.

I think I have three bows and crossbows for every one quiver I have. The baby blue pawns in the chess set arn't helping the situation. 8)
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Postby Arjamunder » Wed Nov 09, 2005 6:46 am

My Castle Accessory Wish List:

2xDark Gray Euro Armor
2xLight Gray Euro Armor

2xDark Gray Visor Helm (2 pieces)
2xLight Gray Visor Helm (2 pieces)
2xPeasant Cowl (Green, & Tan)
2xForest Man’s Cap (Black, & Tan)

2xGray Horse
1xGreen and Gold Dragon Master Barding
1xBlack and Gold Dragon Master Barding

4xTriangular shield (Crusader, Black Falcon, Dragon Master, Forest Men)
2xOviod Shield (Dragon Master, Black Knight)
2xQuiver (Black & Brown)
2xBow & Arrow (Black & Brown)
3xDark Gray Sword

2x Dragon Master’s Plume (Green & White)
1xPitch Fork

Thank you LEGO Co. for allowing your customers to have a voice in your potentially new products. Please come out with a accessory pack soon!
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Postby Lord_Of_The_LEGO » Wed Nov 09, 2005 7:16 am

I think two seperate packs, one for weapons and the other for food/peasant life would be ideal.

(1x) Dark Bley Visored helm (2 pieces)
(1x) Dark Bley Euro Armour
(1x) Black Wheel of Plumes (3 pieces)
(1x) Green Wheel of Dragon Plumes (3 pieces)
(2x) Ovoid Shields
(2x) Triangular shield
(2x) Roman (KK2) shield
(2x) Round shield (old style, not the Viking technic disks)
(2x) Black Classic sword
(2x) Light Bley Classic sword
(1x) New Brown bow & arrow
(2x) New Brown quiver
(1x) New Brown crossbow
(1x) Dark Bley flared helm
(1x) Dark Bley bullet helm
(1x) Black flared helm
(1x) Light bley bullet helm
(2x) New Brown Spears
(2x) Knife - silver
(2x) Knife - black

(could be marketed as an Ultimate Food Pack to both castle, town and even space, thus the inclusion of the "non-castle" food)

(1x) Turkey (three pieces -- body, two drumsticks)
(2x) red apple
(2x) green apple
(2x) banana
(2x) carrot (two pieces -- carrot and stem)
(2x) breadstick
(2x) red cherries
(2x) croissant
(2x) Muffin with Topping Pattern (Cook's Hat)
(2x) Red Hotdog
(1x) White Ice Cream Scoops
(1x) Tan Ice Cream Scoops
(1x) Pink Ice Cream Scoops
(1x) Redbrown Popsicle
(1x) Trans-Dark-Pink Popsicle
(1x) pitchfork
(2x) Chrome gold Belville Dish
(2x) Belville Goblet

Perhaps even this?
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Postby Troy T. Moore » Wed Nov 09, 2005 11:30 am

2 x pointed visor dk bley

2 x standard helm (for visors) dk bley

2 x euro armour dk bley

1 x plume wheel black

1 x plume wheel orange

2 x round shield reddish brown

2 x heater shield light bley 1 with lion knights, 1 with black falcons

2 x ovoid shield light bley 1 with yellow, green red dragon (dragon masters) 1 with either BF or lion knights ( a reloaded version :D ) or skip the DM and have one of BF and one of lion knights.

1 x classic sword black

3 x classic sword dk bley

2 x conical flared helm with nasal dk bley

2 x conical helm with chinstrap dk bley

2 x bow and arrow reddish brown

2 x quiver reddish brown

2 x axe (the fireman kind...or a new scaled bearded kind :D in dk bley)

pitch fork, beards, hoods (the peasant kind with liripipe) and all the rest of the best ideas that keep coming up....

Bruce N H wrote
What I would not want:
--armors in silly jelly-bean colors and prints
--KKII helms
--silly big swords (either the new KKII design or the chrome great sword)
--lances - man, I've got tons and tons of lances

I second that motion!

A separate horse pack would be nice, like they used to have. One with bardings would be cool, but probably not practical.
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Postby TheBohrok » Wed Nov 09, 2005 8:06 pm

1 x Plain Black Euro Armour
1 x Dark Bley Euro Armour
1 x Light Bley Euro Armour
1 x Black Rascus Visor with Helmet:Image
1 x Dark Bley Pointed Visor with Helmet
1 x Light Bley Pointed Visor with Helmet:Image
1 x Black Plume Wheel:Image
1 x Reddish Brown Plume Wheel
1 x Reddish Brown Beard
1 x Black Beard
1 x Complete Assembly Turkey
2 x Reddish Brown Hoods (Bruce's type)
2 x Dark Bley Classic Swords
2 x Light Bley Classic Swords
2 x Black Classic Swords
2 x Speckled Axe Blades
2 x Reddish Brown Bar Handles
2 x Reddish Brown Bows
2 x Reddish Brown Quivers
2 x Reddish Brown Spears
2 x Black Shadow Knight Helmets

There is my list, which is about 36 pieces.
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Postby Suvied » Thu Nov 10, 2005 2:50 pm

Free for all ideas? :twisted: (silver is not chrome, gray is light gray)

Knights pack
2x lance silver
(2)1x round shield silver, black
2x rectangle shields silver
(2)1x euro armor silver, black
1x pointed visor silver
1x standard helmet black
1x dragon helmet silver
2x peasant hood tan
2x axe silver
(2)1x broad sword silver, black
2x spear silver
(2)1x wavy flag purple, dark green
1x princess hat blue
1x beard black
(2)1x dragon plume wheel purple, dark green
(2)1x horse head armor (kk2) purple, dark green
2x 1x6 bar w/open studs gray
29 parts, 17 different molds, 7 colors

Castle pack
(4)2x sword brown, silver
2x bullet helm gray
2x flair helm gray
(2)1x wavy flag tan, dark blue
2x grill helm gray
6x round shield gray
(2) plume wheel tan, dark blue
2x spear gray
2x axe bronze
2x bow&arrow tan
2x quiver tan
2x targets yellow
30 parts, 12 molds, 6 colors

Peasant pack
(3)1x robinhood hat dark red, tan, dark green
(3)1x princess hat white, dark red, green
(6)2x old legs (70's) white, blue, green
(2)1x wavy flag dark gray, orange
(2) plume wheel brown, tan
1x turkey (complete)
(6)2x apple red, green, yellow
2x bread brown
2x coins sprue silver
1x treasure chest black
(4)2x peasant hood white, gray
32 parts, 11 molds, 13 colors

Horse pack (obviously more expensive)
(5)1x horse brown, black, gray, white, tan
(5)1x pony brown, black, gray, white, tan
(4)2x horse hitching red, yellow
(4)2x saddle yellow, green
(2)1x horse barding (white diamond checkered pattern) blue, green

Ninja pack (very wishful thinking)
2x samurai helmet gray
(3)1x samurai helmet dark red, silver, black
(3)1x samurai armor dark red, silver, black
(3)1x samurai sword silver, gray, black
(4)2x ornamental fish silver, red
(3)1x ninja wrap white, red, black
(4)2x samurai horns silver, black
2x 3x3 radar dish tan w/straw hat pattern
2x dark red spears
2x bow&arrow black
2x quiver black
2x 5 blade spear silver
32 parts, 12 molds, 7 colors

Other things I would like to see included somewhere
wavy flags in colors we don't have yet
castle helmets/armor in white, gray, dark gray, black, silver, bronze, gold, pearl white or any transparent color
castle weapons in bronze, silver, pearl white, gray, dark gray, black, brown, or any transparent color
animals in colors we haven't seen or that only came in 1 or 2 sets
more food in any somewhat natural color
plume and dragon plume wheels in dark teal, dark blue, dark red, white, orange, dark green, purple, black, green, brown, tan, dark tan, bronze, silver, gold, or dark orange
goblets in tan, brown, transparent red, transparent yellow or dark tan
coins in (non-chrome) gold, silver, bronze
beards in tan, dark orange
pitchforks in tan, black, brown
old legs in red, black, brown, tan (I am tired of my ladies with dresses being taller than all the men)
plastic capes in yellow, gray, brown, white, purple, green, orange, dark red, dark green, dark blue, sand green, sand red, sand blue, tan
"jedi" hood and cape combo in gray, brown, white, purple, green, orange, dark red, dark green, dark blue, sand green, sand red, sand blue, tan, dark tan, black, blue, red
all hair kinds past, present, future in black, red, orange, tan, dark tan, gray, dark gray, white, dark orange, dark red, light yellow (this includes pigtails, mid length, short, spiked, bushy, bowl cut, wavy, long braided, double front braids, mid length pulled back, mid length bushy (HP, spiderman), exo force hair, and any other hair I might have missed
elephant in white

I know these aren't in a pack but please send them with mine anyway.

What would be even better it to offer sets that are even more specialized. A plume wheel set with 12 different colors $3. A dragon one the same. A slash weapon set with sword, broad sword, scimitar, cutlass, samurai sword and knife in gray, black, silver, bronze, gold (30 parts $5). A polearm set with spear, axe, halbered, five blade spear, axe head (viking), bar with stop in, bronze, silver, black, gray, gold (30 parts $5). And so on with shields (5 different shapes) and helmets/armor (10 different shapes). A flag pack with two of fifteen different colors for $3. A food pack, a peasnt pack, a woman/princess pack, an archery pack, a forest animal pack, and any other pack that might sell well should be made. As long as the prices stay low people will buy them up.
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Postby kajo163 » Fri Nov 11, 2005 9:16 pm

A new crown, without the neck gear on the back side.

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Postby Blueandwhite » Mon Nov 14, 2005 10:54 pm

This looks like fun!

Honestly, I don't want any rare pieces becoming common (ie black classic swords, White maiden caps etc.). Instead, I would hope for existing elements in new and useful colours.

Here's my take.

1 x Rascus Helmet PEARL GREY
2 x Pointed Visor 1 x PEARL GREY / 1x BLACK
1 x Danju Visor BLACK
4 x modern helmet 2 x BLACK / 2 x PEAL GREY
2 x Euro Armour 1 x BLACK / 1 xPEARL GREY
2 x Triangle Shield Design TBD
2 x Forsetman's Cap 1 x DARK RED /1 x BLACK
1 x Maiden's hat Blue
1 x Horse Tan
1 x Barding Blue (Fright Knight Pattern [ie no faction])
2 x Beard 1 x tan / 1 x Brown
1 x Plumewheel 1 x Green
1 x Dragonplume 1 x Black
2 x Axe Black
2 x Spear Black
2 x Classic Sword Pearl Grey
2 x Crossbow Pearl Grey
2 x Peasant Hood 1 x Tan / 1 x Dark Red
2 x Barbute Black
1 x Torso Sticker Sheet (You know you want it)
1 x Turkey (Everybody loves turkey)
That's 35 elements.

Personally, I hope that a new excessory pack gives us classic elements in new and useful colours (pearl grey being my favorite at this time). I'm not keen on bley, as I don't feel it mixes well with my current collection, however I do like dark red and pearl grey alot.

A parts pack needs a wide assortment of bricks, however they need to be useful to both new and old collectors. Old elements with a fresh colour-set would be a great addition for collectors both old and young.

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Postby rogue27 » Thu Nov 17, 2005 4:34 pm

My idea for a pack that is focused on equipping 9 people:

2 Knights
2x Helm (for visors) - Flat Silver
2x Visor - 1 Dark Gray, 1 Light Gray
2x Body Armor - Flat Silver
4x Classic Sword - 2 Dark Gray, 2 Flat Silver (ABS plastic if possible)
2x Feather Wheel - 1 Purple, 1 Medium Blue
2x Horse - Tan
4x Round Shield - 2 Dark Gray, 2 Brown
2x Saddle - Brown

4 Soldiers
2x Chinguard Helm - Flat Silver
2x Noseguard Helm - Dark Gray
2x Crossbow - Black
(Soldiers also use extra swords & shields from above)

3 Commoners
2x Forestmen Cap - Dark Green
2x Quiver - Dark Orange
2x Bow - Tan
1x Peasant Cowl - Tan
1x Pitchfork - Brown

34 parts, 20 unique.


Focused Enough parts to turn 9 regular guys into medieval dudes with no leftovers.

Generic The parts can be used with any faction, and children can use their imaginations.

Bulk No useless parts when purchased in large quantities.
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