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BrickFest 2005 Stories

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BrickFest 2005 Stories

Postby architect » Tue Aug 16, 2005 5:26 pm

This thread is for attendee's to post their thoughts on all of the great things that happened at fest.

I left for D.C. Wednesday/Thursday at midnight and drove with my brother for 14 hours to get to fest. It was wonderful to meet up with the other admins and castle fans who attended last year along with meeting new people. Many thanks to Magnus and Ed for coordinating the castle room and events.

Image Image

Meeting Tony and Christina in person was wonderful. Ulmaris was fantastic and I enjoyed viewing Formeathan in brick.

Image Image

Josh Levinson's black castle (which won best large castle creation) had great details including a flying dragon and torture chamber. Check the main page soon for a picture of his joust :twisted:

Image Image Image Image

Carl's landscaping, especially the bushes built of leaves and bricks, gave me many good ideas.


All of the other creations were very good too. The CC City was a bit smaller than we had hoped so next year we will all have to bring more for that.

Image Image Image Image Image

The LEGO employees and their families were extremely friendly, supportive to the fans, and seemed to enjoy themselves. The talks by Jake, Jørgen Vig, and Kjeld made me think the company is getting back on track and willing to listen to fans for our input. That and the LEGO Factory are exciting developments for us. Several of the admins made a presentation about to LEGO. More information about this meeting and ideas we discussed will be posted at a later date. A few things we can confirm (which eurobricks also posted) is that Vikings are coming out in October, they are selling very well in Europe, and a line up for second year is currently being developed.

My second fest experience rocked! Thank you to LEGO for attending and taking time to speak with the fans :) We also owe a lot to everyone who set up fest, especially Christina Hitchcock. She announced that she got another job and BrickFest will not be at GMU next year. Does anyone have a spare convention center lying around?

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Postby Joel Hart » Tue Aug 16, 2005 8:00 pm

I must say I had a great time myself. The only thing Lego I brought with me was the two figures on my keychain, but I plan on bringing things next year! I did help one of my clubmates setup his castle. It was good to see everyone from previous BFs and enjoyed meeting new fans. All of the castle MOCs looked great, and I look forward to next year.
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Postby Recluce » Tue Aug 23, 2005 8:50 pm

My first Brickfest, and I totally enjoyed meeting everyone and seeing the excellent creations.
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