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Drawbridge Background Information

by Kevin Blocksidge, 14 March 2004

The March 2004 How-To Contest topic is drawbridges. Drawbridges are a crucial part of any castle's defense. Because of this, many different designs have been created throughout the middle ages. I drew out the three main designs, and will explain the major features of each.

This is the design most commonly utilized in LEGO creations. The drawbridge is lifted up by use of a winch, and it lowers in the same fashion. This design makes it easy for it to lower, but much more difficult to raise. This becomes a problem when an unexpected seige occurs, and the drawbridge must be raised quickly.

This design uses a weight to raise the drawbridge quickly in times of need. A log or plank would hold up the weight when access to the castle was allowed, and could be removed, causing the weight to swing down, raising the opposite end.

This design is a modification of the second design. The weight is dropped, pulling the top apparatus up. The bars normally fit into two grooves on the front of the gatehouse. These bars pull on the chains, in turn raising the drawbridge. Like the second design, this one allows for easy raising, but is more difficult to lower.

I hope this gets your creative juices flowing. When you consider these three designs combined with the almost infinite combinations of LEGO pieces, you've got a lot of options to choose from!

Apologies in advance for any inaccurate information. I drew the pictures and wrote the descriptions without references from memory.

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