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Lord of the Rings Stickers

by Matthew Taylor, 8 February 2005)

After seeing the movies then reading the books, I wanted to build some Lord of the Rings LEGO creations. The models were easy enough, but they just didn't look right without custom stickers. This article contains most of my recent Lord of the Rings sticker designs.

If you have any questions or would like a new sticker email me!

Men of Gondor Collection This is the first article in my Lord of the Rings Stickers Collection, these stickers are based on the Warriors from the Kingdom of Gondor.

Click any image to get a larger version.

Warriors of Gondor

2nd Age Warrior of Gondor
3rd Age Warrior of Gondor
Guard of the Citadel
Guard of the Fountain Court
Knight of Dol Amroth

Shield of Gondor

2nd Age Gondorian shield (ovoid)
2nd Age Gondorian Shield (triangle)

3rd Age Gondorian Shield (triangle)

3rd Age Gondorian Shield (ovoid)

Heroes of Gondor

Black Gate Aragorn
Coronation Aragorn
Boromir (TTT Flashback)
Eldarion, Prince of Gondor
Faramir (Ranger)


For the Latest Lord of the Rings LEGO stickers visit Arda: Middle Earth LEGO

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