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Lexicon: C-G

by Kevin Blocksidge, 9 Nov. 2003

Don't know the difference between a mantle and a mantel? Not sure what a quintain is? This is the second in a series of articles dealing with many terms relevant to castles. Each term is accompanied by a simple definition and an illustration made out of LEGO.

Castellation- Battlements used for a decorative purpose.

Concentric- Castles having two parallel lines of defence, the outer wall closely surrounding the inner. The outer wall was usually lower than the inner wall.

Crenels- The low sections of a battlement.

Daub- A substance used to make walls waterproof. This, combined with a lime coating, creates the white areas in wattle and daub buildings.

Forebuilding- A projecting defensive work screening the entrance of a structure from direct assualt. Can also be called a barbican.

Forestair- An external staircase.

Garderobe- A latrine, toilet, or bathroom. Can also be called a privy.

Gong Farmer- The person who has the unfortunate job of cleaning the latrine, or the area into which the latrine empties.

Thatís it for C-G. If you think that Iíve missed an important term, that Iíve defined something incorrectly, or that I should be called "Dumbo" from now on, please e-mail me at

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