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     Advanced Wall Instructions

Adapted from Tim Schwalfenberg

Tim Schwalfenberg (personal site, Flickr stream) posted a pictoral tuotorial for a great wall technique.

Here's his description:

1. Start with a row of headlight bricks attached together. This row can be as long as you want the wall to be.

2. Place one plate on the front-most headlight bricks and two plates on the bricks that are further back. add headlight bricks, alternating studs on the back row and 1x1 tiles on the front.

3. Attatch 1x1 with one stud out to the headlight bricks and 1x1 bricks to the studs left on the front row.

4. Add alternating clips on top of the front row as seen in the picture.

5. Attach 1x1 and 1x2 plates onto the clips leaving a small gap between each to achieve a stonework effect. In long sections of this wall, you will run out of space to slide the 1x2 tiles along the clip to acheive the horizontal gap. But that's ok! Just skip one stud and continue the pattern with the clips attached to the other side of the 1x2 plates.

6. You can achieve a streamlined base to the wall using a bracket or any other half plate offset and three plates on top of that. The wall is 3.5 plates out from the headlight bricks and 7 plates above the initial starting plate. Feel free to use your own brickmath to close those gaps, I just showed what worked for me.

And here's the final result, his Wizard's Gate:

In the comments, Christopher Hoffmann suggests an alternate construction for the base of the wall:

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