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To the Sea, to the Sea! The white gulls are crying,
The wind is blowing, and the white foam is flying.
West, west away, the round sun is falling.
Grey ship, grey ship, do you hear them calling?

You don't have to be Legolas at the end of The Return of the King to long for the sea. You could be a Viking headed off in your longship to pillage England. You could be a trader from the Hanseatic League with your cog loaded with goods from exotic ports of call. Or you could just be a landbound peasant walking along the shore. This thread in the forum asked for techniques to build waves, and here's a listing of MOCs that were shared. Note many of these are from pirates or other themes - the focus is on the waves, not the rest of the MOC.

Builder: Shmails

Builder: Josh

Builder: TooMuchCaffeine

Builder: Garbageman13

Builder: Izzo

Builder: Izzo

Builder: Jacob

Builder: Nelson

Builder: DARKspawn

Builder: ShadowViking

Builder: torgugick

Builder: DNL

Builder: Fat Tony

Builder: Michaelozzie

Builder: Paul Cantu

Builder: Paul Cantu

Builder: SlyOwl

Builder: SlyOwl

Builder: Jalkow

Builder: Athos

Builder: Chris Phipson

Builder: Skalldyr

Builder: 74louloute

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