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Sticker Removal and Replacement
by Ben E. 6 June 05

This article will outline the basic steps for removing old stickers from Castle sets. Our test case will be the flags from 383 Knight's Tournament. Check out all of the steps!
LOTR Torso Stickers: Men of Gondor
by Matthew Taylor 8 February 2005

Interested in the Lord of the Rings? Ever wanted to make your own gondorian soldiers? Or, perhaps you just want some fancy armor for your knights? Whatever the case, check out the first-ever article of Matthew Taylor, known to many as "Admiral Matthew"!

Avoiding the "Big Gray Wall" Syndrome
by Bruce N. H. 18 January 2005

Okay, we've all seen it, most of us have probably built it: the Big Gray Wall. If you're starting a large project, whether a walled city or a simple keep, how can you avoid the Big Gray Wall syndrome? Here are some strategies, illustrated by builders from throughout the community!

Brick Built Beasts: Part 2
by Bruce N. H. 15 June 2004

Sometimes, cows and bunnies just aren't enough. Your brave knights want to fight huge beasts, that shoot fire and excrete gold! Bruce N. H. has compiled a list of fantastical creatures. Browse through for inspiration, or go in search of that one creature you always wanted to see made in the brick!

- The Idea List by Kevin Blocksidge

- Advanced Tudor Style Instructions by Lenny Hoffman
- Model Castle Openings by Lenny Hoffman

- Creating trees and foliage, not just for deities any more by Anthony Sava

- Brick Built Beasts by Bruce N. H.

- Lexicon: A-B by Kevin Blocksidge
- Lexicon: C-G by Kevin Blocksidge

- Basic Concepts of Heraldry by Patrick K Morgan and Stephen Wroble

- The Demon Maw Collection by Joey Finnell

- Triangular Shields and Stickers by Anthony Sava
- Ovoid Shields and Stickers by Anthony Sava
- Octagon Shields and Stickers by Anthony Sava
- Round Shields and Stickers by Anthony Sava
- Minifig Torso Designs and Stickers by Anthony Sava
- Minifig Torso Designs and Stickers Volume 2 by Anthony Sava
- Minifig Torso and Shield Designs and Stickers - APPENDIX 1 by Anthony Sava
- Pennant Designs and Stickers by Anthony Sava
- Elves of the Sylvan Moon (original faction stickers) by Anthony Sava
- Rise of Atlantis (original faction stickers) by Anthony Sava
- Abaddon's Army (original faction stickers) by Anthony Sava

- Creating Custom Accessories by Isaac Yue

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