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Note:  All CCCL picks prior to 2004 are taken from the Lugnet Cool LEGO Site of the Week archives.  The date listed is when they were chosen as CLSOTW.

December 12, 1999

Reference site by Huw Millington

Castle content: Constantly updated set guide contains reviews and information of sets spanning all themes.
October 24, 1999

(Broken link - does anyone know a working link?)
Customs site by Craig Hamilton

Castle content: Craig created great custom figs across themes and hosted at least one Halloween contest.
September 12, 1999

Resource site by Tim Courtney & Jacob Sparre Andersen

Castle content: Not a castle site, but anyone interested in CAD techniques for LEGO creations should start here.
May 30, 1999
Stephen's LEGO Brick Page

Resource site by Stephen W. Gabriel

Castle content: Early Brikwars-style game has wargaming rules for castle, pirate, and space eras.
May 9, 1999
Elin's LEGO Page

MOC site by Elin Overnas

Castle content: Elin's site seems to have disappeared, but some of the content lives on in his MOCpage and Brickshelf gallery.
May 2, 1999
Ben's World of ABS

MOC site by Reinhard 'Ben' Beneke

Castle content: Actually a trains site, but some of the buildings and construction techniques in "Houses, Buildings, Town" are very castle-friendly.
April 18, 1999
Mookie's LEGO Page/Realm of Tanarth

MOC site by Tamyra Teed

Castle content: Many castle-themed MOCs.
January 17, 1999
Lego Castles

MOC site by Bob Carney

Castle content: One of the "must see" sites, Dr. Carney has created over 100 MOCs carefully recreating actual castles with a high degree of historical accuracy.
January 10, 1999

MOC site by Olivier Goubeau

Castle content: Large castle MOC, dragon sculpture, trees.
January 3, 1999
Ancient Theme LEGO Building Contest

MOC site by Erik Wilson

Castle content: Not really castle, but this contest run by Erik highlights great ancient creations.

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