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Note:  All CCCL picks prior to 2004 are taken from the Lugnet Cool LEGO Site of the Week archives.  The date listed is when they were chosen as CLSOTW.

December 15, 2002
Avalonnia, l'univers du prisme

MOC and resource site by Denis Pouchain

Castle content: Denis' original site was devoted to LEGO-illustrated roleplaying game. Unfortunately this site is now gone, but his Brickshelf gallery archives his large castle creations.
December 1, 2002

Community site by MichLUG

Castle content: This site features news and galleries of creations and shows by members of the Michigan LEGO Users Group. They've done several castle-themed displays, which can be seen in the "Events" section, and individual castle creations can be seen in the "Gallery" section.
November 24, 2002
Brick Tales

Story and MOC site by Bruce N H

Castle content: This site features several LEGO-illustrated stories including an ongoing Lord of the Rings project. Also go to "Miscellaneous Models" section to see MOCs that aren't from the stories grouped by theme.
November 17, 2002
The Brick Testament

Story site by Brendan Powell Smith

Castle content: Okay, Brendan's LEGO-illustrated Bible stories aren't truly castle, but the innovative construction techniques and brick-built-beasts are very relevant for inspiring your own LEGO castle projects.
October 20, 2002

Reference site by Dan & Jennifer Boger

Castle content: An invaluable resource to the community, Peeron is an ever-growing database of set inventories, along with other tools like color charts and functions to let you inventory your own collection. Peeron has recently added the PICSL - the Peeron Instruction and Catalog Scan Library - a library of over 2000 set instructions and literally decades of LEGO catalogs that were once housed on Brickshelf.
September 29, 2002
le site de BaronSat

MOC site by Eric Druon

Castle content: Eric (aka BaronSat) creates has placed several of his models up for sale. Be sure to check both the gallery and model shop sections of his site to see several high quality castle creations.
September 15, 2002
Castle Element

MOC site by Takeshi Itou

Castle content: If you're only going to look at one LEGO castle site in your life (aside from, of course), this is the one. Takeshi is a master at placing fantastic castles in soaring mountain landscapes. Words escape me. Go there now.
September 8, 2002
Stephen Wroble Castles

MOC site by Stephen Wroble

Castle content: This is one of the "must-see" sites for LEGO castle fans, not only for the great MOCs ranging from a small well to large castles, but also for the beauty of the site design. Other site highlights include source material for the castles he's built and animated instructions for some of his creations.
September 1, 2002

Reference and MOC site by Folkart Thielen

Castle content: The main feature of this site is a large directory cataloguing minifigs by theme and subtheme, up to about 2003. Also be sure to check out the gallery section which includes, among other creations, three castles, a walled town and a Tolkien story.
August 25, 2002
Steven's LEGO Extravaganza

(Broken link - does anyone know a working link?)
MOC site by Steven McDonough

Castle content: This multi-theme site had a castle section with Steven's castle MOCs. None of these seem to be in his Brickshelf gallery.

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