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November 25, 2006
Martin Jaspers' Brickshelf gallery

MOC site by Martin Jaspers

Castle content: Dutch AFOL Martin Jaspers (aka Marakoeschtra) has created a large number of high quality castle-themed MOCs.
November 11, 2006

MOC site by Dan Siskind

Castle content: Dan Siskind developed a series of great MOCs to sell as customs sets. His Blacksmith Shop was so good that LEGO turned it into the first MOC set. He no longer sells custom sets, but follow the "bazaar" and "gallery" links to see his models.
October 20, 2006
Jon Furman's Brickshelf gallery

MOC site by Jon Furman

Castle content: Jon has created an impressive array of castle-themed creations. Be sure to check out folders including his LotR (Tolkien) creations, the Guild Festival, and his Provincal Village. His gallery also contains great MOCs from other themes (pirate, western, and space).
October 10, 2006
Steinwerk, Jojo's MyImages gallery and Jojo's Brickshelf gallery

MOC and reference sites by Johannes Koehler

Castle content: Forum member Johannes Koehler has created an impressive series of MOCs, largely castle-themed, spread across 3 locations. Click around and be amazed. Be sure you don't miss his Burg Falckenstein, Tower in the Lonely Woods, Hall of Albirona, and annual Martin Luther creations. Also on his Steinwerk site, follow the Rittersets link for a set guide (German language).
September 14, 2006

Community site by Todd Lehman and Suzanne Rich

Castle content: This is the grand-daddy of all English-language community sites. Forums focus on every theme, including castle. Extensive set guides are kept up to date. While much discussion has shifted to theme-specific sites (including Classic-Castle) in recent years, archives go back eight years, documenting great MOCs and developments in the fan community.

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