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Blacksmith Shop
Brickmania 001 - Daniel Siskind
1st Run - 637 pieces - $120
2nd Run - 671 pieces - $200

United States of America Blacksmith Shop
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Blacksmith Shop was released on March 30th, 2000 by Daniel Siskind. This stone and timber frame building had a blacksmith shop on the lower floor. It had a forge with bellows, a weapons rack, and an anvil. The upper living quarters contained a bed, table, chairs, spinning wheel, chest, and a fireplace. A blacksmith, his wife, and various accessories are included.

In 2001, LEGO negotiated a licensing agreement with Dan to make his set into 3739 Blacksmith Shop. It was their first set in the "My Own Creations" line in 2002. The product designers modified the interior furnishings but the exterior remained close to the original.

Images 2004 Daniel Siskind. All rights reserved. has permission to publish these images online for non profit purposes.

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