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Guarded Church
Brickmania 004 - Daniel Siskind
3260 pieces - 1st Run - $600
3260 pieces - 2nd Run - $720

United States of America Guarded Church
20 Sets - Sold Out
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Guarded Church was released in December 2001 by Daniel Siskind. Several figures are included such as Joan D'Arc, Friar Sean-Luc, altar boys Benoit and Pierre, guards Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, and Inquisitor LePen. The starter kit includes three parts:

Part A is the two tower facade with an entrance to the narthex. The right stair tower and center walkway are crenelated while the left tower has a stone steeple. Other front facade features include a timber frame hoarding, water spouts, and buttresses. An upper level has a weapons rack, bed, table, and stools.

Part B is a modular section of the nave. It has equally spaced buttresses which support a steep gable roof above. Polychromatic marble is used in a checkerboard as the flooring pattern.

Part C is the apse of the church. The apse contains a pair of stained glass lancet windows, a pulpit, two candelabras, an altar, a flagon, the paten and chalice, and a crucifix. When additional church sections are added, Part C can become a portion of a transcept instead of an apse. Additional copies of the 702 piece Part C could have been purchased for $190.

Part D, seen above in the center, was a modular nave section. Instructions to this part were included with the main model but the bricks were not. This 547 piece expansion was released in 2002 for $140.

Part E, seen above right, is a transcept expansion module. This 1513 piece expansion was released in June 2003 for $450.

Part F, seen above left, is an half-octagon choir with three windows and crenelations. This 776 piece expansion was released in June 2003 for $180.

Images 2004 Daniel Siskind. All rights reserved. has permission to publish these images online for non profit purposes.

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