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The Tower of Vlad Dracula
Brickmania 005 - Daniel Siskind
3697 pieces - $810

United States of America The Tower of Vlad Dracula
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The Tower of Vlad Dracula was released in 2003 by Daniel Siskind. This is the largest custom set produced to date. It includes 22 minifigures such as Vlad, his bride, a witch, Vlad's soldiers, and servants. Hungarians and mercenaries attack the keep with their ballista.

The keep has three floors, the battlements, and a tower. First, the lowest level contains a dungeon and a torture chamber complete with a rack, chains, and a skeleton. Next, there is an entry level which has access from the exterior stairs. This level has a table, cross shaped arrow slits, hanging weaponry from the walls, and torches. The third level has a witch's room complete with a cauldron in the fireplace, shelves with potions, a weapons rack, a table, and candle holders. The battlement level contains a small timber frame structure with a fireplace. Stairs lead to the top of the lookout tower and it's balcony.

Images 2004 Daniel Siskind. All rights reserved. has permission to publish these images online for non profit purposes.

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