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Element Review: 7094 King's Castle Siege
Ben Ellermann 13 V 07

I have been fortunate enough to receive an early copy of 7094 King's Castle Siege for review. This first review will focus on the new and useful elements found in the latest castle. A review of the set design, modularity, and play features will come soon.

In the past few years since the blue grey color change, many castle architecture pieces have been missing. One important example is the 2x5x6 Wall Panel. These panels are not as plentiful as they were in old castles, but it is nice to see them return. The castle also contains seven 3x3x3 Corner Wall Panels with stickers. The last set to have more grey corner wall panels was 6074 Black Falcon's Fortress which had ten in 1986.

Two Black 1x5x10 doors are used for the rear tower entrance. These doors were last used in 8799 Knights' Castle Wall in 2004

New 4x10x6 Rock Panels with dual color injection (dark bley and dark green) are included. The swirl patterns are nearly identical on all three pieces.

Once again the two piece castle arch and portcullis system was used again. It would be nice to see a brick built portcullis again. At the very least a brick built arch solution similar to 6086 Black Knight's Castle and 6090 Royal Knight's Castle could have been used. Our nemesis the 3x4x6 Castle Turret also makes a brief appearance in the new castle. Fortunately only one of these elements is in the set.

One of the most exciting things is the large and varied arch selection in blue grey. With the exception of the 1x3 arch and 1x6 arch, all of the arches are included. Another welcome inclusion is the 4x4 Round Corner bricks.

When deciding to return to a plate built castle system, the designers chose dark green plates instead of green found in the 1980's sets. This is a great way to build up your collection of dark green. Two 5x6 Plant Leaves have been made in dark green for the first time.

My favorite part of the new castle is the good knights and their accessories. Many new elements are included. There is a dark blue horse barding with a combination of plate cloth, plate armor, and scale armor. Scale armor is also found in the new archer and soldier torsos. Both toros feature the new crown emblem and printed belt. A viking torso is used under the King's armor. The king and knight's breastplate armor armor both have new unique printed patterns.

Several weapons are back in new colors. The battle ax has been made in dark blue grey for the first time. It was never made in old dark grey. Flexible short swords are back in a a silver grey. The gold chrome great sword has a lighter shade of gold than previous versions found in adventurers sets.

Three ovoid shields and five triangular shields with crowns over a quarter dark blue and light blue pattern are included.

Two kettle helms, two flared helms, and one pointed visor have a new powder silver coating which looks very nice.

A new pearl gold color has been used for wavy flags and two goblets. Dark blue head horse armor and wavy flags are also new. I would like to give a big thank you to the designers for including all of these great knight elements, especially the short swords, bows, and quivvers.

The skeleton faction also has many new elements. One major change is the skeleton torso and arm. These have been redesigned to allow skeletons to hold up weapons and shields. King's Castle siege includes a fully clothed and armed skeleton riding a dragon, a black skeleton, and two white skeletons. A new head with red eyes was created.

One ovoid shield and two new small round (2x2) shields are included. Two very useful weapons were made for the castle line. The first is a dark blue grey abs scythe. While I like the shape of the piece, it is as tall as a minifigure. Weapons should not be this oversized. The second weapon is a flail which is made of the same silver Polypropylene plastic as the shortswords.

If you have any questions or comments about the elements found in 7094 King's Castle Siege, please post them in the forum thread.

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