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Idea Book 250
Yaron Dori and Ben Ellermann 04 VIII 04

During the 1980's and 1990's idea books were produced and sold from Shop at Home. These booklets offered hundreds of creation ideas for children. The creations were made entirely from currently available sets. Back when system sets in all themes contained large numbers of basic bricks and plates, a child could make most small idea book creations while being inspired to create their own castle world.

Our article, which will be spread out over several weeks, focuses on the castle creations of 250 Idea Book which was released in 1987. Many of the 33 creations will be discussed. Each one has been built and photographed to the best of our ability. We recommend using pieces from sets available in 1984-1987 but pieces can also be found in sets from other years. Discuss the article here.

We did not build the large castle construction scenes on pages 44-45 because of a lack of specific pieces required for the models. In the future we may revisit these two pages.

Industrial Area - Market - Fair

Pages 46-47: Medieval Fair

Those pages showed a small medieval market included very unique models that TLC even developed later into real sets.

250-21 Sedan Chair
114 pieces - Instructions

Two knights carry a maiden with a sedan chair. This is one of the most unique models TLC ever made in the ideabook and definitely one of the best. The color scheme of this creation is perfect.

The maiden minifig is from 6023 Maiden's Cart along with the knights, flags and the weapons. Most of this model is made from "very hard to get" parts if you only have castle sets.

The BASIC set 740 is a must have set for this model mainly because of the yellow Slope Brick 45 2 x 2 Double Convex which are almost impossible to get even today. The red Hinge Car Roof 4 x 4 and the red Hinge Car Roof Holder 1 x 4 x 2 both are from the City sets like 6385 or 6480.

250-22 Princess' Coach
?? pieces

This is a royal coach for a maiden or a princess.

The model is partly based on set 6023 and again uses the Maiden figure. You will need the red slopes and plates that were available in the BASIC set 740 and some parts from 6061 Siege Tower are also useful.

250-23 Keg Stand
?? pieces

This is a beer stand at the festival for the thirsty knights.

Most of the parts are taken from 6074 Black Falcon’s Fortress, The baseplate is from 6080 King’s Castle, the yellow hay is from 6012 Siege Cart, and the flag and the white goblet are from 6067 Guarded Inn.

250-23 The Golden Barrel
?? pieces

Lion knights are served drinks here. It is superb example of a castle shop which could stand side by side with the Armor Shop and Blacksmith Shop.

This creation is made mostly from 6041 Armor Shop and 6012 Siege Cart.

250-25 Barbeque
?? pieces

What is a medieval festival without a barbeque? This is the very first time TLC made a tree in the way that would be used in later years for the Forestmen concept.

Most of the parts are from 6067. The red Plate 1 x 1 with Clip Vertical are from 6010 Supply Cart.

250-26 Knight's Training
?? pieces

Who is brave enough to defeat the dummy warrior? The knight's challenge is to hit the shield with their lances while avoiding the sword.

The model was developed through the years into set 6095 Royal Joust. It made mainly from 6030 Catapult. The black Plate 2 x 3 with Helicopter Rotor Holder and light gray Propellor 4 Blade 5 Diameter with Rotor Holder is from set 6384. The brown cape is from 6040 Blacksmith Shop. The rest of the knights are easy to acquire.

250-27 Knight's Tent
?? pieces - Instructions

Every brave knight needs his tournament tent. This is another creation that is very hard to build if you only have castle sets.

The red “Tudor” walls are from 6067. The yellow round bricks are from 6030. For the upper slopes and the other yellow bricks you'll need roof accessories and BASIC sets.

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