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Out of Production LEGO® Sets

What is the Out of Production section?

This is an archive of LEGO® Castle sets which are no longer produced and to our knowledge no future runs are planned. Sets in the archive from recent years may still be for sale from retailers and LEGO Shop at Home, but they are sold out in some countries.

The archive contains various information about sets including exclusive images, set names in multiple languages, original prices, piece counts, and links to other set resource sites.

How do I use it?

Click on any year in the left menu bar to see thumbnail images and basic information of every set from that year. For more detailed set information, click on a set number or thumbnail to go to that set's page.

Links to recent set instructions on Brickshelf may not work because these instructions have not been made available online yet. American English set names are used at the top of the page while names in other languages are placed below the set image.

Currently, the individual set pages are complete from 1978 to 2002. The archive will be updated regularly with more set pages until it is complete.

Terms of Use

All set photographs are 2003-2011 Benjamin Ellermann, Johannes Koehler, and Yaron Dori. All rights Reserved. You shall not copy these images or use them for any commercial purpose including but not limited to eBay auctions.

How can I help?

If you notice any broken links or incorrect set information, please contact the Sets Admin. We are constantly looking for old and rare catalog scans, box photographs, set names, etc.

Special thanks to the enormous contributions of Johannes Koehler and Yaron Dori to make this section the best that it can be.

All set photographs are 2003-2011 Benjamin Ellermann, Johannes Koehler, and Yaron Dori. All rights Reserved. may publish the images online for non profit purposes.
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