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LCC - Global Challenge II Search for the Sword Entry 1

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LCC - Global Challenge II Search for the Sword Entry 1

Postby Elderon » Mon Jul 30, 2012 10:28 pm

After the Bulls Horn had an unfortunate encounter with a few cliffs, Velaryon and his friends are ashore again and are residing in a little town in the Strath Armen

The Inn. by ElderonEldar, on Flickr

“Seriously Deiros, do you do anything else than drink that horrid fluid?” said Fay with a look of digust on her face.
“I’m not sure why you would mind, I’m the one standing up with a head like a brick each morning,” Deiros replies, wiping off a few drops of ale from his chin.
An excited man shows up at the door, he’s holding some sort of parchment, bearing an official seal of the High Lord Wenseclaus.
“Hear ye, hear ye! To keep all warriors of Lenfald physically fit and ready for battle, the high Lord has ordered Dueling competitions to be held thoughout Lenfald. Enter as a champion and make an attempt for the esteemed prize!” the announcer said with a most formal voice.
Fay and Deiros looked at Velaryon, of the three easy the best swordfighter.
“Well what do you say? It’s been a while since you showed off your swordplay,” Deiros asked, looking intently at Velaryon.
Velaryon looked a bit insecure at them.
“I don’t know. Won’t it send of the wrong message to the people? I don’t want to be seen as the heir of Strongborough anymore,” Velaryon replied with a hint of hesitation in his voice.
“That’s simple, we’ll just get you another armor. Hey!” Fay yelled at the innkeeper, “Innkeeper, where is the closest blacksmith?”
The innkeeper looked at her with a look that most elves get from men, and it’s not a nice look.
“Next door, he only makes armor and swords so you’ll be set with him.”
The announcer remained in the door opening, apparently he wasn’t done yet.
Announcer: “It is also announced that the search for the sword of Karlamac is once more begun! He who finds it must return it to the King of Roawia himself.”
The innkeeper began laughing, apparently he knew something more. Velaryon looked at him and wondered.
“Innkeeper, do you know anything about this sword?” he asked after he thought it over a bit.
“Only that it’s supposed to lay somewhere around here. The last owner, some sort of Duke sent his most trusted warrior to keep it safe. This warrior stayed in this very tavern before he vanished along with the sword,” the man replied, a mysterious smile crept across his face.
Velaryon wondered if this could mean that the sword was indeed close.
“I know someone who saw it though,” said the innkeeper.
This surprised Velaryon and his friends.
“Who is this man?”
“The blacksmith next door.”

The Smithy by ElderonEldar, on Flickr

“We come to buy some armor,” Velaryon came straight to the point when he saw the blacksmith, wearing nothing but his smithee gloves and a leather pants.
“By the gods, its warm in here, no wonder you’re not wearing a shirt,” Deiros said.
“I like the fire hot, it gives more strength to the steel. I only burned myself once in my fifteen years of sword making.”
“And it’s something for the ladies to look at,” Deiros said with a naughty smile.
“What’s that supposed to mean?” Fay asked with surprise on her face.
“Well you know, muscles, a guy, ladies dig that right?”
“And what about men, what are they supposed to look at?” Fay asked with a little bit of anger in her voice.
“Men can like it too…” Deiros replied a little scared. He knew what the Elven maiden could do to him.
“Yeah you would know,” Fay mumbled just loud enough so Deiros and Velaryon could hear it. Velaryon started laughing, but Deiros uttered a look of complete surprise.
“What’s that supposed to mean? I don’t like men!”
Velaryon feigned a look of surprise.
“Do you mean you don’t like me?” he asked with a hurt voice.
“No, that’s not what I mean, just…” Deiros sighed, knowing he was being toyed with. “Just buy your Megablocks armor.”
The blacksmith took Velaryons measurements a moment Velaryon took to ask the smith about the sword.
“I heard you saw the sword of Karlamac.”
The blacksmith hesitated, not knowing if he should tell him.
“Yes I did, what’s it to you?”
“Nothing special, just wondering.”
“No you’re not, I heard another search was planned. Don’t join the search, the sword is dangerous. It led the previous owner into madness.”
“Duke Wirklich?”
“No sir HighOak, most trusted knight of the Duke. He took it while his friend was dying, he even left his family.”
Velaryon thought of Captain HighOak, captain of the Bulls Horn, he must be his descendent.
“How do you know of him, sir HighOak I mean.”
“Because he still has the sword. It was during a hunt with my dad. We wandered of the path and got lost when we attacked by a raptor. Here I still have the scar, kept his teeth though after I speared him. My dad fell in a cave, death followed him instantly. I lowered myself down in the cacve and found the dead body of sir HighOak. I had to get my father out of there so I couldn’t bring the sword. When I went back there to retrieve it, I couldn’t find the place anymore. It was a hole in the ground which can only be accessed by rope.”
Velaryon tried to remember every detail. It was an interesting story and sounded very plausible.
“How are you so sure it was sir HighOak?”
“Because his journal laid beside him. I read pieces of it. That how I know the man got mad, he thought everybody was after him.”
Velaryon felt sorry for the man. The blacksmith gave him a helmet to try on, which fit almost like a glove. The armor itself had to be remade at certain points, but after the smith was done it fit like it was a cast made especially for Velaryon.
“Thank, sir Blacksmith, for the armor, but most of all for you story and advice. I hope you will lead a prosperous life. And so the three travelers went out on a new quest, to fight in the duels and find the sword of Karlamac!

This is my first entry to the second Global Challenge. Hope you like it! Oh and if it's not allowed to post these picture I'll replace them ;) Just let me know please dear Admins :D


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Re: LCC - Global Challenge II Search for the Sword Entry 1

Postby AK_Brickster » Mon Jul 30, 2012 11:52 pm

Great story! I love how you tied in the Lenfel duel with the quest for the sword! Good luck dueling, and I'm looking forward to part 2 of the GC!

Keep up the good work! :mrgreen:
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