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LCC-Merchants Guild-A3- Plight in The Desert

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LCC-Merchants Guild-A3- Plight in The Desert

Postby Hayden. » Sat Oct 27, 2012 3:13 pm


After Hayden and Arhimedies had fulfilled their need to qench their thirst, they decided to go back to the wreckage site, and salvage what they could After all they had lost everything, their wagons, their goods and even their friends, goodness knows where they got to!
Hayden decided to fix up some of the old wooden carts into a primitive sledge to be pulled by a surviving horse, who had also found the water. The sledge was not very stable, but suited their needs.
Arhimedies then scavenged the best surviving goods from the wreckage. He found a lot, as the wrecked cart, must have just had a successful trade, as it was full of Gold and expensive goods!
After that they loaded it all upon the sledge and headed northwards, to get to The Great Eastern Dunes Market.

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Re: LCC-Merchants Guild-A3- Plight in The Desert

Postby mencot » Sat Oct 27, 2012 5:40 pm

Nice, you have done a great job on this. It looks really good and I immediately get the feeling of a wreckage and all the stuff scattered around the desert. Great posing of the fig and Lego accessories. :D
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