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LCC-Merchants Guild- J1- Daylight Robbery!

Postby Hayden. » Mon Oct 29, 2012 5:43 pm


The convoy, made good progress though Lenfald and soon arrived at the snowy Garhim Border.
However something seemed wrong, Jarl immediate;y noticed the lack of the Garhim flag, so turned to face Hayden, "Lord, Something is wrong, these guards are not who they seem, for I belive them to be disguised outlaws."
"Oh, How can this be allowed to happen? Do you have proof?"
Hayden returned.
"Well Sire, you see, they are not flying the Garhim flag, its a rookie mistake,, as by law, boarder outposts must show a flag of alliance. if you need more proo-"
Jarl was cut of by the Boarder guards approaching, as Hayden and Marcus walked to meet them, Two of them held a weapon at their throats, not giving them time to draw their own weapons, and the other two, pulled out two of the valuable chests of coffee.
"Aal Righy Lads, wut have we 'ear then? Ohhh coffee, a mighty fine drink, that goes for a lot at the market!"
Marcus snarled, and was about to talk, but to the Boarder guards who now appeared to be outlaws, bad luck, Juliu and Brutus who had been riding further back, and out of sight, silently dismounted, and surrounded the outlaws.
Hayden then started talking in a rather placid tone " My dear friends, is this how friends treat each other? Your Lord would be greatly disappointed, especially as this coffee is meant for his table"
To this the Outlaws just laughed, "Hahahaha We have no lord", the leader, a withered man, made to look older by the harsh artic winds, started saying,"You see, you simpletons, we are outlaws! And we'll be liberating you of this fine drink!"
As soon as the leader had uttered these words, Marcus gave a nod to his colleagues, and in a quick flurry of arms, they had drawn their weapons and killed the dim-witted outlaws.
"Come on Boys, we'd better hurry up and reach the capital, we need to explain this to someone, before they try to try use for murder of loyal guards, and an attempted invasion."

Last step in story-
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