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Letters from Harold

When Henry came home from his travels, his cousin Harold set out on his own quest to bring cheer and greetings to castlers around the globe. Along the way, he sent home some notes to tell of his travels.

Visit to Athos
Dear CC,
I'm Henry's cousin, and I'm so glad to be travelling the world. My first stop was in the arid land of Nevada, where I met Steve. He has been a very pleasant host, taking me around his city. I was quite startled by this monster, but otherwise have enjoyed my stay. I took some more photos with Steve, and now I'm looking forward to journeying on to meet as many of you as I can.

Dear CC,
After the hot desert sun, it was nice to arrive in Portland to meet Rocko. We took a bike ride around this fair city and enjoyed a feast. I was able to help out some villagers in peril and ejoyed a fair reward for my troubles. Enjoy the photos of my visit.

Visit to RebelRock

Visit to LORD DOOM
Dear CC,
This leg of my journey was fairly short, as I simply went to another part of Oregon to meet Micah. I've had such fun here that, unfortunately, I had no time to take any photographs. My host presented me with two nice gifts to remember my time with him - a pair of shiny silver epaulets and a great carrying case to travel in.

Dear CC,
North to Alberta, Canada, to meet with Daniel. I was greeted upon my arrival by a very friendly host, who introduced me to his friends and showed me around his kingdom. We were able to visit a wizard's tower, take a sea voyage and also travel around Daniel's home town. I was a little worried when we came upon these ruins, because my cousin told evil tales of his visit there, but thankfully my host and I had no problems there. My host presented me with a gift to remember my time with him. I bring away many happy memories, and also many photographs. Be sure to read a more extensive description of my visit.

Visit to Robin Hood

Visit to Elephant Knight
Dear CC,
My journey to meet Gerard was the quickest yet, as Daniel simply handed me to him. It was getting stuffy in my traveling container, so I decided to break out. I saw an odd portal near by, and when I went to investigate, out stepped quadruplets, who introduced themselves as Castle Sigfig, SW Sigfig, Town Sigfig and Pirate Sigfig. They took me back through the portal, and through some wizardry we found ourselves on an island. A passing ship picked us up and took us to a port. Unfortunately we were captured by strange knights and we had to escape from the prison they threw us in. I was able to return to more familiar surroundings, and after bidding farewell to my new friends, I was on my way. Be sure to read the extended story of my visit and see my photographs.

Dear CC,
Perhaps the highlight of my journey so far has been my visit to BrickCon. I was able to meet so many CC members, both in the flesh and in sigfig form. I took a little break to go climbing in some mountains, and also saw a number of other great LEGO creations. Check out the photos of my visit. Next I'll be traveling back across the ocean, so I'll write again soon.

Harold at BrickCon

Visit to Maedhros
Dear CC,
I'd never been anywhere in Europe yet, so I was excited to arrive in Stockholm to meet Jonas. I was greeted by a kind guide named Lady Blue the Lesser, or B Junior. She showed me around this nice home, but I was shocked to find very little LEGO. B Junior explained that it was mostly in storage, but I was able to see some. We also got to travel around the city, to see such sites as the Swedish Parliament the Royal Palace and the site of the Stockholm Bloodbath. Be sure to read the extended story of my visit and see all of my photographs.

Dear CC,
Another trip all the way around the world took me to Australia, to meet Aaron. I was shocked to find that he wasn't hanging upside down, which I had always been taught was the general way of life in the antipodes. I was greeted upon my arrival by his sigfig, and the fair Lady Christine had prepared a cake. I was suprised to learn that this home had been constructed in my honor. I was so flattered that I was sure to take many photographs of it and of my visit to the land down under.

Visit to DARKspawn

Visit to Bluesecrets
Dear CC,
The next leg of my journey has taken me back to the States to Ohio, where I met Bluesecrets. Perhaps she is a sorceress, as she arrived to greet me in a magical carriage and she is friends with dragons. My hostess showed me around her realm, including a huge tapestry bearing her image. We enjoyed a wonderful picnic and she presented me with gifts - a cape and some new pants, in addition to repairing my epaulets (which had become worn upon my journeys). After a sad farewell, it was time for me to leave. I was happy to take away several more photographs to remember my visit.

Dear CC,
Next I traveled to Michigan, to meet Rocco. I was met there by a huge crowd of merrymakers who invited me to celebrate with them. I did some exploring, and met a wizard who set me to a series of tasks. I was also able to spend some time with my host enjoying my favorite activity - LEGO, of course. Everyone turned out to bid me safe journey for my next trip. Again I will be crossing the great sea. As I travel I'll look through my pictures and think of my time with Rocco.

Visit to Rogue27

Visit to Aliencat
Dear CC,
I arrived safe and sound in the Netherlands to meet Sebastian. He and his wife took me around town and we took a short trip to the Cologne Cathedral. We even went up in one of the towers. I was also excited to attend a Lowlug meeting, though at times I felt like a Lilliputian and at others like a Brobdingnagian. I was able to meet a great number of Dutch CC'ers, including current Master Builder MrTS, and also Jalkow, Koffiemoc, Stuifzand, MOCkingbird and McBricker. Check out all of the photographs and read the full tale of my stay here. Next I shall be following the paths of the crusaders as I travel to the Byzantine Empire.

Dear CC,
I had a wonderful time in the ancient city of Constantine, now known as Istanbul, where I met Yankı. Then I took up my travels again to cross the great sea to the land of America, but it was a very difficult journey. I lost my way and wandered for several months, and I even lost my photographs.

Visit to Scnicker

Visit to Escape The Fate
Dear CC,
Thankfully, I finally found my way to Carlsbad, California, where I was greeted by Karl. We had a time of great merriment, celebrating the Yule-tide and the entry of a new year. Of course, my stay would not be complete without a visit to Legoland California. Karl showed me around and I got to see many of the sights. Next I will be traveling back across the ocean - hopefully this journey will be less traumatic than my previous trip.

Dear CC,
My next trip took me across the sea to the ancestral home of the Vikings, the Kingdom of Norway. I rode on a modern trade ship, and when I disembarked I was greeted by Daniel. Even though it was May, there were still some spots of snow here and there. My host and I rode to the walled city, where we were entertained by jesters and visited the cathedral to pray for blessings for my further travels. I took several photos to remember my visit to this northern land. Next I will travel south to the ancient land of Greece.

Visit to DNL

Visit to Oleth
Dear CC,
I arrived safe and sound in the city of heroes like Theseus and and philosphers like Socrates, the seat of democracy, the ancient city of Athens. I was happy to meet my host, Vangelis. We were able to see many sites from antiquity, such as the Acropolis and the Arch of Hadrian. After a wonderful visit I'm ready to travel back across the ocean to the New World.

Dear CC,
Well, I've arrived safely in Oregon where I met my host, Thomas Wunz. I had a great time here. I was able to meet some beautiful maidens and play with LEGO. I did face many dangers, but in the end made a new friend.

Visit to Remyth

Visit to Jens
Dear CC,
I came to Germany to spend my Yuletide with Jens. After a journey by sea, I found myself in a dungeon. A brief escape simply led to a new incarceration at the top of a tower. I was finally rescued to visit a pleasant village, make friends, see the sights and even receive a gift. Be sure to read the full tale and see my pictures.

Dear CC,
I'm back in Canada, where I'm staying with Tedward.

Visit to Tedward

Watch here for Harold's continuing journeys.

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