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Updated 4 V 08

Welcome to the Admin Alumni page. As with all online communities, leaders often are called away due to real life and other interests. Check out all of these admins who helped build our site and community. Without their years of service, Classic-Castle would not be be what it is today. Thank you!
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Nickname(s): Crackhead Lenny, Lugstud
Forum Handle: Glencaer
Chat Room Handle: Glencaer
Job: Classic Castle City
Location: Tallahassee, Florida
Member of: LUGNET, SciBrick, GFLUG, DixieLUG
Favorite Castle set: 6066 Forestman's Outpost / 3739 Dan Siskind's Blacksmith Shop
Favorite non-Castle set: 6876 Blacktron Alienator
Favorite LEGO non-Castle theme: Space! (Eastern Block)
Sets - for building or parting out: Build then Part Out
MOCs, stories, or both: Both!
Purist, Stickers, or full Modificaton: None for me thanks, but I enjoy looking at the Modifications others have made.
Personal Web Site: Brickshelf Gallery, SciBrick
Comments: LEGO is the best toy.. heck, one of the best things to do with your time! Turn off the TV, quit your job: Pull out the LEGO bin and PLAY!!

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Nickname(s): Lord of the Links
Forum Handle:
Chat Room Handle:
Job: How-to, Links
Member of:
Favorite Castle set: 6081 King's Mountain Fortress
Favorite non-Castle set: 3033 Blue Tub
Favorite LEGO non-Castle theme: Space
Sets - for building or parting out:
MOCs, stories, or both: MOCs
Purist, Stickers, or full Modificaton:
Personal Web Site: Bricksidge
Comments: None

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Nickname: Lord of the LEGO, One Brick
Forum Handle: Lord_Of_The_LEGO
Chat Room Handle: One_Brick
Job: Gaming
Location: Eureka, CA
Member of: LUGNET, TCLUG
Favorite Castle set: 6074 Black Falcons Fortress
Favorite non-Castle set: 7419 Dragon Fortress
Favorite LEGO non-Castle theme: Space, Adventurers and Harry Potter for parts.
Sets - for building or parting out: I always build new set I get, and then it goes into the parts bin!
MOCs, stories, or both: Both
Purist, Stickers, or full Modificaton: If I had a decent printer, I would use stickers, but for now, I'm simply a purist.
Personal Web Site:
Comments: Feel the Classic-Castle Roleplay love, baby!

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