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"Reno took a light sip from his glass of ale, and scanned around..."
Nathan W. 31 VI 05

The above quote was the first sentence ever added to the Classic Castle Roleplay exactly one year ago. Can you believe it? One year. Wow.

Within that one year the amazing has happened. A universe has be created, sculpted and developed by LEGO Castle fans worldwide. Through thousands of posts adding up to millions of words, the world of Dametreos has grown from a simple crude map to a place as complex as the real world. Within this past year, kings have risen, heroes died, lands conquered, cities demolished and rebuilt, true love bloomed and evil has been vanquished... only to return to do ill once again. What once started as a crude experiment has exploded into an incredible and complicated world beyond the limits of its creators' imagination.

Thank you to all who had made this possible, particularly all the Roleplayers who have added a bit of themselves to the ever-ongoing epic. Without your support, suggestions, patience, brainstorms, plot twists, evil schemes and creativity, the Classic Castle Roleplay simply wouldn't exist.

Now let's go celebrate!

--- Nathan Wells, Gaming Admin for

Nathan W. 31 VI 04

Believe it or not, it was six months ago to the day when the the first addition to the Classic-Castle Roleplay was posted! Check out all the festivities in the Gaming Forum and celebrate! It's party time!

Classic-Castle Roleplay gets a new home!
Nathan W. 4 V 04

It's finally here! The Classic-Castle Roleplay Website, previously hosted on LUGNET, has now moved to! Change you bookmarks, get out the root beer and celebrate!

Gaming Links Updated!
Nathan W. 21 IV 04

The Links section has been updated to include many new gaming-related sites including BrickLords and LUGNET.gaming. Enjoy!

CC Adventure
Alex 16 I 04

A whole series of pages have been added for the CC Adventure game. Check out the rules, registry, map, and other sections.

Gaming News
Alex 9 XII 03

The Gaming section is online and ready to serve you, the community! Take a look to the left for links to more of our gaming resources. Remember, there is no right or wrong way to play, so get your friends together, build some MOCs, and have fun!

Welcome to the Game Page
The CC Team 8 IX 03

Welcome to the game page. Here you will find everything that's anything about Castle Games. There are several ways to play, such as using existing systems like Castle Quest, or modifying non-LEGO gaming systems like Dungeons and Dragons.

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