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Categories and Prizes

Each category has its own prize for the highest scoring creation. Many of the prizes are castle sets from the 1980ís, 1990's, and today. The sets are used and but should be in good to very good condition. Most sets have instructions but boxes are not included. All other prizes are new. We would like to thank several anonymous donors and Rich Stehnach "Blackrock" for donating prizes for this contest.

Classic Castle Category -
6034 Black Monarch's Ghost

Create a building in the style of your favorite LEGO Castle Theme. Use accessories and minifigures from that theme. Ideas include a yellow castle, Forestmen's treehouse, Black Falcon's alehouse, and Dragon Master's tower.

Used Set
Medieval Militia -
852271 Knights Battle Pack

Meet the king's quota! Train your local militia for defense of the realm. Ideas include marching, drilling, mock battles, and archery practice.

New Set
Castle Room Interior -
6094 Guarded Treasury

Build the interior of any castle room including minifigures, furniture, decorations, and accessories. You are required to have 2 or more walls along the perimeter of your room. Rooms are allowed to hinge open. Ideas include a great hall, dungeon, treasure room, bedroom, and store room.

Used Set
Micro Medieval Mountain -
Microscale Castle MOC

Build a microscale medieval moc located in the mountains. Ideas include a mountain pass, village, outpost, or castle.

Custom Castle Set Donated by Soccerkid

Medieval Legend Vignette -
6008 Royal King

Build a vignette featuring a medieval legend. Vignette bases shall not exceed 8x8. Minor amounts of elements overhanging the base (tree leaves, rooflines, etc) are allowed. Ideas include King Arthur, Beowulf, Roland, Ivanhoe, Robin Hood, Lancelot, Tristan and Isolde, etc.

Used Set

Used Cart Salesman
7949 Prison Carriage Rescue

Build a scene featuring a medieval salesman featuring wheeled vehicles such as a carts or wagons.

New Set
From Field to Goblet -
6067 Guarded Inn

Build scenes showing the production and consumption of medieval beverages. Ideas include growing and harvesting crops, brewing beer, ale, or spirits or fermenting wine from a vineyard.

Used Set
Fantasy Siege Weapon -
7040 Dwarves Mine Defender

Build a fantasy theme siege weapon. Ideas include a dwarf battering ram, a troll catapult, or an orc siege tower.

New Set
Forest Lair
6066 Camouflaged Outpost

Build a medieval forest lair for your outlaw faction. Ideas include a wolfpack cave, a bull's logging camp, forestmen tree top hideaway, etc.

Used Set
6039 Twin Arm Launcher

Does your castle creation not fit in one of our categories? Then enter it here! This category does not have baseplate or height restrictions

Used Set
Great Wall Category -

Build a realistic style great wall with towers that provides protection from invaders. Examples include the great wall of China, Hadrian's wall, and the walls of Constantinople. Walls can include gates and attached buildings. This is not a traditional motte and bailey castle category. This category does not have a baseplate size limitation.

New Set
Master Builder -
10193 Medieval Market Village

This prize will be awarded to the builder who enters 6 or more categories and has the highest score when their top six creation scores are averaged.

New Set
Anonymous Donation

Frequently Asked Questions:

All entries should fit on 2 connected 32x32 baseplates or smaller unless stated otherwise in that category's rules. You may use a single 48x48 plate for your entry instead of the two 32x32 plates.

Custom stickers may be used for minifigure torsos, shields, and flags. You may use custom weapons only in the Custom Castle Figure and Miscellaneous categories. Brick built, custom, and LEGO animals can be used.

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