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Categories and Prizes

Each category has its own prize for the highest scoring creation. Every Castle 2007 set will be given away in the contest! This is your chance to get these sets before they are released to the public. We would like to thank the LEGO Company for donating the prizes for this contest.

Category Rules

Entries should be built in a similar size and scale as the sets given away. Slightly larger or smaller entries are acceptable. We are looking for quality and not who has the largest brick collection.

Each entry shall have two factions: one good and one evil. While we recommend good knights vs evil skeletons, you may create your own good and bad castle factions.

Clone elements, custom weapons, modified and painted LEGO elements are not allowed in this contest. You may use custom stickers to create your own shields, torsos, flags, and banners.

Ballista -
7090 Crossbow Attack

Build a mobile bolt launching siege machine. Your creation should have a gunnery crew and attacking cavalry.

New Set - Donated by LEGO
Joust -
7009 The Final Joust

Build your Final Joust where the King's Champion takes on the Black Knight. The entry should include a jousting fence and weapons rack. You may also build a pavilion, squires, and tents for each knight

New Set - Donated by LEGO
Catapult -
7091 Knight's Catapult Defense

Build a mobile catapult or trebuchet manned by atleast two siege workers. Your catapult will attack the enemy defenses manned by infantry and archers/crossbowmen.

New Set - Donated by LEGO
Prisoner Wagon -
7092 Skeletons' Prison Carriage

Build a horse drawn prisoner wagon with a prisoner, driver, and soldiers riding shotgun. In addition, you should build a group of cavalry attempting to rescue the prisoner.

New Set - Donated by LEGO

Tower -
7093 Skeleton Tower

Build a good or evil tower with a drawbridge, and a jail, cage, or locked room. The tower should be defended by soldiers and a wizard. An opposing force will attack to rescue the soldier or maiden held prisoner.

New Set - Donated by LEGO
Castle Siege -
7094 King's Castle Siege

Build a castle with a courtyard, drawbridge, portcullis, jail, gate tower(s), and archer towers. The castle will be defended by a king, men at arms, archers, and knights. An attacking force of men at arms, archers, and knights will lay siege to the castle. Castles will fit inside a 64 stud x 64 stud square. You can not elongate these dimensions in any direction wider than 64 studs. Surrounding landscape, siege weapons, and attacking armies are not included in this size limitation.

New Set - Donated by LEGO

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