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Part 1: Realistic animals
by Bruce N. H., May 10, 2004

The LEGO Company has provided us with several animal elements: land animals, sea animals, air animals, dinosaurs, Duplo animals page 1, and Duplo animals page 2. However, this selection can be limiting. Not only does this list miss many animals important to the castle builder, the existing animal elements are often frozen in one position, or only available in one size or color. This page seeks to document solutions to this problem by a number of AFOLs, using existing LEGO elements to create minifig-scale animals to enhance castle creations. A few notes:

--These images and links are used without permission, but they are publicly available on Brickshelf or other sites. If you wish your link removed, please contact me at bnh at chem dot ucla dot edu.

--This list is by no means exhaustive. If I already had several sheep examples, for instance, I didn't go looking for more. If you know a cool creation that is markedly different from those shown, please contact me at bnh at chem dot ucla dot edu.

--In a few cases instructions exist, and these are marked. Otherwise, these creations are usually small enough that the experienced LEGO builder should be able to approximate them from the images selected.

--Many of these do not have the correct name of the builder, but rather have Brickshelf usernames. If you know the correct name, please contact me.

--Fantasy creatures will be covered on a separate page currently under construction.

--There are also official LEGO sets that include building animals out of basic bricks, such as 4408, 9055, 2134 and 4105.

Farm Animals
Old MacDonald had a farm, E-I-E-I-O. Scatter these around your medieval village for a touch of realism.

Horses: Alan Findlay (with instructions), Alan Findlay, Jacob Sparre Andersen (instructions), Jason Railton

Donkeys/mules/burros: Reed Anderson (with instructions), Anthony Sava, Mockingbird, Nathan Wells, Brendan Powell Smith, Brendan Powell Smith, Brendan Powell Smith, Micah Berger

Cows: Onishi Shinji, Bill Ryan, Mockingbird, Ben Beneke, Reed Anderson, RalfZi, TsarDusan, Franklin Cain (with instructions), Rene Hoffmeister, Anthony Sava, John Rudy (with instructions), Brendan Powell Smith, Brendan Powell Smith, Brendan Powell Smith, Brendan Powell Smith, Andrew Martin, Jacob Sparre Andersen (instructions), Jon Furman, Uli Meyer, David Cheramie, David Cheramie, SPLTC, SPLTC

Oxen: Reed Anderson, Franklin Cain (with instructions), Brendan Powell Smith, Brendan Powell Smith

Sheep: Juan Cuello, Onishi Shinji, Bill Ryan, Rene Hoffmeister, Pawel Nazarewicz, Tom Rafert, Ley Ward, Franklin Cain (instructions), Brendan Powell Smith, Brendan Powell Smith, Mockingbird, Ralf Klasing

Rams: Brendan Powell Smith, Brendan Powell Smith

Pigs: Reed Anderson, Franklin Cain (instructions), TsarDusan, Brendan Powell Smith, Andrew Martin, Garrett Taylor

Goats: Leah Cardaci, Anthony Sava, Brendan Powell Smith, Brendan Powell Smith, Brendan Powell Smith

Dogs: Anne Henmi, Anne Henmi, Rene Hoffmeister, Brickbaron, Toshiya, Kevin Richey, ytshih (with instructions), Leah Cardaci, John Herre, nias, nias, Brendan Powell Smith, Christopher McCleerey, Lenny Hoffman, Ley Ward, Tim Emrick

Cats: Jeremy Sproat, Leo Dorst

Rats: Franklin Cain

Chickens/roosters: Reed Anderson (with instructions), Franklin Cain (with instructions), Bill Ryan (with instructions), Mockingbird, Juan Cuello, Greg Howell, TsarDusan, Anthony Sava, Travis Kunce, Brendan Powell Smith, Andrew Martin, Harry Vangberg, Taki, Garrett Taylor

Turkeys: Anthony Sava, Travis Kunce

Ducks: blarg5 (with instructions), Juan Cuello, Greg Howell, Andy Lynch, Anthony Sava, Uli Meyer, Brendan Powell Smith, Ley Ward, Rambo-insane

Swans: Johannes Koehler, TsarDusan

Geese: Franklin Cain (instructions)

Pigeons: Mockingbird, Brendan Powell Smith, Johannes Koehler

Wild or Exotic Animals

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! If your brave knight ventures beyond the confines of his local village, he might find these creatures.

Frogs/toads: Franklin Cain (instructions), Franklin Cain (instructions), Erik Utt

Turtles/tortoises: Brad, TsarDusan, Burkchen, Brendan Powell Smith, Tim Emrick

Dragonfly: Reed Anderson

Rabbits: Bruce N. H. (with instructions), Micah Berger

Elk/deer/reindeer/antelope/gazelles/etc: Reed Anderson, Franklin Cain, TsarDusan, Chris Paton, John Kyle, Mark Chittenden, Brendan Powell Smith, Jacob Sparre Andersen (instructions)

Moose: Sven Moritz Hein, Alex Peacock, Daboov

Bison: Jason Sparre Andersen, Bruce N. H.

Water buffalo: Garrett Taylor

Musk oxen: Garrett Taylor

Moles: Micah Berger

Wild Boar: Onishi Shinji, Anthony Sava (with instructions), Robert Seater, Micah Berger

Wolves: Anthony Sava (with instructions), TsarDusan, Anne Henmi, Stefan Garcia, Brendan Powell Smith, Joe Comeau

Eagles: Reed Anderson

Ravens: jacklegomaniac

Vultures: Brendan Powell Smith, Rene Hoffmeister

Parrots: Reed Anderson, jacklegomaniac

Peacocks: Mockingbird, Anthony Sava, Reed Anderson

Ostrich: Ralf Klasing, Brendan Powell Smith

Emus: Braith Garden

Camels: Ben Beneke, Uli Meyer, Brendan Powell Smith, Brendan Powell Smith, Brendan Powell Smith

Elephants and Hippopotami: Uli Meyer, Marc Nelson, verneer, drunkjedi, Andreas Stabno, John Herre, Mark Chittenden, Brendan Powell Smith, Ralf Klasing, Jacob Sparre Andersen (instructions), Triathletus, Folkart Thielen, Toshiya, Toshiya, Micah Berger

Lions and other great cats: John Herre, Ralf Klasing, Micah Berger, Micah Berger

Giraffes: Ralf Klasing, Brendan Powell Smith

Kangaroos/wallabies: Braith Garden, Jason Wilson

Polar bears: Stefan Gustavson

Penguins: Toshiya, Harry Vangberg, Stefan Gustavson, Toshiya

Sea Creatures: Bruce N. H., Joe Meno, Toshiya

--Bruce N. H.

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