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Part 2: Fantastic animals
by Bruce N. H., June 4, 2004

Unknown portions of old maps were sometimes marked "Here there be monsters." The creations below are for the intrepid explorer who dares to move beyond the well-mapped lands of historically accurate dioramas into the realms of the fantastic. This page seeks to document different monsters and magical creatures created by a number of AFOLs, using existing LEGO elements to create minifig-scale creatures to enhance castle creations. A few notes:

--This list is a little different from part 1. Part 1 was mostly relatively small creations that the experienced builder could easily reproduce. Many of the creations on this list are much larger, and it would not be easy to directly reproduce them (e.g. the large dragons). In these cases, though, this can be used as inspiration, and also a source of design ideas.

--These images and links are used without permission, but they are publicly available on Brickshelf or other sites. If you wish your link removed, please post a request in the forum.

--This list is by no means exhaustive. If you know a cool creation that is markedly different from those shown, please post it in the forum.

--In a few cases instructions exist, and these are marked. Otherwise, consider them as inspiration for your own creations.

--Many of these do not have the correct name of the builder, but rather have Brickshelf usernames. If you know the correct name, please contact me.

--While some creations below incorporate minifig parts, this page does not document purely minifig creations (e.g. dwarves or elves).

Giant Animals
The simplest type of monster is to take an existing animal and make it bigger or fiercer.

Giant Spiders: Stefan Gustavson (with instructions), Folkart Thielen, Franklin Cain, Onishi Shinji, Brian Kasprzyk, Radleigh Santos, Anthony Sava, Elin Overnas, Athos, jullrich, quickblade22, Rui Oono, Jared Holmes, official LEGO version, semi-official LEGO version

Giant Scorpions: Onishi Shinji, Chris Maddison (with instructions), Griggy55

Giant Insects: Toshiya, Toshiya, Marc Nelson

Giant Snakes: Eric Sophie, Brendan Powell Smith, Brendan Powell Smith, Toshiya, Stefan Vorst, Tobbe, NCLUG member

Giant Sea Creatures: Classic Smiley (with instructions), Tim Deering, Onishi Shinji, Joe Meno, Joe Meno, Repoort, Micah Berger

Giant Wolves: Patrick Morgan

Giant Eagles: Bruce N. H. (with instructions), Rui Oono, James Casey

Human Hybrids
Another type of fantasy creature combines some sort of animal with a person. The creations below incorporate minifig bodies.

Centaurs: Onishi Shinji, TsarDusan, Leah Cardaci, Ben Paul, Will Lister, Peter Guenther, Joseph Williams, Ed Southerland, Geoff Davis, Tim Emrick, AlasdairJC, Robert Seater, Kevin Blocksidge

Minotaurs: Franklin Cain, Peter Guenther, AlasdairJC, SirSmittens (with instructions), Tim Emrick

Satyrs and Fauns: Johannes Koehler, Franklin Cain, Geoff Davis, Tim Emrick

Angels, Icarus, and other winged folk: Tim Emrick, Brendan Powell Smith, Brendan Powell Smith, Brendan Powell Smith, Robert Seater, Jeff Szklennik, stormynight73, AlasdairJC, Tim Emrick

Merpeople and related creatures: hpatey, Tim Emrick, Wilson Raska, tsardusan, De-brick, Joe Nemo, NCLUG member, Tim Emrick

Snake-people and related creatures: faraday81, AlasdairJC, Brickquest, Robert Seater, Tim Emrick

Spider-people: Joe Comeau, swdude

Gorgons: Wilson Raska, Tim Emrick

Genies: Rene Hoffmeister

Magical Creatures
These are other creatures feared by castle citizens.

Ogres and trolls: Marc Nelson, Tim Deering, Anthony Sava, surfininsf, Mike Crowley, Joseph Willisams, Rui Oono, Flaming Bohrok, official LEGO version, official LEGO version

Giants: Ben Apps, David Cheramie, Mark Williams, Tim Emrick

Gods, Demons, Demonic Creatures, Cthulhu, Balrogs, etc.: Joe Nemo, Shaun Sullivan, Franklin Cain (with instructions), Peter Guenther, Wilson Raska, Nick Oranzi, Tim Deering, Tim Emrick, Anthony Sava, Robert Seater, Jacob Mack, John Langrish, Rick Ruiz, J. Hassett, Justin Stebbins, MHBlaze, Bruce N. H., daboov20

Golems: Robert Seater, Dave Eaton, Frank Lordi, Toshiya

Elementals: Tim Emrick, Franklin Cain, AlasdairJC

Ents and other Tree-creatures: , Janey Cook, Robert Seater, Folkart Thielen, Blackmorsel, James Wadsworth, Akka Akka, Anthony Sava, Danrahk31, Douglas Wt, J. Hassett, Joseph Williams, Mark H. Near, Paul Gerla, Romagnus, Sebastian Persson-Pykkod

Griffins and Hippogriffs: Onishi Shinji, TsarDusan, Anthony Sava (with instructions), AlasdairJC, Toshiya, official LEGO version

Phoenix: Jeff Szklennik, Klimnuva (with instructions), Burkchen, official LEGO version

Pegasi: rocoli (with instructions), Tim Emrick, Richard Schamus

Basilisk: artguy86, official LEGO version

Sea Monsters: Wayne Hussey, Josh Wedin, Griggy55, Tim Emrick, Dave Eaton, Joe Meno

Dragons (small scale), Fell Beasts, etc.: Joe Comeau, Stefan Gustavson, Brad, Robert Seater, Nathan Wells, barbapple, Wilson Raska, 281jon, Lenny Hoffmann, Dave Eaton, caesar2164, Joe Meno, TheDarkBrickX, surfininsf, Micah Berger, John Gramley, official LEGO version, official LEGO version, official LEGO version

Dragons (large scale): Lenny Hoffmann, Anthony Sava, Anthony Sava, Karl Martinson, Todd Kubo, Todd Kubo, Kevin Hall, wintermute, Onishi Shinji, Travis Dickinson, Joon Tae, Loysl (with instructions), Sean85, Flash, Matt Hein, Timborino, Koosh, Sean85, RascalKing1083, Dave Eaton, Brickfest 2003 attendee, Rui Oono (with instructions), Rui Oono, Tony Varos, official LEGO version

Other Creatures: Bryce McGlone, AlasdairJC, Josh Wedin, TKOI Create a Creature contest entries, Griggy55, Robert Seater, erechnon, swdude, Franklin Cain, Marksman, Tim Emrick, Tim Emrick, DiabloRoho, Gukko, Peter Guenther, Peter Guenther, official LEGO version, official LEGO version, official LEGO version, official LEGO version

Related Creature Creations
The creations below don't quite fit the above categories, but may be inspirational to the castle builder.

Dinosaurs: John Herre, Mike Psiaki, Griggy55, Tshirane, DixiLUG member, official LEGO versions, official LEGO versions, official LEGO versions, official LEGO versions, official LEGO versions, official LEGO versions, official LEGO version, official LEGO versions

Statues, sculptures, etc.: Anthony Sava, Mark, Radleigh Santos, Twannerman, Mark Neumann, Takua93, Joe Meno, NCLUG member, Brickswest attendee, hmick, Jim Foulds, Nick Oranzi

Skeletons: Shane Larson, Sean Kenney, Rene Hoffmeister, Bricksaber, official LEGO version, official LEGO version

Star Wars creatures: Bruce N. H., Bruce Lowell, Mike Crowley, Eric Druon, Joel Bedger, Mikael Sol, Roguebantha, Patrick Chevalier, Peter Crone, Simon MacDonald, Trevor VanAalst, Joethemoe, Doug Kinney, JB, John Green, Martin Allen, Matt Ehlert, Moish, Toradoch, NochVader, jediagh, Stormtrooper, Chraller, official LEGO version, official LEGO version

Aliens: bitaur, Robert Seater, Nasher, B. W. Tyler (with instructions), wyvern, Thraxis Jr., Eric Druon, Christopher McCleery,

Other science fiction creations: wintermute, Mark Neumann, Mark Neumann, Joe Nemo, Joe Nemo, Joe Nemo, Joe Nemo

Non-LEGO Bestiaries
A bestiary was a medieval catalog of beasts, both real and mythical. Use these for inspiration for future creations.

The Aberdeen Bestiary the real thing, scanned version of a manuscript from ~1200

Medieval Bestiary by David Badke

Encylopedia Mythica Bestiary edited by Micha Lindemans

Pagan Database Bestiary by Eliza Fegley

Monsters and Fabulous Beasts by L. Kip Wheeler

--Bruce N. H.

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