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Entries submitted by Blego7

A Warm Welcome

The dwarves arrive at Laketown where the interrupt the festivities of the people there who are celebrating Yule.

Submitted by: Blego7

Fire and Water

My final entry for the CCC showing Smaug's attack on the Wooden City of Esgaroth

Submitted by: Blego7

Gathering of the Clouds

Another scene from the Hobbit, showing the lakemen gathering for war against the goblins/wargs/dwarves. The trebuchet is inspired from the Warwolf trebuchet created by King Edward in the Scottish rebellion.

Submitted by: Blego7

Inside Information

Another entry from The Hobbit, this one showing Bilbo's entry into the Lonely Mountain, and his first encounter with Smaug and his treasure.

Submitted by: Blego7

Queer Lodgings

The scene from The Hobbit, showings Bilbo's encounter with the hermit Beorn.

Submitted by: Blego7

Roast Mutton

#1 entry in my series where I follow the storyline of the book, The Hobbit, and depict the scenes in LEGO as entries for the CCC. This first classic scene shows the three troll bandits, capturing the dwarves and the hobbit, Bilbo Baggins.

Submitted by: Blego7

The Clouds Burst

Another scene from the Hobbit. This one has a warg from the battle of 5 armies.

Submitted by: Blego7

There and Back Again

Three iconic scenes from JRR Tolkien's, The Hobbit.

Submitted by: Blego7

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