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Second chat with Jake - Transcript
Ben E. 16 X 04

Our second chat with Jake McKee, a LEGO Community Development Manager, was very successful. As usual, the CC members had excellent questions. The admins and members would like to thank Jake for spending time with us on his Saturday.

I have placed the transcript on a cc webpage. Discuss the chat here

The Next Jake McKee Chat
Ben E. 11 X 04

I am proud to announce the second chat with LEGO Community Development Manager Jake McKee. The chat will be held on Saturday October 16th at 1pm Eastern Time in the US (1800 GMT). This chat will be moderated by the CC admins and will last approximately ninety minutes.


1. The moderators can kick people out of chat or ban them indefinitely if you break these chat rules.
2. Each person will be called on by a moderator beginning in alphabetical order and then will be allowed to ask Jake one question.
3. Jake does not have to answer any question. Remember that he can not answer questions about future product lines.
4. Do not speak out of turn.
5. Please be polite. Do not use profanity.
6. If you do not have a question to ask, please just say "pass" and we will move on to the next person.

NWBrickCon 2004 - Castle!
Anthony 29 IX 04

Thomas Rafert needs our help! He's looking to build the biggest Castle display yet at NWBrickCon 2004, be he can't do it alone.

If you're planning on attending the event, or want to go, contact Thomas right away! Pre-registration ends this Friday (October 1st) so be sure to register before then to get your badge and the rest of the goodies.

Anything medieval is welcome of course, but visit his post on Lugnet for more information and his email address.

For more information on NWBrickCon, click HERE.

My BrickFest Experience
Ben E 18 VIII 04

Castle at BrickFest 2004 was a great success! Meeting so many Classic-Castle members was wonderful. The castle events went well. From Friday to Sunday we had three moc "show and tell" sessions. On Saturday there were several castle sessions. Magnus Lauglo, the castle room coordinator, presented on large-scale castle building and incorporating historic details into castles. I presented on the website. Then Lenny Hoffman led a presentation and discussion on the CC City Standard. Many good ideas came up but I will let Lenny post about that. On Sunday, the public could enter and view our creations. The castle room was packed with kids and parents. BrickFest had over 1500 visitors. That is over 5 times the amount that came last year! BrickFest 2004 was my first fest and it was a blast. I encourage each of you to attend in the future. You wont regret it! (but your wallet might be very thin when you return)

Check out my photos here.

Classic-Castle at BrickFest 2004
Lenny 10 VIII 04

BrickFest DC is a mere few days away and things are begining to come together for the largest 3CS Display, by far, ever! If you are bringing something for the 3CS Display, the Castle Coordinating Team has a few new ideas for you to participate in!

The primary new idea is that each house will be identified with its builder by flags. Marc Nelson, Jr has spearheaded this idea, and has volunteered to make the chart defining who's house belongs to whom. Reserve your favorite flag combo today!

This is also the first year for the My Own Castle Competition (MOCC) . The idea of the MOCC is for attendees to make their own TLG style castle (think like the BFF, Black Monarch's Castle or 6080 King's Castle) to sit on a 48x48 base.

Lastly, with several Classic-Castle admins making an appearance (Lenny, Ben, Troy, and Kevin) - expect to see periodic updates and As-It-Is-Happening reports keeping you up to date on everything of importance that happens at fest.

BrickFest 2004 is shaping to be the best fest ever!!

Can't wait to see all you guys there!!

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