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Astral Claw

Name: Joquos. Under this nom de guerre he hides his true family name, in case he earns some unwanted enemies.
Age: 31
Background: Joquos is usually quite reserved about this subject, but he will, however, let on about his early life until the age of 20,
“I had been at the Church from nine years old; in three days I should have been twenty. I was about to become an Priest, and all was arranged. One evening I went, according to custom, to a house which I frequented with much pleasure: when one is young, what can be expected?--one is weak. An officer who saw me, with a jealous eye, reading the lives of the Gods to the mistress of the house, entered suddenly and without being announced. That evening I had translated an episode of a certain god, and had just communicated my verses to the lady, who gave me all sorts of compliments, and leaning on my shoulder, was reading them a second time with me. Her pose, which I must admit was rather free, wounded this officer. He said nothing; but when I went out he followed, and quickly came up with me. ‘Priest,’ said he, ‘do you like blows with a cane?’ ‘I cannot say, sir,’ answered I; ‘no one has ever dared to give me any.’ ‘Well, listen to me, then, good Priest! If you venture again into the house in which I have met you this evening, I will dare it myself.’ I really think I must have been frightened. I became very pale; I felt my legs fail me; I sought for a reply, but could find none-I was silent. The officer waited for his reply, and seeing it so long coming, he burst into a laugh, turned upon his heel, and re-entered the house. I returned to the Church.
“I am a gentleman born, and my blood is warm, as you may have remarked, my dear friends. The insult was terrible, and although unknown to the rest of the world, I felt it live and fester at the bottom of my heart. I informed my superiors that I did not feel myself sufficiently prepared for ordination to the Priesthood, and at my request the ceremony was postponed for a year. I sought out the best fencing master in Falconis City, I made an agreement with him to take a lesson every day, and every day for a year I took that lesson. Then, on the anniversary of the day on which I had been insulted, I hung my robes upon the hook, assumed the costume of a cavalier, and went to a ball given by a lady friend of mine and to which I knew my man was invited. It was near the Market, close to the City Center. As I expected, my officer was there. I went up to him as he was singing a love ditty and looking tenderly at a lady, and interrupted him exactly in the middle of the second verse. ‘Sir,’ said I, ‘does it still displease you that I should frequent a certain house of my friend? And would you still cane me if I took it into my head to disobey you? The officer looked at me with astonishment, and then said, ‘What is your business with me, sir? I do not know you.’ ‘I am,’ said I, ‘the little Priest who reads lives of the Gods, and translates their word into verse.’ ‘Ah, ah! I recollect now,’ said the officer, in a jeering tone; ‘well, what do you want with me?’ ‘I want you to spare time to take a walk with me.’ ‘Tomorrow morning, if you like, with the greatest pleasure.’ ‘No, not tomorrow morning, if you please, but immediately.’ ‘If you absolutely insist.’ ‘I do insist upon it.’ ‘Come, then. Ladies,’ said the officer, ‘do not disturb yourselves; allow me time just to kill this gentleman, and I will return and finish the last verse.’
“We went out. I took him to the Market, to exactly the same spot where, a year before, at the very same hour, he had paid me the compliment I have related to you. It was a superb moonlight night. We immediately drew, and at the first pass I laid him stark dead.”
Even then he is vague with locations and people. After this period, he will not speak of, for it saddens him greatly. What is known, though, is that he enrolled into the personal guard of Queen Helen Tillshire-Falconis, and has served under her for several years.
Faction: United Kingdom of the Black Falcons
Place In Hierarchy: Queen's Guard, although he is often sent on missions to the outlying regions of the Kingdom and various other countrys.
Equipment: Joquos has a noble air about him, moreso than most cavaliers, and as such is often unjust towards gentlemen, whom he endeavors to eclipse by his splendid dress. As his first layer of clothing, he wears violet shirt and breeches, made of fine silk, which he hates to spill blood upon or blemish the surface with a rip. Upon that, he wears a brown doublet, made of leather, with several joints for flexibility along the chest, neck and shoulder area. This is often replaced, due to the wear and damage it retains, but the design is always the same. Now we must take a look at Joquos's waist, where his beautiful baldrick does lie. It is embroided with an unknown material; for Joquos would never reveal it, lest someone else get a similar baldrick, and it glitters with a silver hue. Rumour is that he recieved it after the death of an opponent in a duel. Also, Joquos wears a wide brimmed black hat and cloak, which he uses to conceal his identity from undesirable people. He also carries a single rapier, which never leaves his side.
Other: Joquos, as you may know, not only talks much, but he talks loudly, little caring, we must render him that justice, whether anybody listens to him or not. He talked for the pleasure of talking and for the pleasure of hearing himself talk. He spoke upon all subjects except the sciences, alleging in this respect the inveterate hatred he borne to the scholars of his childhood.
Although Joquos is scarcely thirty years old, and was of great personal beauty and intelligence of mind, no one knew whether he had ever had a mistress. He never speaks of women. He certainly does not prevent others from speaking of them before him, although it was easy to perceive that this kind of conversation, in which he only mingles bitter words and misanthropic remarks, was very disagreeable to him. His reserve, his roughness, and his silence in such subjects almost makes an old man of him.
-Special Skills-

-Excellent Duelling
-Excellent Fencing
-Improved Weapon Proficiency: Rapier
-Improved Persuade

Looks: -Height-
6 feet 1 inch

102 kilograms

-Hair Color/Style-
Joquos has jet black hair, which reaches to his shoulders. At the bottom it curls into small ringlets, and no amount of brushing can straighten it. The same can be said for his moustache, which he can often be seen twirling when in thought.

-Eye Color-

-Skin Type-
Caucasian, with a light tan from travelling often.

Class: Main Character
Status: Active

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