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Name: Not publicly known, goes either by the Old Man, or by Magarus.
Age: He lost count several centuries ago.
Background: The Old Man is not originally from the Castle Isles, but he seems to come from a similar culture elsewhere. He is after a powerful magical artefact, aided by Sir Dractor and Elwen. He is thwarted in his attempts by the Sorceror-King.
Faction: None
Place In Hierarchy: Sorceror, or wizard. Either term is inprecise.
Equipment: Dark Red staff, black wizard's hat, various oddments hidden on his person.
Other: The Old Man has said only to Sir Dractor what they are after. Even Elwen in unaware. In their own kingdom, he is the most powerful known sorceror, but the kingdom is threatened by a Dark Lord, and he seeks to prevent the Dark Lord's minion, the Sorceror-King, from gaining it for his master.
Looks: Quite tall, but rather boney and thin, with a short grey-white beard.
Class: Minor Character
Status: Retired

Name: Sir Aethelred Dractor
Age: 40...ish
Background: Sir Dractor is a top-of-the-line warrior. He served his king and prince for twenty-some years before being conscripted by the Old Man to join him on his quest to the far and mysterious kingdoms of Classic Castle.
Faction: None
Place In Hierarchy: Properly termed a knight, prefers to be called warrior.
Equipment: Black greatsword, custom ovoid shield, dark gray Euro armour, dark grey helmet with black visor and red plume.
Other: Scarcely anyone knows precisely where Sir Dractor comes from. Which is how he planned it. Sir Dractor is rarely seen away from the Old Man, and would seem to be his protector, were it not for the fact that he can take care of himself quite easily. Sir Dractor has no horse, in spite of knightly appearance. His armour, while cumbersome, is lighter than it appears, thanks, he claims, to the superiority of the forger.
Looks: Taller than most, broad in the shoulders. Has a black mustace and hair.
Class: Main Character
Status: Alive

Name: The Sorceror-King
Age: Believed to be about 50
Background: The king of the Dark Lord's most powerful vassal state, and a powerful sorceror in his own right.
Faction: None, allied with evil.
Place In Hierarchy: Vassal King
Equipment: Green firesword (lightsabre handle, and green fire aka seeweed), golden crown, Fright Knight breastplate, black staff.
Other: The few people who know anything about the Sorceror-King's past prefer not to talk about him. He is a sorceror of less power than the Old Man, but his master has endowed him with many precious, and dangerous gifts. He is in competition with the Old Man to retrieve some powerful object from the Classic Castle kingdoms to return to his Dark Lord.
Looks: Slightly taller than average. Once handsome, has a permanent sneer on his face (DRACO's).
Class: Minor Character
Status: Retired

Name: Captain Jacques Broadside
Age: 36
Background: Formerly the mate on a Crusader man o' war, he now works on his own, as a self-styled privateer (unauthorised by the Crusader authorities, naturally), preying on rich merchant vessels from all other nations. He is rumoured to have buried treasure on one of the more remote islands to the south.
Faction: Loyal to the Crusaders, although they would prefer otherwise.
Place In Hierarchy: Seafaring Captain
Equipment: Sabre, map, golden cup, and twenty-some barrels of the finest Black Knight wine.
Other: Captain Jacques thought that he was just picking up another couple passengers when he agreed to ferry the Sorceror-King up the coastline. He was wrong.
Looks: Somewhat shorter than average, with thick red-brown hair, and a missing eye. Quite broad across the chest however, and a keen fighter.
Class: Secondary Character
Status: Alive

Name: Master, Dark Lord, etc.
Age: 1300-ish
Background: Was once the Old Man's apprentice, but much more powerful. He chafed under his restraint, and turned to evil. That was many centuries ago.
Faction: Foreign. Possibly aligned with the DMs.
Place In Hierarchy: Supreme Overlord, Emperor, and Sorceror of Supreme Power
Equipment: n/a
Other: He rules many lands, and the greatest is the Sorceror-king's kingdom. He is after a great weapon hidden in the Castle Islands, and sent the Sorceror-king to retrieve it.
Looks: Evil
Class: Minor Character
Status: Stagnant
Formendacil's Note:Well, as I said at the beginning, this guy is never coming into the Roleplay story, but I decided to enter him as a Roleplay character because A): he is mentioned and afters how my characters think and move, and B) so that if anyone wants to use him, they have to ask. (Not that they'd want to, but I'm overprotective of my precious babes.)

Name: Kendo
Age: 45...ish
Background: Born to commoners in the lands of the Shogun, Kendo fell in with bad company and eventually started a robber gang. He met with great success, and eventually fled the mainland, and the Shogun's wrath to become a pirate. He now heads a fleet of over a dozen vessels, and plies the waters between the ninja mainland and the Dragon Master colonies.
Faction: Ninja/Pirates
Place In Hierarchy: Pirate Daimyo
Equipment: Light Grey Katana, brown bow and arrows.
Other: Kendo harbours hopes of one day becoming Shodun, or at least a respectable Daimyo, but he has preyed on the samurai too many times to ever be accepted back into their lands, and is not powerful enough to attack them by force, in spite of the size and success of his crews.
Looks: Nearly-white hair, scruffy looks, is missing an eye, and dresses primarily in red, with a tattered leather vest, and a black rag over his head.
Class: Minor Character
Status: Stagnant

Name: Elbadar
Age: 36
Background: Elbadar comes from good noble stock of Dragon Master background. He joined the army as a young man, and rose in the ranks to Corporal in Lord Void's elite forces. He was the commanding officer of the company assigned with Sergeant Targon to the Sorceror-king. Eventually, after Targon's disappearance, he rose to the rank to Lord Marshal, and after the Sorceror-king's departure from Dametreos, he found himself with an independent regiment with no allegiance.
Faction: Dragon Masters
Place In Hierarchy: Lord Marshal of the Sorceror-king's First Dametreosian Regiment
Equipment: Standard Dragon Master helmet and armour (yellow wings), short sword, and shield.
Other: Elbadar is extremely loyal and stable. he is an accomplished fighter, and his men trust him. He is not a perfect tactitian, however well he followed the tactics of his superiors.
Looks: Just over average height, with longish black hair, and a neatly trimmed, rakish, mustache and beard.
Class: Secondary Character
Status: Alive

Name: Jayko Falconensis
Age: 25
Background: Born to Lord Jaymol Falconensis, Jayko is the heir of the ancient house of Falconensis. As such, he is the lord of Castle Talonjay, and is the governor of Barleyburg. Jayko is mostly loyal to King Matthias, but like many of the KK2 nobles, is fairly autonomous. Jayko, as the lord of Talonjay, is the sworn enemy of Danner Violess, and his Violet Cross Knights, although Jayko would much rather have no trouble with them at all.
Faction: Eastern Knight's Kingdom (KK2)
Place In Hierarchy: Baron of Talonjay, Head of the House of Falconensis, and Governor of Barleyburg.
Equipment: KK2 sword (bronze), blue armour and helm. Talonjay shield.
Other: Jayko is not an incredibly brave man. He became Lord upon his father's untimely death, and inherited several titles he was not ready for. Although trained by the most expensive fencers in the kingdom, his martial skills are... crude, to say the least.
Looks: Youthful looking with dark hair, not ugly, but far from handsome. Wears light blue.
Class: Secondary Character
Status: Alive

Name: Oris Del Grakken
Age: 26
Background: The nephew of General Del Grakken, traitor-king of the Dragon Masters during the BloodVaine war, he was the 2nd Corporal of the Regiment assigned by Lord Void to the Sorceror-king, under Sergeant Targon's command. After the promotion of 1st Corporal Elbadar, Del Grakken became the de facto 1st Corporal of the Regiment. With the rest of the regiment, he served in battle against the Black Falcons and the Red Cross Knights near Orion. After the war, when now-Colonel Elbadar joined Bernard Quorandis on a quest to rescue Elwen, Del Grakken was left in command of the regiment, and it was under his command that it returned to Talistrand, where the Sorceror-king awaited.
Faction: Dragon Master, of the Sorceror-king
Place In Hierarchy: 2nd Corporal of a Dragon Master regiment.
Equipment: Halberd, sword, ovoid shield, "samurai"-type armour, dragon helm (red dragon plume and wings).
Other: Oris Del Grakken, like most Dragon Masters, is mostly loyal to one person: himself. However, he is prudent enough to see that his life depends on loyalty and obedience to the Sorceror-king. However, he saw the success his uncle had in defying Lord Void and ruling a nation, and dreams of doing the same one day.
Looks: Average height for a Dragon Master soldier, so taller than most. Has a narrow black goatee and mustace, and is dressed in standard-issue uniforms for his regiment.
Class: Minor Character
Status: Alive

Name: Marcellinus E'terriole
Age: 55
Background: E'terriole was born to a low-ranking courtier in the Yellow Castle. He joined the Imperial Cavaliers as a young man, rising through the ranks to become the commander of the Cavalier regiments posted along the Fright Knight border. He, and most of his men, managed to survive BloodVaine's brutal assault on Legoland, by fleeing into Fright Knight territory. After the war, E'terriole was promoted to Colonel-General, and as Novice-Master in charge of rebuilding the Classic armies.
Faction: Classic LEGOland
Place In Hierarchy: Colonel-General, Novice-Master of the Imperial Cavaliers
Equipment: Standard Cavalier equipment.
Other: E'terriole is a strict disciplinarian, and a rather forbidding character. Not someone to trifle with.
Looks: Tall, thin, with regal features, and silver hair.
Class: Minor Character
Status: Alive

Name: Arthur Vitore
Age: 24
Background: A charming young man, Arthur Vitore comes from a wealthy Orion family. Following the BloodVaine war, and the death of many Imperial soldiers, including his older brother Galahad, Arthur joined the army, becoming Jayko Falconensis' roommate.
Faction: Classic LEGOland
Place In Hierarchy: Novice-Cadet, in the Imperial Cavaliers
Equipment: Standard Cadet Cavalier equipment.
Other: n/a
Looks: Handsome, of average height, weight, and build, with black hair.
Class: Minor Character
Status: Alive

Name: Thomas Valt
Age: 20
Background: The son of Alberic Valt and Wanda Brakespear, Thomas was raised by his grandfather, while his parents spent most of their time travelling and adventuring. Consequently, Thomas has spent little of his life outside of the small village where he lives with his grandfather.
Faction: Dark Forest
Place In Hierarchy: Villager boy
Equipment: A sword is his only weapon, the gift of his famour armsmith grandfather.
Other: Thomas is devoted to his grandfather, and does not miss his parents as much as the old man, who knew them somewhat better than he. Like many young men, he does not know what he will do with his life, although he dreams of swordfights and adventures.
Looks: An average youth, with average height, weight, and looks. Quite unremarkable.
Class: Major Character
Status: Alive

Name: Vaekadaer
Age: 38
Background: Vaekadaer was born with extremely unusual powers (see Other), and was soon discovered by a reclusive Fright Knight wizard known as Sorgodh. Sorgodh, an evil, self-seeking wizard, raised him as one of his tools, but Vaekadaer wants more.
Faction: Born a Black Falcon, raised a Fright Knight, loyal to none.
Place In Hierarchy: Batlord
Equipment: A sword with magical powers, which goes by the name of Cuthmort.
Other: As noted, Vaekadaer was born with some highly unusual powers. In sort, he is basically immune to magic. Not quite, but most magic reflects off of him, to the detriment of the one casting the spell. He has been trained as a great (and I mean, great!) warrior. While he has no innate magic of his own, his magical sword and magical "immunity" make him a real force to be reckoned with.
Looks: Tall, clean-shaven with black hair. Would be handsome in other walks of life. Exudes confidence and power. Mainly dressed in black and red.
Class: Main Character
Status: Alive

Name: Adrian M. Seojton
Age: 19
Background: From the village of Tols, an hour's cart ride north of Leidenheim, Adrian is a young man just graduated from his local schoolhouse. In his first summer as a man, he's taking a vacation to the ancient, populous kingdoms of the Old Continent.
Faction: Crusader
Place In Hierarchy: Son of a scribe
Equipment: Not really any
Other: n/a
Looks: Just under six feet, with brown hair, a fairly solid build. Dresses conservatively, but inexpensively.
Class: Secondary Character
Status: Alive

Name: Cate Slacs-Sicl
Age: 18
Background: The daughter of a great noble house in northern Classic LEGOland, Cate became acquainted with Hans Lentawl when studying for an exam in the Great Library. With rich relatives on an estate north of Leidenheim, Cate also became acquainted with Adrian last spring.
Faction: Classic LEGOlander
Place In Hierarchy: Rich heiress
Equipment: Not really any
Other: Lively and excitable, she has a "web" of contacts across Dametreos: people she knows or has met, from Kings to Gong Farmers.
Looks: About 5'9", Cate is fairly tall for a girl. With red hair tied back in a ponytail, she is pretty, if not in the beauty-queen category.
Class: Secondary Character
Status: Alive

Name: Bernard and Elwen Quorandis.
Age: 31 and 29, respectively.
Background: Bernard and Elwen met in Talistrand when Bernard was the Captain-General of the Talistrani Cavaliers, and Elwen was a companion of the Old Man, Magarus, on their quest to find and destroy the Wizardsbane. As such, she was not native to Dametreos, but was a widow from the same world as Sir Dractor and the Old Man. During the BloodVaine War and the journey to the Old Ruins, they came to love each other, and were married June 24th, 2005.
Faction: Classic LEGOland
Place In Hierarchy: Commander-General of Cavaliers, Viscount and Viscountess of Quoran.
Equipment: Bernard has basic Cavalier armour and weapons. Elwen has armour, shield, and sword.
Other: During the quest for the Wizardsbane, Elwen had an encounter with a spectre, resulting in a golden crown being permanently affixed to her head. As a result, she has the power to command the magics of the Old Ruins.
Looks: Bernard is fairly tall, handsome, with brown hair. Elwen is fair to great looking, of average height, with brown hair usually bound back in a pony-tail.
Class: Minor Character(s)
Status: Retired

Name: Melkan
Age: 55
Background: Born in Little Elbow, the next village up the road from Hemmerington. Apprenticed as a teen to the Healer in Hemmerington, becoming the main Healer at the age of 22. Has been village healer ever since.
Faction: Dark Forest
Place In Hierarchy: Village Healer
Equipment: Bag of medicines, other healer-ly stuff.
Other: Although not at all travelled, Healer Melkan is quite well-read, and as a result is more world-wise than most of the people of Hemmerington. He was a close friend to Harold Brakespear, during his retirement in the village, and acquired his papers after his death.
Looks: Slightly below average height, quite fit, with grey hair, and slight wrinkles.
Class: Secondary Character
Status: Alive

Name: Drazzuil
Age: 35
Background: Born to the Fright Knight upper-middle class, from a military family, from the Envika Sorgodh province, Drazzuil joined the sorceror Sorgodh's forces as a young man, rising to become Captain of Envika Sorgodh's castle guard. Drazzuil's loyalty was quickly transferred to Vaekadaer, and after the latter's takeover of the castle and lands, began to assume some organizational duties in the running of Vaekadaer's underground network, while continuing to captain the castle guard.
Faction: Fright Knights
Place In Hierarchy: Captain of the highest order in the Fright Knight army.
Equipment: Dragon helm, broadsword, ovoid FK shield and plate armour.
Other: Drazzuil's loyalty to Vaekadaer is absolute, and his ability to follow orders is excellent, but thinking independently has never been his strong point.
Looks: Average height, fairly muscular. Some facial hair.
Class: Minor Character
Status: Alive

Name: Sir Yves D'Auron
Age: 39
Background: The scion of an old noble house, Sir Yves is native to the Royal Knight portion of the northern isle. One of the few warriors from an obscure village, he was sent on a mission to get help when their village came under attack.
Faction: Royal Knights
Place In Hierarchy: Landed Knight (Knight Bannerett)
Equipment: Dark grey euro armour, black euro helm with dark grey visor and md. red plume. Dark grey regular sword, small Royal Knight shield, and black lance, and dark grey crossbow. And a horse. Black horse, with a red saddle.
Other: Sir Yves, as a Knight Bannerett, has spent most of his time on his own lands on the island. He has spent a few years in the Royal army, and was part of the invasion force that retook Castleton, prior to retiring to his lands.
Looks: Medium to tall height, well-built, with a friendly, red-bearded visage.
Class: Secondary Character
Status: Alive

Name: Andrei Bartavlo
Age: 38
Background: The proper heir to Envika Sorgodh and a Batlord of the Fright Knights, Andrei Bartavlo waived his rights to succession after Sorgodh's death at the hands of Vækadær, to serve as his righthand man. As such, Bartavlo is the centre of Vækadær's information network, as well the current Fright Knight ambassador to Legoland. He keeps in touch with his master by means of telaharm.
Faction: Fright Knights
Place In Hierarchy: Batlord, and Fright Knight Ambassador to Classic LEGOland.
Equipment: Greatsword, bathelm, large Fright Knight shield, breastplate.
Other: Bartavlo is a relatively unambitious man- unusual in a Fright Knight batlord. Largely because of this, he remains alive, and as valuable asset to Vækadær, rather than dead at his feet.
Looks: Medium to tall height, rather thin. Cleanshaven and aristocratic in looks.
Class: Minor Character
Status: Alive

Name: William Jorgenson
Age: 47
Background: One of the outlaw poachers of Lion Island, William was born to a serf family of Fendor's Field. He fell in love with poaching, and became an experienced tracker and hunter at a very young age. In spite of living on the wrong side of the law, he gets along well with the people of Fendor's Field and local baron's men.
Faction: Royal Knights
Place In Hierarchy: Outlaw poacher
Equipment: Shortsword, bow and quiver, and garb well-suited to camouflaged life in the wild.
Other: When the Lion Island interior came under attack by a large and dangerous dragon, William was among those outlaws who offered their services to Baron Edmond Tendarl as scouts.
Looks: Medium height, rather thin and muscle-y. Slightly scruffy and outdoorsy in looks.
Class: Minor Character
Status: Alive

Name: Edmond Tendarl
Age: 49
Background: The Baron of Emberlain, Edmond Tendarl was born, raised, and has spent his adult life in Emberlain Castle, and the area around Fendor's Field, excepting a few trips to Kingston or the Royal Knight mainland.
Faction: Royal Knights
Place In Hierarchy: Baron
Equipment: Sword, shield, armour. All that noble weaponry stuff.
Other: Edmond Tendarl is a very chivalrous man- devoted to his honour and the code of chivalry. Some see this as foolish, others see it as noble.
Looks: Typically middle-aged. Well-built, and slightly paunchy.
Class: Minor Character
Status: Alive

Name: Estella Tendarl
Age: 19
Background: Born and raised in Emberlain Castle, Estella is the only child of Baron Edmund Tendarl of the Emberlain Barony, an inheritance that must someday fall to Estella or her offspring.
Faction: Royal Knights
Place In Hierarchy: Heiress
Equipment: n/a
Other: Estella, like her father, is highly devoted to the ideals of honour and chivalry. Her devotion to her duty as a lady is unimpeachable.
Looks: Very pretty, with dark hair and a fine figure. On the slender side.
Class: Minor Character
Status: Alive

Name: Thorgeir Hakónsson
Age: 32
Background: A captain of a Viking vessel that was swept up with the other Vikings taken to Dametreos, Thorgeir welded together the remnants of three crews, saved a longship, and proclaimed himself Jarl of the newly-formed clan, the Briksnarri.
Faction: Vikings
Place In Hierarchy: Jarl
Equipment: Battle-axe, shield, helm, and chainmail.
Other: A hard Viking to begin with, the terrible experience of being driven beyond any lands known to him, and the stresses of having to save his men and their morales have made Thorgeir a very hard man indeed.
Looks: A well-built, fairly tall man, bearded and scowling.
Class: Secondary Character
Status: Alive

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