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Sir Kohran

Name: Jaythus Van Hawkonus
Age: 30
Background: Born the son of a knight-turned-carpenter, Jaythus lived a quiet life in the hills of Alendan, where he learned of wisdom and cunning from his elders. When he was 13, he was sent away by his troubled father to King Mathiasís court to become a pageboy. At first he enjoyed the easy life in the Kingís castle, but at the age of 16 he became dissatisfied with such a simple job, and became interested in news from the rest of Dametreos, enchanted by stories of Cavaliers and Dragon Masters, of monsters and fortresses, though he still stayed on within the walls of King Mathias. In his mid-twenties, when he learned that Jayko had left Barleyburg, he worked to achieve a position that would allow him to leave the land and see new countries. After several years of hard work, influenced by his knowledge from Alendan, the King gave him the job of ambassador, seeing as the old one had been killed by rogue Dragon Masters. Whilst it was not quite the job he had hoped for, Jaythus was more than happy to be leaving the boring Castle, and is eager to see new adventures.
Faction: Eastern Knight's Kingdom (KK2)
Place In Hierarchy: Ambassador for the Eastern Knightís Kingdom.
Equipment: KK2 sword (silver), blue armour, purple helmet, Talonjay shield (triangular).
Other: Jaythusís mother died giving birth. As a person, Jaythus is not very heroic, but can rise to the occasion. He would like peace, but is prepared to use violence if necessary. He has a younger sister named Jayrel, who is living in Barleyburg, aged 22.
Looks: Wears normal Talonjay armour, but also wears a purple helmet from Alendan, a gift from his father before he left. Has a dark blue cloak. He has dark brown, near black hair and glazed, dark eyes. He has quite pale skin, from all his time inside the Castle.
Class: Main Character
Status: Alive

Name: Sir Santis Rufusclaw
Age: 39
Background: Santis was originally the son of a farmer in Orkosan. He worked and lived on the farm with his family for many years, and his great strength was only noted. His moment came when pirates under Maris Alberato attacked his town. Santis took up a woodcutting axe and helped in the fighting, and killed an officer and two other pirates. When the governer saw the boy after the attack, it didn't take much for him to be persuaded to send Santis to the Castle of Morcia, across the channel to the mainland. From there, Santis was knighted, and went on to fight in many battles under King Mathias across Dametreos.
Faction: Eastern Knight's Kingdom (KK2)
Place In Hierarchy: Senior Knight of Matthias
Equipment: KK2 sword (blue), red armour, Orkosan shield, warhammer, longbow/arrows
Other: A born soldier and a veteran of many battles, Santis will not hesitate to fight in the name of good, though he is also very kind and helpful to those he trusts. Some people do not like him for his intimidating size, but his friends know the truth and do their best to make it up to him. His only flaw is that sometimes his laid-back attitude can get him into trouble when something unexpected comes up. He is Jaythus's mentor, and an old friend of Sir Jayson, and Viktor Okzskcarouldghf, whom he often teases about his long last name.
Looks: A massive Knight, and a passionate Morcian, Santis can wield virtually any weapon he chooses, though he much prefers the tools he carries with him. He has traditional red Orkosan armour, and has glossy black hair and a beard.
Class: Secondary Character
Status: Alive

Name: Solesstorn
Age: After the destruction of his home, he forgot to carry on counting the years. The last number he can remember was 684 years.
Background: Solesstorn is silent about his past. All that is known about him is that he is not native to Dametreos, that he was forced to replace his left hand with an Undead one, and that, despite his considerable magic powers, he never gained the traditional Wizard's hat or hood given at graduation. The only other knowledge of him is that something in the past has made him a bitter, hard soul, and he has connections with some of the Dametreos inhabitants.
Faction: None
Place In Hierarchy: Rogue Wizard
Equipment: He owns a traditional iron wizardís staff from his old home, which normally appears to be a simple iron cane. When he needs to use his magic, however, his staff end erupts in flame.
Other: Solesstorn has a strong resolve in his life now. He usually has a resolute, fixed expression on his face, and rarely shows any extreme forms of emotion, due to the suffering he endured. However, now he has a set goal in his life, he hides his pain, and wills himself on.
Looks: Despite a lifespan longer than other people, Solesstorn appears relatively young and strong. But his appearance is dimmed by the Undead hand he has, which also serves to keep his mission in mind.
Class: Main Character
Status: Alive

Name: Sir Gyrioss
Age: 30
Background: Sir Gyrioss is the twin brother of Sir Pyriuss. When they were very young, their home in the Western Knights' Kingdom was destroyed, and the two boys wandered, until they were taken in by the Cult of Shadows, or the Shadow Knights as they are known. There, they grew up together, learning weaponry, and rising through the ranks, to become proper Shadow Knights. However, Gyrioss has lately been seduced by promises of power from Vermicus, the Great Sorcerer of Ankoria. Gyrioss wants to grow stronger, but he cannot abondon his brother Pyriuss, who wants him to stay with the Cult of Shadows.
Faction: Shadow Knights, and also Vermicus's rebel Shadow Knights
Place In Hierarchy: Elite Knight
Equipment: Battleaxe, octagonal shield, full suit of shadow armour. Wears a Dragon Master helmet.
Other: Gyrioss is currently leading a double life, as both a captain under the Great Sorcerer, Vermicus and as a warrior for the Shadow Knights. He is unsure of which side to choose.
Looks: Has a dark cloak.
Class: Secondary Character
Status: Alive

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