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Entries for The Pastoral Life

All The Kings Horses

Before a new batch of war horses is delivered to the king, the horsemaster and his squires take the animals out for a vigorous run to test all that he has taught them.

Submitted by: shmails

Attack of the Wolves

Baron Renel was given a prize Ayrshire cow as a reward for bravery by the King of England. When Baron Renel recieved the cow, Annabella, he appointed a young peasant named Borris Beaver, to take care of her. Borris was walking out to give Annabella her morning breakfast when he arrived just in time to see a pack of hungry wolves knock down a part of the fence. Borris grabbed a spear that leaned against the fence and darted in knowing that his job, and possibly his life, was on the line!

Submitted by: Bricker


Shearing time again. Who knows what price they'd manage to get out of the wool merchant?

Submitted by: TooMuchCaffeine

Cow taming

Who sad that the whip is stronger then a nice word? If I can tame snakes with music, I can do cows ;)

On the other note, be aware of arranged marriage! :)

Submitted by: pijani

Croc-a-gator Farmer

Harvey the croc-a-gator farmer raises croc-a-gators to use in the moat in the king's castle.

Submitted by: nanuck95


You can see small farm, farmers and their daily routine and three lazy children.

Submitted by: Hardegon

Here come's the wolf !!!

The best pasturage are high in the mountain but the shepherd has to be vigilant, a wolf pack is marauding around his herd.

Submitted by: peter de yeule

Life on the Farm

Just your average view of life in the Crown Kingdom. Respect the Crown.

Submitted by: LegoLord.

Medieval barn

Submitted by: Liwnik

Midsummer's Day in Solace

Away from toil, strife, and war, farmers and the towns people travel the rural roads of the country along the serene meadows of Solace Springs during the days of harmony and peace.

Submitted by: Unitronus

Ramble On!

Life in the countryside. The farmer tends his livestock, the corn is being harvested, a fruit & veg seller is on his way to market and a young squire has packed his few belongings and decided to just ramble on!

Submitted by: Derfel Cadarn

Sheikh's Caravan

Amidst the undulating desert sands lies an oasis that the sheikh's caravan had encamped for the night. The livestock grazes around the watering hole where the caravan had also set up their tents. Entertainment provided by belly dancers with music accompaniement during dinner. However, all the merriment had stirred the scorpions lair that lie beneath the sheikh's tent and the situation is about to get serious!

Submitted by: ACPin

Silence before Storm

On this stormy island, far away from the coast, lives the old shepherd. He inhabits his small hut, and is the only inhabitant. Often, however, if a storm arrives the birds begin to circle....

Submitted by: Skalldyr

The Lone Shepherd

Watching the stars, counting sheep.

Submitted by: Jalkow

The Swine Gate

This ornate gate was once the primary entrance to the city... until the swineherd moved in.

Submitted by: Athos

Walking The Goats

A shepherd guiding his goats through a peaceful valley.

Submitted by: Deviet

Ye Olde Country Cockfight

"When the work is done for the day, the English peasantry and country folk from all about gather to the cockpit to watch the birds go at each other. It attracts quite a crowd, and everyone bets on the bird they think will carry the day. Thievery is also rampant, as evidenced by the fellow by the cockpit, under the old oak tree with the knife and hood."

Submitted by: Marco Polo

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