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Entries for Realistic Castle

Baden Castle

Based loosely on the castle guarding the river entrance to the old city in Baden, Switzerland.

Submitted by: nanuck95

Belvoir Castle

Belvoir Castle was an Hospitallers stronghold in Israel. During the Muslim period the place was known as Kawkab al-Hawa, meaning Star of the Wind. It is a complete playable castle: is you were a Minifig, you could access all levels in all the 12 towers, 48 rooms, 3 porticullis gates, a barbican and a postern. It stands on twenty 48x48 baseplates. Hope you enjoy it!

Submitted by: K3G

Black Falcon Castle

Submitted by: Griffon

Calgatheen Castle

This castle features a moat, a barracks, a stable, a tower a gatehouse with 2 portaculli and a drawbridge. The interior of the castle features a great hall, several bedrooms, a smith, a jail, a fletcher, a throne room, a torture chamber and more. It also features stained glass windows made of cheese slopes.

Submitted by: Tastymuffins

Castle Hadrian

Submitted by: busboy489

Castle in sand

Small castle somewhere in the middle east

Submitted by: CoolerTD

Castle of teutonic knights

The castle is inspired by Malbork Castle in Poland

Submitted by: df1

Castle Palamar

Market day was a popular occasion at Castle Palamar. People would travel from all corners of the province to trade their wares or to have their disputes resolved by the local regent.

Submitted by: tiberium_blue

count squidulas Mansion

Igor brings in new meat for the count...

Submitted by: fonz

dragon fortress

how are the dragon knights supposed to gain a foothold on the king's land without a proper fortress?

Submitted by: Spif

Elswehr Castle

This is Elswehr Castle, which is inspired by Burg Eltz in Rhineland-Palatinate (Germany). The name is a pun played on elsewhere, Burg Eltz and wehr, which is the german term for weir. It turned out that Elswehr Castle resembles Burg Eltz less than i planned. I hope youre still impressed

Submitted by: KumpelKante

Ispired by Nueswanstein

First Attempt to post.
Castle inspired by Neuschwanstein

Submitted by: Justin Montgomery

Lakeside castle

A small castle at the edge of a lake.

Submitted by: Athalus

Lion's Castle

Submitted by: Tobiasz

Marienstein Castle

Austria, early 13th century - the great Northern Woods are beeing cleared and new castels, like this fictitious, are being built to protect villages and trade routes.
The inner castle contains the great hall, chapel, keep and bower. The outer part is just small containing stables, a tower house and the main gate.
All buildings are fully playable (see the great hall), all doors can be bared. Walls are up to 8 studs thick to meet realistic dimensions.

Submitted by: castelist

Reconstruction of Orlik Castle

2 kilometres east of the town of Humpolec(Czech Republic) there lies a widespread ruin of Orlik Castle there.

This is my LEGO reconstruction of Orlik Castle...
Inspired by:

Submitted by: Legacek

Rothgar Castle 2.0

Two years ago I built a castle by the same name for the CCC, so
I decided to make sure they were distinct. I started out basing it on a motte and baily, but it sort of evolved it's own way as I kept going with it. I still think it's plausible as realistic however, and it's quite possibly my favorite castle of my own creation.

Submitted by: Elbadar

Royal Retreat

A Royal Knights Castle with some Viking heritage, built on the coast after a ship wreck.

Submitted by: Lprchn17

Sarah's Castle

This LEGO Castle which is inspired by a little-known Castle of the village

Submitted by: Gothano


The jewel encrusted palace of the Moghul is rivaled only the Taj Mahal. What Shangri-La lacks in style it makes up for in its gaudi display of wealth.

Submitted by: larsnelson76

St-Hyacinthe Castle

The troops at St-Hyacinthe Castle are ready for the siege. They feel invincible behind those thick stone walls.

Submitted by: peter de yeule

Summer house

just for vacantion ;)

Submitted by: pijani

The Castle

The ispiration comes from "The Castle" of Boston University.

Submitted by: Tavernello

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