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Entries for Realistic Castle Figure

Black Falcon knight

My rendition of the knight "Jan Swartegeest" in the 6073 set from 1984 and entry for the CCCVIII.

Submitted by: Griffon

black knight

a black knight

Submitted by: ecar

Black Knight

He is a throughly unoriginal Man
If he were to challenge you to combat, you would have to fight off the urge to thank him.
If you ask, the Blood on his armor is fresh.
The Bull Knight Faction flat out refuses to fight him.
Don't look for him, He'll find you.
Dragons have a week dedicated to him.
They say he has a name for every scar on his face, but no one knows what he calls them.
He never had a Mother...but he wasn't an Orphan.
His favorite dialect is bloodlust rage
He is A Black Night, and he drinks Toradora Tavern's best Ale

Submitted by: PJCountach

Count Dracula

Here is my entry for the realistic figure category...The fig is of Count Dracula, seated in his castle in Transylvania...

Submitted by: boses

Cyrano De Bergerac

The story of Cyrano is actualy based off of a real French cadet. He is famous for his huge nose wich i did have in the fig although it is hard to see it. The decals were printed and designed by me.

Submitted by: Mswlik


"Charles Ogier de Batz de Castelmore, Comte d'Artagnan (c. 1611 Lupiac - 25 June, 1673 Maastricht) served Louis XIV, King of French, as captain of the Musketeers of the Guard ...D'artagnan enter into the Musketeers in 1632."(wikipedia)
Historical personage became famous through the novel "The 3 Musketeers" by Alexandre Dumas.

Submitted by: icare

Dietrich von Altenburg

Teutonic Knight from XIV century

Submitted by: kris kelvin


Drex is a barbarian warrior. Driven by his bloodthirsty ferosity in battle there are few who can stand before him and survive. His items are brickforge except shield which is customised and sanded. Decals are custom.

Submitted by: junkpile

Eleanor of Aquitaine

Eleanor of Aquitaine was one of the most influential women of the middle ages. She was famed for he beauty, and was queen two different countries (England and France). She was a very colorful character and loved fun and adventure. She inherited the province of Aquitaine in southwestern France when she was just 15 years old. Not long after, in order to unite Aquitaine with the rest of France, King Louis VII married her. She went with him on the Second Crusade, but after being married for 15 years and producing him no heir King Louis divorced her. Several months later she married King Henry II of England. She sired him 8 children including the legendary Richard the Lion-hearted and the infamous John Lackland. Despite her good looks and apparent good nature, King Henry was not faithful and had many mistresses. One of the most famous mistresses he had was Rosamund of Clifford who died mysteriously. Overtime several accounts tell that Eleanor poisoned Rosamund. Though that's probably untrue, I've included a cup filled with poison in Eleanor's hand. Eventually she encouraged the rebellion of her sons against their father, so Henry had his wife imprisoned. When Henry died, Eleanor went on to advise her son Richard the Lion-heart when he became king, and later her son John. She died at the grand old age of 81.

Submitted by: Marco Polo

Emperor Frederick Barbarossa

Frederick Barbarossa one of the most beloved emperors of the Holy Roman Empire (Germany) in the Middle Ages. He died tragically by drowning in river while on Crusade. It was said by the people that Frederick Barbarossa was not really dead, but asleep in a cave in a mountain in Germany. It was said that when the ravens ceased to fly around the mountain, he would wake up.

Submitted by: Marco Polo


This is just a falconer made off classic parts, he is on a horse for hunting needs. It is for this reason that he also has a sword, he is not a soldier, and rarely have to go to battle, and in this case, he won't go with his bird. He has fresh meat to reward the falcon for the job, and to keep him get back.

Submitted by: Papy.G


This is a medieval nobleman who practices the sport of falconry. A falconer trains his falcon to hunt small animals for him. Falconry is often called the sport of kings due to its popularity among medieval noblemen. My custom lego falconer has a brick built bird and a game bag with Brickforge gunbelt.

Submitted by: Balamorgineas

Jeanne d`Arc

The Maid of Orléans

Submitted by: pijani


a knight
I used clay for the pauldrons

Submitted by: ecar

Leonardo Da Vinci

Submitted by: Diidy

Marko Kraljevic

Marko Mrnjavcevic was Serbian king from 1371 to 1395. In Serbian epic literature, he was known as Kraljevic Marko, hero known by his wits, bad temper, honor and justice, mustaches and grudge against Turkish invaders. As every hero, he was protector of the weak and helpless.

Also, he loved to fight with "topuz", similar to morning star (a mace), and rode on a horse named Sarac.

Also (and that is on the picture), he used to share his drinks with his horse (like old pals:) "drinking half, other half giving to Sarac"; "pola pije, pola Sarcu daje"

Submitted by: pijani

Norman knight from 1066

This is a norman knight from 1066, as it is depicted on the tapestry of bayeux. It has a brick-built lance. The shield is a used dragon knight shield which looks like it was used in many battles and resembles some shields on the tapestrie as well.

Submitted by: KumpelKante


Submitted by: turambar

Scot Hobelar

Hobelars were one of the few types of soldiers of the late medieval period that are the least known. Contemporary with the feared English longbow they often get overlooked. While they may not have been as vital to the outcome of battle as the English longbowman they were used as light cavalry and to move infantry about more quickly than others purely on foot. Originally from Ireland, the Hobelar was so useful they soon found themselves in armies all over Europe. English armies often used these hobelars coupled with mounted archers and men at arms to give their armies incredible flexibility and mobility in war. This Hobelar is from Scotland and is currently serving under a French battalion in Castile. He has his spear, aketon (a padded coat), bascinet, an axe, a shield, of course his mount and some supplies for his travels.

Submitted by: Heir of Black Falcon

Scottish Warrior

Submitted by: Brickule

Sir Blomst

Yes, it's him.
Yes, that pitchfork will hurt.
Yes, that shield will hurt too.

And yes he likes flowers.

Submitted by: Jalkow

Sister Rosemary

Sister Rosemary just completed her final vows to become a nun. Pictured here on that very day, she received the custom built rosary from Lady Blue to celebrate her vows.

Submitted by: bluesecrets

Templar Baron

A Baron within the Templar order. Rushing in on his trusty steed with his ball and chain to slay his enemy's, and then to change into his evening formal wear to socialize with the nobles is all part of a day's work for this Baron.

Submitted by: DarkTemplar

Templar Knight

Here is a soldier who is in the service of the Knight's Templar.

Submitted by: Admiral Ron

Templar Knight

This is my depiction of one of the Knights Templar.

Submitted by: Pecovam

Teutonic Knight

My Teutonic Knight was created using a number of custom elements:

Custom Decal & Cape: Designed, Printed, and Applied by me
Custom Helmet, Sword, and Dagger: Designed in CAD and painted by me, printed by Shapeways
Vambraces: Brickforge

Submitted by: thrash

The Moghul of Shangri-La

The Moghul has gained enormous wealth and built a jewel encrusted palace.

Submitted by: larsnelson76

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