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Entries submitted by Tastymuffins

Calgatheen Castle

This castle features a moat, a barracks, a stable, a tower a gatehouse with 2 portaculli and a drawbridge. The interior of the castle features a great hall, several bedrooms, a smith, a jail, a fletcher, a throne room, a torture chamber and more. It also features stained glass windows made of cheese slopes.

Submitted by: Tastymuffins

Keeping out the cold

As castle building takes a long time, eventually the cold comes around. The workers pour hay on the wall in an attempt to prevent frost wedging.

Submitted by: Tastymuffins

Preparing for the siege

A few soldiers emerge from their tents while the siege engineers build their trebuchets and catapults. Also two knights walk along a hastily paved road while a man distributes spears to the soldiers who still need weapons.

Submitted by: Tastymuffins

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