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Note:  All CCCL picks prior to 2004 are taken from the Lugnet Cool LEGO Site of the Week archives.  The date listed is when they were chosen as CLSOTW.

November 24, 1996
LEGO on my Mind

MOC site by Eric Brok

Castle content: Eric's site features random LEGO musings and great MOCs. Click "Models" and go to the Castles section to see, among others, his beautiful Estuary Stronghold.
October 6, 1996 LEGO Maniac's Guide

Reference site by Patrick Delahanty

Castle content: This cross-themed site includes reviews of castle sets.
Septmber 1, 1996
Fibblesnork LEGO Guide

Reference site by Todd Lehman

Castle content: Todd's cross-themed reference site was the precursor to the Lugnet set guide. It includes a complete guide to castle sets and figs from 1978-1997.
July 7, 1996
Suzanne's LEGOphile Homepage

MOC site by Suzanne Rich Green

Castle content: Suz is one of the founders of Lugnet. While her first LEGO site is primarily town-themed, there is a castle chess set.
June 16, 1996
Ben and Jer's LEGO Raytracing

Reference site by Ben Jackson & Jeremiah Johnson

Castle content: Early example of raytracing includes castle sets and figs.
June 9, 1996
Pause Magazine's LEGO Reference Guide

Reference site by Lou Zucaro

Castle content: This early general site included set guides (including the castle theme) and some individual MOC galleries (a couple of which are castle themed).
June 6, 1996
Ed Boxer's LEGO Castle

MOC site by Pete W. Storonskij

Castle content: The first CLOSTW featured this huge detailed castle. Ten years later it's still one of the great castles on the web.

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