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Note:  All CCCL picks prior to 2004 are taken from the Lugnet Cool LEGO Site of the Week archives.  The date listed is when they were chosen as CLSOTW.

December 24, 2000

Community site by Rene Hoffmeister

Castle content: This is the primary community site for German AFOLs, with an active discussion forum and member MOC galleries. Many great castle builders highlight their creations in their personal galleries.
December 10, 2000

MOC and story site by Tony Hafner

Castle content: Tony is really more of a space guy, but the castle section of this well-organized site contains MOCs, stories, and comics from his participation in the Isle of Mist, a (now defunct) community castle story-telling project.
December 3, 2000
Steel Gallery

MOC site by Toshiaki Mukai

Castle content: Really this is mostly a mecha site, but there are a few great castley creations such as this cyclops.
September 17, 2000
Kingdom of Ikros

Story site by Anthony Sava

Castle content: Epic castle story, featuring large dragons, the Tower of Olyian and many other impressive creations. This would be a "must-see" site even if it weren't by a CC Admin.
September 3, 2000
LEGO Photography

Resource and MOC site by Michael Hopkins

Castle content: This site gives short tutorials for builders from all themes to improve their photography and photo editing. Additionally, castle fans should click around and find Michael's Ninja pages.
July 23, 2000

MOC and story site by Shiri Dori

Castle content: Castle MOCs and stories.
July 9, 2000
Dave's LEGO Site

MOC site by Dave Eaton

Castle content: Go to "Creations" to see his medieval village, dragon, and golem creations. Hmm, I know Dave's made more castle stuff. Hopefully he'll add it to his website.
July 2, 2000
KAKI's LEGO Gallery

MOC and reference site by Kazuyuki Kakishita

Castle content: Click on "Excalibur" to be taken to the castle portion of the site with MOCs and a set guide from 1984-1998. In Japanese, but with enough English to easily navigate.
June 25, 2000

MOC site by Brad Hamilton

Castle content: This is really a town site, but I've always considered cathedrals part of the realm of castle, and Brad has two massive cathedrals.
June 4, 2000
Sandou's Rising Sun Minifig Headquarters

MOC site by Shigeyuki Sandou

Castle content: This is a Japanese language site, but if you do not read Japanese, just click around to see clever minifig creations from multiple themes.
May 21, 2000
Eric Kingsley's LEGO Pages

MOC site by Eric Kingsley

Castle content: Multi-theme site contains a castle section with several MOCs. Definitely check out the massive inn and the church.
May 14, 2000
The Valley of Asuncian

(Broken link - does anyone know a working link?)
Story site by Jeff Huit

Castle content: LEGO illustrated castle story.
April 30, 2000

Resource site by Mike Rayhawk

Castle content: Premiere LEGO-based wargaming site has rules for gaming in any theme, links to game wrap-ups and other gaming sites, and great artwork.
March 5, 2000
Pawel's Castle Page

MOC site by Pawel Nazarewicz

Castle content: Many castle creations (however, to avoid pop-ups you may want to go straight to his Brickshelf gallery instead).
February 27, 2000

Resource site by Christian Lindblad Rasmussen

Castle content: Okay, this is obviously a site devoted to the adventurers theme, but some sub-themes have been great sources of useful elements. People interested in non-European castle creations should peruse the MOCs he's highlighted, particularly in the Middle East and Far East sections.
February 20, 2000

Resource site by Kevin Loch

Castle content: Castle content: Create a free account to post your LEGO creations and see the creations by others - covers all themes.
January 23, 2000
Eric Harshbarger’s LEGO website

MOC site by Eric Harshbarger

Castle content: Eric was perhaps the first independent professional LEGO artist. This is a "must-see" site for all LEGO fans, even though there isn't much specifically castle-themed content aside from a maxi-fig sculpture.
January 2, 2000
Port Block, New South Wales

MOC site by Richard Parsons

Castle content: While this is mainly a pirates site, castle fans should definitely check out Skellig Patbrick.

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